IW7DOL messages

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OE5RPP IW7DOL 04/12 10:05:38z Reply 73 from Austria via SAT de Peter
SQ9LOJ IW7DOL 04/12 10:05:33z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1
IK2PTR IW7DOL 04/12 10:03:17z Reply hi from jn45pb de ik2ptr{m0002
IT9AOI-7 IW7DOL 04/10 16:31:46z Reply ok , 73 de Dario
EA5SW IW7DOL 04/10 16:31:45z Reply 59 73 QSL
IW7DOL IT9AOI-7 04/10 16:31:45z Send another 73 QSL 100% LOTW
IT9AOI-7 IW7DOL 04/10 16:31:41z Reply ok qsl LOTW??
TB1CLR-7 IW7DOL 04/10 15:01:48z Reply 73 QSL.{97
IW7DOL IT9BOF 04/10 15:01:00z Send another 73 QSL 100%
IT9BOF IW7DOL 04/10 15:00:54z Reply qsl excange?
IT9BOF IW7DOL 04/10 15:00:34z Reply 73 bye bye
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/1 04/08 18:05:42z Send another F4FEB,ON6MU,EA3HAH,EB1AO,ON4BN,SV2CPH-4,SV2CPH-1,IK3ZGB-2{UISS54}
IK5JRZ IW7DOL 04/07 17:15:48z Reply QSL 73
IK5JRZ IW7DOL 04/04 18:01:29z Reply ciao 73
SV2CPH IW7DOL 04/04 16:33:18z Reply 73 QSL?{51
IW7DOL IK7IMO-8 04/04 10:11:59z Send another l
IW7DOL IK7IMO-8 04/04 10:11:58z Send another lm
IW7DOL SP7CHR-6 04/03 19:29:48z Send another H
IW7DOL BLNQSL2/2 04/03 18:57:13z Send another SP7CHR-6,IZ5HQB,SV3CIX,YO8RBY-6,4Z4DP{UISS54}
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/2 04/03 18:57:00z Send another PC1L-2,EC5M,2E1EBX-6,HB9EHD,IK5JRZ,NA1SS,EA1BA,SV2CPH-1,
IQ7AF-11 IW7DOL 04/03 18:52:50z Reply ciao{03
IQ7AF-11 IW7DOL 04/03 18:46:36z Reply 73 de ihg v iss{02
G7NIR-7 IW7DOL 04/03 17:28:29z Reply Good contact via ISS. 73 de Lester
IK7UFX IW7DOL 04/03 17:13:20z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW [UISS]{12
IK7UFX IW7DOL 04/03 17:13:20z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW [UISS]{11
IK7UFX IW7DOL 04/03 17:13:13z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW [UISS]{10
IK7UFX IW7DOL 04/03 17:12:47z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW [UISS]{08
IK5JRZ IW7DOL 04/03 17:12:37z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
IK5JRZ IW7DOL 04/03 17:12:15z Reply qsl?
HB3YGP IW7DOL 04/03 14:02:40z Reply rejĘ
US1GBF-6 IW7DOL 04/03 12:29:12z Reply ur 5\9 in Skadovsk [UISS]{00
OK2IPW IW7DOL 04/03 12:28:47z Reply qsl{1
YO8RBY IW7DOL 04/03 12:24:49z Reply QSL,and '73 via ISS : YO8RBY-Narcis
IZ5YBK IW7DOL 04/02 19:35:26z Reply 73
SV3SMG IW7DOL 04/02 14:45:48z Reply 73 qsl{XY}
IW5BNY-7 IW7DOL 04/02 14:41:26z Reply iw5bny@alice.it HELLO 73
SV3SMG IW7DOL 04/01 18:51:33z Reply qsl{QC}
ON2ACO IW7DOL 04/01 18:47:43z Reply full copy 73
EA1FDQ-6 IW7DOL 04/01 18:45:33z Reply Heard you via ISS in IN52QK QSL?
SP7CHR-6 IW7DOL 04/01 17:34:30z Reply QSL Buro, LoTW
IW7DOL 4Z4DP 04/01 12:24:20z Send another 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
SV1RXI IW7DOL 03/31 19:37:40z Reply 73{4
IW7DOL BLNQSL2/2 03/31 19:34:14z Send another SV3CIX{UISS54}
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/2 03/31 19:34:14z Send another NA1SS,EA4GMY,2E1EBX-6,ON2ACO,DL6KBG-10,EA2BJM-15,IZ5HQB,
TA1BM IW7DOL 03/31 15:11:24z Reply Tnx 73 from Istanbul qsl eqsl pls
IU3MEY IW7DOL 03/31 14:41:27z Reply QSL? '73
SQ3KAR-1 IW7DOL 03/30 18:57:20z Reply Hello from Poland
TA2SUA IW7DOL 03/30 18:50:32z Reply QSL 73!
PC7E-7 IW7DOL 03/30 18:44:50z Reply 73 PC7E Henk Holland
DO2ZZ IW7DOL 03/30 17:06:54z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS
IW7DOL G4DCQ-2 03/30 15:31:12z Send another 73 QSL!
