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N0RC-9 K0ION 10/02 12:10:58z Reply gm{18
K0ION N0RC-9 10/02 12:10:34z Send another AA:Away from keyboard.
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 18:12:40z Send another U not trying out the new DQ there?{IR}
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:21:39z Reply yes{6
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 17:20:16z Send another I peeked at pota site, it looked as if u had BIG session.{IQ}
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:18:56z Reply 245 pota{5
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:17:02z Reply hot{4
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 17:16:05z Send another Only thing at the park, NO A/C!!!{IP}
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:15:37z Reply yes{3
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 17:15:01z Send another Packed up and heading home?{IO}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/30 20:04:53z Send another lol{SF}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/30 20:04:46z Reply hones bigger thanwalmart{17
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/30 20:01:23z Reply i dont haue that much{16
K0ION N0RC-9 09/30 19:58:43z Send another GA. Out spending $$$? hi hi{SE}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/30 19:51:43z Reply ga{15
K0ION KB0RPJ-7 09/30 16:16:04z Send another do u copy?{SD}
K0ION KB0RPJ-7 09/30 16:07:52z Send another Why don't u get on B'meister NWMO TG.{SC}
K0ION N0RC-5 09/29 12:19:11z Send another There's ALWAYS NO SKOOL, it seems.{UC}
N0RC-5 K0ION 09/29 12:13:57z Reply Yup no school today {138
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/29 11:27:42z Reply gm{14
K0ION N0RC-9 09/29 11:26:36z Send another Granny visit?!?!?{UB}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/29 11:23:33z Send another GM{UA}
K0ION KD0VWA 09/29 11:19:58z Send another Alex, have u used that FT2 to connect to Hamilton WiresX?{TZ}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/27 21:34:11z Send another I thought u had retired!{XX}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/27 21:32:54z Send another GA{XW}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/26 14:50:44z Reply Log off successful{239
K0ION WLNK-1 09/26 14:49:58z Send another bye{HW}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/26 14:49:56z Reply to 12 noon 3332 bytes{238
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/26 14:49:37z Reply 1) 09/26/2023 14:49:36 FW: Tulsa ARES SET on October 7th from 9 AM{237
K0ION WLNK-1 09/26 14:49:37z Send another l{HV}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/26 14:49:16z Reply Hello K0ION. Login valid for ~2 hours{236
K0ION WLNK-1 09/26 14:49:16z Send another 4B6aaa{HU}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/26 14:48:34z Reply Login [142]:{235
K0ION WLNK-1 09/26 14:48:34z Send another asdf{HT}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/26 14:48:08z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{234
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/26 11:46:39z Reply gm{12
CQSRVR K0ION 09/25 16:07:12z Reply No active groups.{E5}QO
K0ION CQSRVR 09/25 16:07:12z Send another L{QO}
ANSRVR K0ION 09/25 16:07:12z Reply No Memberships{YI}QN
K0ION ANSRVR 09/25 16:07:12z Send another L{QN}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/22 22:52:18z Send another U have Winlink mail!{MZ}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/22 22:50:51z Reply Log off successful{1549
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:50:51z Send another bye{MY}
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:50:32z Send another /ex{MX}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/22 22:50:00z Reply Message sent to: reid.crowe@gmail.com{1548
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:49:39z Send another Winlink via APRSLink. 73, K0ION /EX{MW}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/22 22:48:51z Reply New message to: reid.crowe@gmail.com. Send /EX when complete.{1547
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:48:51z Send another SP reid.crowe@gmail.com Hi, bak at ya!{MV}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/22 22:47:31z Reply Hello K0ION. Login valid for ~2 hours{1546
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:47:30z Send another 4T6aaa{MU}
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:47:07z Send another 4T2aaa{MT}
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/22 22:46:33z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{1545
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/22 22:46:05z Reply Login [162]:{1544
K0ION WLNK-1 09/22 22:46:04z Send another asdf{MS}
K0ION WNLK-1 09/22 22:42:22z Send another asdf{MR}
K0ION WNLK-1 09/22 22:40:59z Send another asfd{MQ}
K0ION WNLK-1 09/22 22:39:26z Send another asdf{MP}
N0RC-5 K0ION 09/20 13:20:05z Reply Made a few VarAC qsos last night {137
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/15 22:57:25z Reply ge{9
WLNK-1 K0ION 09/15 08:49:55z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{701
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/13 21:22:02z Reply ga{8
K0ION N0RC-9 09/13 14:28:26z Send another Another VaCay week, Reid?{MF}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/13 14:27:59z Send another GM{ME}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/08 22:36:42z Reply ga{7
K0ION N0RC-9 09/08 12:22:52z Send another GM{PY}
K0ION KD0RIH-9 09/08 11:53:06z Send another Yacht Rock on S/XM #311{PX}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/07 22:59:32z Send another 2W to Rolla area. 40m VarAC. {HE}
K0ION N0RC-9 09/07 22:55:35z Send another GE{HD}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/07 12:01:02z Reply gm6
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/07 12:00:57z Reply gm{6
K0ION N0RC-9 09/05 20:41:33z Send another GA sir{QO}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/05 20:40:37z Reply ga{5
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/04 16:44:01z Reply gm{4
K0ION N0RC-9 09/02 00:14:13z Send another GE{HS}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/01 23:00:03z Reply ge{3
K0ION KC0QLU-9 09/01 19:41:35z Send another Must be a late getaway.{HR}
KC0QLU-9 K0ION 09/01 19:38:59z Reply lol {59
K0ION KC0QLU-9 09/01 19:37:32z Send another I didn't think Pomme is in Clinton county.{HQ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 09/01 15:59:05z Reply gm{2
K0ION N0RC-9 08/31 23:24:19z Send another ge{EB}
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/29 11:52:39z Reply gm{1
K0ION N0RC-9 08/29 11:51:13z Send another Olathe is hiring Xing guards. $30 per day!!{EX}
K0ION N0RC-9 08/29 11:48:17z Send another GM{EW}
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/28 12:07:33z Reply gm{0
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/27 02:06:23z Reply mandatory fun{99
K0ION N0RC-9 08/26 18:58:01z Send another Out spending $$??{BJ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/26 18:57:30z Reply ga{98
K0ION N0RC-9 08/26 18:56:56z Send another GA{BI}
K0OG K0ION 08/25 15:11:15z Reply GM Glenn. Happy Friday! 73 -Joe-{1E}
K0ION N0RC-9 08/25 12:24:24z Send another Pretty much.{GN}
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/25 12:24:11z Reply normal prop 2day{97
K0ION N0RC-9 08/25 12:23:19z Send another Briefly rcv'd Des Moines TV this morning.{GM}
K0ION N0RC-9 08/25 12:15:29z Send another gm{GL}
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/24 21:47:10z Reply might be a little 2night{96
K0ION N0RC-9 08/24 21:15:21z Send another The hot vhf stuff is dun gone.{DO}
N0RC-9 K0ION 08/24 11:59:07z Reply gm{95
K0ION N0RC-9 08/23 21:14:48z Send another If u wanna try sumthing l8r, email for suggestion.{NW}
K0ION N0RC-9 08/23 20:45:44z Send another GA{NV}
N0RC-5 K0ION 08/23 11:16:43z Reply Back on 2m ft8{136
K0ION N0RC 08/23 01:19:22z Send another sweet{NT}KZ