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K3RRR Heard 07/13 13:14:57z Send another KD8THX-6,NZ4D-6,K1WY,KB2M-4,K3DQB,AC2KU-1
W4TBD-6 K3RRR 07/10 14:16:52z Reply 73 de Ed W4TBD you ar 599
W4TBD-6 K3RRR 07/10 14:16:09z Reply 73 de Ed W4TBD w4tbd@arrl.net VA FM17dk
K3RRR SAT 07/10 14:15:43z Send another Greetings from 13 miles from the White House
AK3Q-1 K3RRR 07/05 16:59:07z Reply Hello 599 de Bellevue KY VIA ISS{13
K3RRR Heard 07/04 16:16:49z Send another KC9YTT,KC4LE,K1WY,K3DQB,NY2M-6,KB2M-4,K3RLD-1,NZ4D-6,WB3CSY-7,
KC9YTT K3RRR 07/04 16:16:16z Reply Happy 4th!
K3RRR Heard 07/04 16:14:54z Send another KC9YTT,KC4LE,K1WY,K3DQB,NY2M-6
K3RRR Heard 07/03 17:06:01z Send another W4TBD-6,K5WH-3,KE3LB,KC9YTT,KE0KHA-7,K9JKM
K3RRR K4SDL 07/01 17:18:26z Send another 73 de Robert FM29jb
K3RRR Heard 07/01 17:17:18z Send another K0KOC-7,NY2M-6,W4TBD-6,K4SDL
K4SDL K3RRR 07/01 17:14:49z Reply Hi from Scruff, K4SDL in Shiloh, NC FM16xg
W4MII K3RRR 06/30 18:09:59z Reply QSL AND THANKS!
K3RRR Heard 06/30 18:09:17z Send another K8RB,K1WY,N0AGI-2,W4MII,K9JKM,NZ4D-6,K0KOC-7,WA4SXM-6,AK3Q-1,
K3RRR WA4SXM-6 06/30 18:08:36z Send another knoxville my old hometown
N1MDJ-7 K3RRR 06/29 19:00:52z Reply hi{1
K3RRR N1MDJ-7 06/29 18:59:56z Send another [AA] 73 de Robert Potomac MD FM19jb{01
K3RRR Heard 06/29 18:58:27z Send another KE0KHA-7,N0VWX,K5UBQ,K8OE-8,N1MDJ-7,K0KOC-7,N4WXB
K3RRR Heard 06/29 12:29:33z Send another K5UBQ,K1WY,KF5JRV-11,N4WXB,K3RLD-1
K3RRR KA2CZU-2 06/28 18:15:47z Send another Good morning all from 13 miles from the White House
KA2CZU-2 K3RRR 06/28 18:15:42z Reply FM29 in NJ{42
K3RRR Heard 06/27 12:40:47z Send another K1WY,N0AGI-2,WD4OTR-9,NB3T,KC4LE,K0KOC-7,K3DQB,KC4ZPL-3,
K3RRR Heard 06/27 12:40:32z Send another KB1EJH-9,NZ4D-6,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
KC4LE K3RRR 06/27 12:37:21z Reply 1A AL
K3RRR Heard 06/27 12:37:13z Send another K1WY,N0AGI-2,WD4OTR-9,NB3T{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/26 20:01:20z Send another K5UBQ,KF5JRV-11,N4WXB,KB2M-4,K0KOC-7,K4KDR-6,XE3N-1{UISS54}
K4KDR-6 K3RRR 06/26 20:00:08z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
K3RRR Heard 06/26 19:59:00z Send another K5UBQ,KF5JRV-11,N4WXB,KB2M-4{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/26 13:31:44z Send another N0AGI-2,KI4SP,K0KOC-7,K1WY{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/26 13:30:32z Send another N0AGI-2,KI4SP,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/23 21:02:16z Send another K3DQB{UISS54}
KC9YTT K3RRR 06/23 20:58:57z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
K3RRR SAT 06/22 15:25:58z Send another Hello All. FM19jb Potomac MD
KE3LB K3RRR 06/22 15:22:33z Reply in nepa near scranton
NY2M-6 K3RRR 06/21 14:42:03z Reply QSL. vy 73 de Bob
K3RRR Heard 06/21 14:40:33z Send another KI4KNC-9,W4MII,NY2M-6,N4WIL,KI4VFP,NZ4D-6,K0KOC-7,K3DQB{UISS54}
K3RRR NY2M-6 06/21 14:40:07z Send another good morning qsl
NY2M-6 K3RRR 06/21 14:39:30z Reply hi. qsl
K3RRR Heard 06/21 14:39:00z Send another KI4KNC-9,W4MII,NY2M-6,N4WIL,KI4VFP,NZ4D-6{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/20 22:01:41z Send another NY2M-6,K3DQB,KB8OTK-9{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/20 15:32:13z Send another NZ4D-6,KB1EJH-9,N3UPY-9,NY2M-6,K1WY{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/20 15:31:42z Send another NZ4D-6,KB1EJH-9,N3UPY-9,NY2M-6{UISS54}
K3RRR Heard 06/19 16:21:42z Send another K3DQB,K1WY,KI4VFP,NY2M-6,KC4ZPL-7,KF5JRV-11,KC9YTT,K9JKM,
K3RRR Heard 06/18 15:41:31z Send another K3DQB,K1WY,KI4VFP,NY2M-6,KC4ZPL-7{UISS54}
K3RRR KC9YTT 06/17 18:08:13z Send another Hi all - from 13 miles from the White House
K3RRR Heard 06/17 16:32:54z Send another KB6IGK,KC4ZPL-9,KC9YTT,WB3FKP,K4RTS-1,KB2M-9,KI4VFP,K3RLD-1,
K3RRR Heard 06/17 16:32:46z Send another KM4ZEQ-7,K1WY,NY2M-6{UISS54}
KC9YTT K3RRR 06/17 16:29:42z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's [UISS]{00
K3RRR WA3SWJ 06/12 17:41:16z Send another Hi Bruce
K3RRR Heard 06/12 17:38:26z Send another PSAT-1,N1RCN,XE3N-1,KC9YTT,NZ4D-6{UISS54}
K3RRR N1RCN 06/12 17:38:16z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
N1RCN K3RRR 06/12 17:36:30z Reply 73 via ISS n1rcn el87 n1rcn@amsat.org