K1AF-9 messages

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N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/13 21:25:47z Reply hi{30
N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/04 21:23:59z Reply AA:QSL. I'm driving. Will reply when safe.
K1AF-9 N0RC-9 06/04 21:23:11z Send another woot !{02
N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/04 21:17:04z Reply pcord is going to expamd the mesh{13
K1AF-9 N0RC-9 06/04 21:14:30z Send another Hey{01
N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/04 21:13:23z Reply hi{12
W0SS-9 K1AF-9 05/27 19:31:13z Reply Hey{71
W0SS-9 K1AF-9 05/21 20:38:40z Reply hey{70
W0SS-9 K1AF-9 05/20 22:01:28z Reply yo!{69
N0RC-5 K1AF-9 05/15 21:52:49z Reply HACK THE PLANET!{2
N0RC-5 K1AF-9 05/15 21:17:28z Reply Hi{1