ISS-10 messages

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EA2EQA ISS-10 12/12 17:57:23z Reply good morning from IN82TU{1
VK4LV ISS-10 12/07 21:30:21z Reply Good Morning From Cloudy Brisbane Rod VK4LV
VK4EM ISS-10 12/06 23:55:16z Reply PU2TMU Alvaro MERRY CHRISTMAS from AUSTRALIA :-)
VK4EM ISS-10 12/01 01:56:24z Reply TA5ABO Mersin Hello from Australia 73's all the Best!
VK4EM ISS-10 11/30 01:16:17z Reply CQ ISS hope to have a voice contact VK4EM Merv ??
VK4EM ISS-10 11/30 01:14:39z Reply Hello from Springside Australia VK4EM Merv :-)
VK4LV ISS-10 11/29 02:08:54z Reply Northgate State School Enjoy your STEM Class
VK4LV ISS-10 11/28 01:21:25z Reply Thanks TA5AHO for the EQSL Card VK4LV
VK4LV ISS-10 11/27 02:13:45z Reply Hello Marissa, when can we expect extra?
VK4EM ISS-10 11/27 02:13:17z Reply W4AQT-MARISSA hello from VK4EM Merv via ISS :-) !!
VK4EM ISS-10 11/27 00:36:32z Reply W4AQT-MARISSA message for you hello from Queensland Australia !
VK4EM ISS-10 11/27 00:36:09z Reply W4AQT --MARISSA Hello from Australia via ISS how good is this :-) ??
VK4LV ISS-10 11/26 19:42:31z Reply W4AQT Wishing you another great year. VK4LV
VK4EM ISS-10 11/26 03:08:45z Reply W4AQT-MARISSA hello from the Darling Downs Radio Club in Toowoomba Q
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 10/19 20:46:48z Reply Grt seeing U on this pass... de 9Z4DZ
9Y4D-8 ISS-10 10/10 00:31:31z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD BE MY GUESS.:)
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 10/05 16:34:02z Reply 73 , de 9Z4DZ