ISS-10 messages

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9Z4DZ ISS-10 05/14 15:03:11z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
9Z4DZ ISS-10 05/10 03:51:09z Reply Great seeing you on the pass de 9Z4DZ
NOS4A2-8 ISS-10 05/04 07:46:41z Reply Hello ISS! How is space today?{YV}
9Z4DZ ISS-10 04/23 22:03:37z Reply U R 599 via the ISS!!! de 9Z4DZ Stephenson
ISS-10 9Z4DZ 04/20 18:09:28z Send another soy de chile
ISS-10 9Z4DZ 04/20 18:09:01z Send another hola como estas
9Z4DZ-7 ISS-10 04/16 01:47:57z Reply Hpe all is well at ur 9Z4DZ
9Y4C-5 ISS-10 03/22 00:49:24z Reply hello from Trinidad{BG}
9Z4DZ ISS-10 03/20 10:48:42z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0