IT9FTP messages

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ISS IT9FTP 12/07 17:35:34z Reply Please Beacon Position{RA}
SP7DAD IT9FTP 12/06 15:13:13z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS.
IT9FTP SP7DAD 12/06 15:11:27z Send another Best 73', nice to hear you via ISS
4Z4DP IT9FTP 12/04 20:14:34z Reply Tnx 73 es gd dx{DU}
IW3RGK IT9FTP 12/04 13:44:53z Reply Hello QSL 599 JN65rt...73
IT9FTP BLNQSL1/1 12/04 13:44:14z Send another IR0UGN-1,IS0EBO-4,DL1ZAS,SV2CPH-1,SV2CPH-4,DH0BRO-2,IW3RGK{UISS54}
IT9FTP DH0BRO-2 12/04 13:43:59z Send another QSL and 73' via ISS
IT9FTP YU7RD 11/29 18:05:48z Send another QSL & 73' de Giuseppe JM77AO
YU7RD IT9FTP 11/29 18:04:24z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
DL6WAB IT9FTP 11/29 18:03:38z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
DL6WAB IT9FTP 11/29 18:03:32z Reply 73 to the ISS Crew from Germany de DL6WAB
IZ1JPS IT9FTP 11/28 20:31:21z Reply QSL 73{50
SK0QO IT9FTP 11/28 17:17:49z Reply Greetings from Sweden
IS0AML-6 IT9FTP 11/28 15:42:37z Reply 73 de IS0AML -Massimo-{1
EI7BFB IT9FTP 11/28 12:43:35z Reply Thanks for report via ISS 73's de Dave
SQ1FYB-4 IT9FTP 11/26 17:28:41z Reply Hi and 73's via ISS!!Loc.JO73MI Op.Andy
IT9FTP IZ4UFB 11/26 17:28:34z Send another Nice to hear you from ISS
TA5AHO-4 IT9FTP 11/26 16:04:55z Reply thank you you are nice to hear ISS TA5AHO
TA5AHO-4 IT9FTP 11/26 16:04:06z Reply Nice to hear from you from the ISS ;)
IT9FTP IS0EBO-4 11/26 15:47:41z Send another QSL. Best 73, Giuseppe
IZ1JPS IT9FTP 11/25 19:56:15z Reply QSL 73 scusa il ritardo{49
EI7BFB IT9FTP 11/25 19:55:59z Reply Hello and 73's from Dublin Ireland
IT9FTP EI7BFB 11/25 19:02:54z Send another Nice to hear you via ISS
IT9FTP UX0UO 11/25 19:02:29z Send another Hi, Greetings from Sicily - Italy
EI7BFB IT9FTP 11/24 20:46:53z Reply Hello and 73's from Dublin Ireland IO63
EI7BFB IT9FTP 11/24 20:46:30z Reply Hello and 73's from Dublin Ireland IO63UJ
IT9FTP SY1COD-6 11/24 17:49:22z Send another Nice to meet you again!
SY1COD-6 IT9FTP 11/24 16:00:08z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! Buona serra!{99
SQ1FYB-4 IT9FTP 11/23 23:18:10z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS!
SQ1FYB-4 IT9FTP 11/23 23:17:12z Reply Hi from POLAND via ISS!!Loc.JO73MI Op.Andy
G7HCE IT9FTP 11/23 20:02:00z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter via ISS QSL !
IT9FTP DG1MSR 11/23 18:40:51z Send another Nice to hear you from ISS!!
DG1MSR IT9FTP 11/23 18:29:39z Reply 73 de Robert{20
IT9FTP IZ1JPS 11/21 21:48:15z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
PD0MNI IT9FTP 11/21 20:23:33z Reply thank you 73
IT9FTP PD0MNI 11/21 20:10:30z Send another Hello world!
ISS IT9FTP 11/17 20:27:10z Reply NNE^29 NE LOS 4m2s{LZ}
IT9FTP ISS 11/17 20:27:10z Send another Greetings from Sicily - Italy
IT9FTP SY1COD-6 11/17 19:34:09z Send another Nice to receve you via ISS !!!
SY1COD-6 IT9FTP 11/17 18:50:59z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! {82
IT9FTP SQ1FYB-4 11/15 23:56:53z Send another Nice to reeceve you via ISS !!! My first contact ;)
SQ1FYB-4 IT9FTP 11/15 23:46:31z Reply 73's via ISS!