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IW3RGK IW6DOA 04/11 12:32:37z Reply 599 JN65RT QSL and 73 via ISS
YO8RBY IW6DOA 04/11 12:31:32z Reply QSL,and '73 via ISS : YO8RBY-Narcis
IW6DOA IW3RGK 04/11 12:29:38z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
IW6DOA BLNQSL1/4 04/11 12:28:50z Send another EA4GMY,EA1CHG-6,EA1JN-6,G0GOO,CT1EBQ,DO1THG-9,NA1SS,2E1EBX-6,
DO2ZZ IW6DOA 04/11 10:54:44z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS
IW6DOA IK6GZM 04/11 09:14:40z Send another 73 Op.Stefano via ISS tnx
IK6GZM IW6DOA 04/11 09:14:22z Reply 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
IS0AML-10 IW6DOA 04/10 11:11:40z Reply Path - IW6DOA>APU256
SV3SMG IW6DOA 04/08 17:28:08z Reply my pleasure to communicate !! 73{TP}
IW6DOA SV3SMG-2 04/08 17:26:29z Send another TNX for msg via ISS 73
SV3SMG-2 IW6DOA 04/08 16:28:59z Reply 73 From GREECE{77
IW5EHL IW6DOA 03/30 20:27:32z Reply iw5ehl@gmail.com Hello
IW6DOA IZ5HQB 03/30 20:26:50z Send another 73 Op.Stefano via ISS
DC1SK-1 IW6DOA 03/30 20:26:36z Reply rejUISS54}
IW6DOA BLNQSL1/1 03/30 20:26:36z Send another NA1SS,EA4GMY,EA7P,EA1JN-6,IK5JRZ{UISS54}
IW5BNY IW6DOA 03/30 20:25:57z Reply hello via iss from Roberto Florence
IK6GZM IW6DOA 03/26 21:57:28z Reply 73, QSL?
IW6DOA 9A6FEJ-1 03/25 21:27:22z Send another ?APRST
YO8RBY-6 IW6DOA 03/23 17:52:56z Reply F4FEB,CT1EBQ,EA7BP-9,NA1SS,EA4GMY,EA3APW,PC1L-2,IW7DOL,{53
YO8RBY IW6DOA 03/23 17:50:53z Reply QSL,and '73 via ISS : YO8RBY / Narcis
IW6DOA BLNQSL1/2 03/23 17:48:08z Send another F4FEB,CT1EBQ,EA7BP-9,NA1SS,EA4GMY,EA3APW,PC1L-2,IW7DOL,
IU5FFW IW6DOA 03/22 23:26:57z Reply EA4GMY,CT1EBQ,EA1BAF,SQ5NWI,IU5FFW{UISS54}{66
IW6DOA BLNQSL4/4 03/22 23:26:53z Send another EA4GMY,CT1EBQ,EA1BAF,SQ5NWI,IU5FFW{UISS54}
IW6DOA BLNQSL2/4 03/22 23:26:52z Send another M1FEV-7,G7NIR-7,ON7KEI,G2DS-7,ON4BN,IZ6WLW,YU1TTN,OE3CHC-1,
IW6DOA BLNQSL1/4 03/22 23:26:51z Send another G0GOO,DL6KBG-10,M7BCE-9,IU2DMI,GW0POA-3,2E1EBX-6,G4DCQ-2,
IW6DOA BLNQSL3/4 03/22 23:26:46z Send another NA1SS,G4KVI-3,PH5X,IK3ZGB-2,EA1JN-6,IW2DMO,PE1NTN,G0TYM-6,
IW6DOA BLN 03/20 20:27:22z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.3