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F4GUK-1 IU3MEY 10/24 10:07:23z Reply RRR, 73{0I}
YO8RBY-6 IU3MEY 10/24 05:08:47z Reply hello{02
IT9AOI-7 IU3MEY 10/24 05:07:45z Reply ok , 73 de Dario
IT9AOI-7 IU3MEY 10/24 05:07:21z Reply qsl confirmed. Tnx
IT9AOI-7 IU3MEY 10/24 05:06:49z Reply qsl excange?
IU3MEY HB9PVI-15 10/23 10:47:08z Send another QSL? '73
IU3MEY EB4ADC 10/23 10:46:01z Send another ok qsl! in my log '73
EB4ADC IU3MEY 10/23 10:45:38z Reply QSL? and 73 via LOWT/EQSL
IZ1POV IU3MEY 10/23 10:45:29z Reply QSL{48
OK2IPW IU3MEY 10/23 09:12:56z Reply qsl{2
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/23 07:35:06z Reply ciao anche a te 73
IU3MEY IK5JRZ 10/23 07:34:23z Send another ciao buona giornata
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/23 07:32:42z Reply ciaoooo
SA0BSV IU3MEY 10/23 07:30:42z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/20 13:07:45z Reply ciao 73
EA7P IU3MEY 10/20 13:07:41z Reply QSL, 73 TU
IK6GZM IU3MEY 10/20 13:06:26z Reply 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/20 11:31:12z Reply QSL ?
2E0HDV IU3MEY 10/20 09:51:20z Reply 73 de uk
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/19 13:54:51z Reply ciao de Carlo
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/19 13:53:30z Reply On Log 73!
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/19 13:53:23z Reply QSL 73
IU3MEY IK5JRZ 10/19 13:52:50z Send another ciaooooooooooooo
PD1JHG-7 IU3MEY 10/16 15:02:28z Reply Hello from the netherlands, jota station heerlen. 73s{1
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/16 13:00:59z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
IK5JRZ IU3MEY 10/16 13:00:46z Reply qsl?
RV4CQ-6 IU3MEY 10/16 09:54:12z Reply QSL{13
HB9PVI-15 IU3MEY 10/16 08:11:56z Reply 73 ernst{9
SV3CIX IU3MEY 10/16 06:33:37z Reply ( ( 73s ) )
SV3CIX IU3MEY 10/16 06:33:18z Reply QSL MSG via ISS...73s.!!!
SV2CPH IU3MEY 10/16 06:31:09z Reply QSL? '73{80
I5PVX IU3MEY 10/15 20:09:52z Reply ok qsl , 73
HB9PVI-15 IU3MEY 10/15 15:25:01z Reply 73 ernst{3
F1EZC IU3MEY 10/15 15:24:51z Reply OK my friend 73 from FRANCE
IK6RJU IU3MEY 10/15 14:13:46z Reply ho letto il tuo msg in dmr, qsl via e-qsl
HB3YGP IU3MEY 10/15 13:51:31z Reply rejĘ
9H1FF IU3MEY 10/14 14:37:05z Reply msg rcvd tnx
IU3MEY CT1EBQ 10/12 16:11:29z Send another yeahhh!!!! good day '73
EA2BJM IU3MEY 10/12 14:34:25z Reply QSL via LoWt 73.
DO2ZZ IU3MEY 10/12 09:44:40z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS, 73
TA5NYN-9 IU3MEY 10/12 08:10:58z Reply QSL and 73! via ISS de Noyan TA5NYN
ISS IU3MEY 10/12 08:08:08z Reply SSE^13 SE^17 ENE LOS 6m18s{AK}
ISS IU3MEY 10/11 08:56:52z Reply SE^27 SE^27 ENE LOS 5m9s{ZK}
SV3CIX IU3MEY 10/11 08:56:40z Reply VERY GOOD.!!! via ISS ( ( 73s) )
9H1FF IU3MEY 10/11 08:51:33z Reply Greetings from Malta de Fred
EB3FWC IU3MEY 10/11 08:50:26z Reply eQSL, QRZ.com or Lotw?
EA7KR IU3MEY 10/08 17:43:29z Reply tnx 73 im76ml
YO8RBY IU3MEY 10/08 14:32:37z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
OE6ISP IU3MEY 10/08 12:56:14z Reply QSL frm JN77 es 73
F5CBP IU3MEY 10/07 16:54:52z Reply Hello from in87lp
SA0BSV IU3MEY 10/07 13:43:43z Reply Hello from Sweden
IU3MEY BLN0QSLs 10/07 13:43:18z Send another EA2BJM,OE6ISP,PC1L-2,IK1COA-15,G0TYM-6,SA0BSV,ON7KEI,OK4AM-15,
OE6ISP IU3MEY 10/04 17:39:55z Reply 73 de Stefan OE6ISP, JN77pa via ARISS
OK7SE-7 IU3MEY 10/04 12:52:43z Reply qsl '73 de ok7se{03
EA8CHC-5 IU3MEY 10/04 12:47:07z Reply 73 from IM67{1
CT2FYQ IU3MEY 10/04 11:08:58z Reply 59 IM68an QSL and 73 via ISS
IK6GZM IU3MEY 10/03 11:56:44z Reply Ciao Emil, 73
IU3MEY IK6GZM 10/03 11:56:21z Send another weeeeeeeee ciaoooooo
IU3MEY NA1SS 10/02 17:38:54z Send another hi pse report QSL and 73 via iu3mey@gmail.com
IU3MEY BLN0QSLs 09/04 16:37:19z Send another IK3ORE-10
IU3MEY BLN0QSLs 09/04 16:37:18z Send another IQ3AZ-11,IZ1REU-11,IZ5RAC-3,IR1AX-11,IU4BUQ,IR1CX,IQ5DY,IK3SVW-3,
IU3MEY BLN0QSLs 09/04 16:36:02z Send another IQ3AZ-11,IZ1REU-11,IZ5RAC-3,IR1AX-11,IU4BUQ
IU3MEY BLN0QSLs 09/04 16:35:38z Send another IW4EGP,IK5YOJ,9A9KW-11,IZ5FSA-5,IU5AJG-9,IK4ADE,IR5X,IR1CH,S57D-6,
IU3MEY BLN0QSLs 09/04 16:35:19z Send another IW4EGP,IK5YOJ,9A9KW-11,IZ5FSA-5,IU5AJG-9,IK4ADE,IR5X,IR1CH,S57D-6
G0GOO IU3MEY 08/22 12:00:13z Reply qsl . . 73
EA7P IU3MEY 08/22 10:24:14z Reply 73 via ISS
OE5PJN IU3MEY 08/22 08:51:09z Reply QSL?{M0009
OE5PJN IU3MEY 08/21 11:15:09z Reply QSL{M0002
EB3FWC IU3MEY 08/21 09:37:53z Reply Hello from JN11jx
IU3MEY TA1BM 08/18 11:58:21z Send another ciao Ismail '73
G7HJX-6 IU3MEY 08/17 09:28:00z Reply Heard you via ISS in Burntwood, SFD IO92
TA1BM IU3MEY 08/17 09:01:34z Reply Tnx 73 ciao
PA3ESS IU3MEY 08/17 07:55:33z Reply QSL 100 % via Buro