G4DCQ-2 IW7DOL 03/29 18:29:45z Reply Yes QSL Your Message
G4DCQ-2 IW7DOL 03/29 18:29:45z Reply Yes QSL Your Message
IT9AOI-7 IW7DOL 03/28 20:23:51z Reply qsl confirmed. Tnx
LZ2RKG-9 IW7DOL 03/28 20:22:20z Reply 73 QSL?{14
IT9AOI-7 IW7DOL 03/28 20:20:54z Reply ok qsl
IW7DOL ON6MU 03/28 20:18:21z Send another 73 QSL de IW7DOL
DO4ABS IW7DOL 03/28 19:30:20z Reply Yes!{1
PD0WAG IW7DOL 03/28 18:50:22z Reply QSL from Wageningen JO21tx. 73 de PD0WAG Herman
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/2 03/28 18:44:09z Send another G7UZN,NA1SS,DO1THG-9,PE1NTN,2E1EBX-6,PD0WAG,SP7DAD-6,
YO8RBY IW7DOL 03/28 18:42:55z Reply QSL,and '73 via ISS : YO8RBY / Narcis
IW3RGK IW7DOL 03/28 15:29:34z Reply 599 JN65RT QSL and 73 via ISS
EB2CDU IW7DOL 03/28 15:22:49z Reply yes im66{10
IK6GZM IW7DOL 03/27 22:43:11z Reply 73 QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
IK6GZM IW7DOL 03/27 22:43:00z Reply 73, QSL?
US1GBF-6 IW7DOL 03/27 19:34:45z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS [UISS]{03
IW7DOL BLNQSL2/2 03/27 19:33:35z Send another YO8RBY,SV2CPH-4,YO8RBY-6,NA1SS,US1GBF-6,US1GBF-15{UISS54}
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/2 03/27 19:33:34z Send another HB3YGP,ON2ACO,2E1EBX-6,ES4RM,DL6KBG-10,OE5RPP-1,SV2CPH,
US1GBF-6 IW7DOL 03/27 19:33:20z Reply qsl [UISS]{02
US1GBF-6 IW7DOL 03/27 19:33:09z Reply qsl [UISS]{01
US1GBF-6 IW7DOL 03/27 19:31:20z Reply UR 5/9 in KN66lc 73! op. Pave [UISS]{00
IQ7AF-11 IW7DOL 03/27 16:24:31z Reply PING{70
EA2BJM-15 IW7DOL 03/27 16:14:13z Reply QSL
EA2BJM-15 IW7DOL 03/27 16:13:16z Reply Copied. 73
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/2 03/26 15:29:30z Send another F5VKV,NA1SS,9H1FF,SV2CPH,SV2CPH-4,IZ6WLW,IW5BNY,DL6KBG-10,
IW7DOL BLNQSL2/2 03/26 15:29:27z Send another DJ1NI,SV2CPH-1,IU3MEY,OE6PWE,EB3FWC,LZ2RKG-7,DM2FDO,SV3CIX{UISS54}
SV3CIX IW7DOL 03/26 15:29:15z Reply QSL...73s.!!!
IU3MEY IW7DOL 03/26 15:28:28z Reply OK QSL ? '73
IW5BNY IW7DOL 03/26 15:23:50z Reply hello via iss from Roberto Florence
F5VKV IW7DOL 03/26 15:22:44z Reply ciao
SV3CIX IW7DOL 03/25 21:08:14z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
SV3CIX IW7DOL 03/25 21:07:17z Reply QSL TNX FOR MSG...73s.!!!
IW7DOL ES4RM 03/25 21:04:24z Send another 73 QSL! de Giovanni iw7dol@gmail.com
ES4RM IW7DOL 03/25 21:03:56z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS KO49AL
9H1FF IW7DOL 03/25 16:10:21z Reply Msg Rcvd 73 de Fred
TA5AHO-4 IW7DOL 03/24 21:08:36z Reply 73!{TP}
G4DCQ-2 IW7DOL 03/24 20:26:50z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/1 03/24 20:18:16z Send another NA1SS,ON2ACO,2E1EBX-6,F5VKV,DL6KBG-10,SA0BSV,YO8RBY,ON4BN{UISS54}
F5VKV IW7DOL 03/24 20:17:02z Reply hello Narcis de Fabio
IW7DOL F5VKV 03/24 20:16:51z Send another ok proviamo
F5VKV IW7DOL 03/24 20:16:26z Reply dopo iss passo su no74, ci sentiamo li
IW7DOL F5VKV 03/24 20:15:50z Send another tnx ma lo ricevo molto basso
F5VKV IW7DOL 03/24 20:15:16z Reply ti ho visto prima su NO84
IW7DOL BLNQSL2/2 03/23 21:06:37z Send another TA5AHO-4,SQ5NWI{UISS54}
IW7DOL BLNQSL1/2 03/23 21:06:36z Send another IU2DMI,SQ3KAR-1,YO8RBY,SM3XLY,NA1SS,DL6KBG-10,YO8RBY-6,
IW7DOL IU2DMI 03/23 21:05:18z Send another 73 QSL de Giovanni
IU2DMI IW7DOL 03/23 21:05:07z Reply ciao 73 de iu2dmi via iss
IW7DOL DG9NAJ 03/23 19:29:02z Send another 73 QSL?
DC1SK-1 IW7DOL 03/23 19:28:52z Reply rejUISS54}