IW3RGK messages

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ISS IW3RGK 12/19 13:39:15z Reply SE^23 SE LOS 3m24s{BB}
IW3RGK BLNQSL1/2 12/19 13:33:25z Send another SV2CPH-1,IR0UGN-1,ON7KEI-9,IK1COA-6,OE6PWE,SV2CPH-4,DL3RCE,
IW3RGK BLNQSL2/2 12/19 10:20:15z Send another IR0UGN-1,IK1COA-6,YU7RD{UISS54}
HB9STW IW3RGK 12/08 13:28:24z Reply hb9stw@uska.ch
HB9STW IW3RGK 12/08 13:27:23z Reply QSL and 73 HB9STW de Thomas via ISS
IW3RGK BLNQSL2/2 12/08 13:27:01z Send another YU7RD,OE6PWE{UISS54}
IT9FTP IW3RGK 12/04 13:50:46z Reply Nice to hear you via ISS
IT9FTP IW3RGK 12/04 13:50:07z Reply Nice to hear you from ISS!!
IW3RGK BLNQSL1/1 12/04 13:44:02z Send another IR0UGN-1,DL1ZAS,IT9FTP,IS0EBO-4,SV2CPH-1,SV2CPH-4,DH0BRO-2{UISS54}
IW3RGK SP2GDK-4 11/25 21:34:44z Send another Hello QSL 599 JN65rt...73
SP2GDK-4 IW3RGK 11/25 21:34:22z Reply 73{80
IW3RGK BLNQSL2/2 11/25 21:34:12z Send another HB3YGP,OE6PWE{UISS54}
IW3RGK BLNQSL1/2 11/25 21:33:14z Send another G0GOO,IS0EBO-4,PE1NTN,IU2DMI,EA4SG-4,IT9FTP,IR0UGN-1,
IW3RGK BLNQSL1/1 11/16 21:19:17z Send another IR0UGN-1,IU2GZZ,OE6PWE{UISS54}