ISS-10 messages

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ISS-10 DU6DKL-1 11/21 17:01:39z Send another I’m from taiwan
ISS-10 DU6DKL-1 11/21 17:00:28z Send another Hello
DU6DKL-1 ISS-10 11/17 23:04:13z Reply tnx and nice to hear u too, what is your callsign?
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 11/17 09:08:46z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago Blessings 73's
9Z4DZ-4 ISS-10 11/16 21:38:26z Reply Blessings, stay safe
ISS-10 DU6DKL-1 11/10 17:42:37z Send another nice to hear
DU6DKL-1 ISS-10 10/11 11:33:39z Reply GM my friend