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ISS YO8RXT-2 09/23 20:40:41z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZQ}
YO8RXT-2 ISS 09/23 20:40:41z Reply ?APRSP
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 18:50:14z Send another AOS 6h31m (24 0116z) SE^1{ZP}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 18:46:29z Send another AOS 6h34m (24 0116z) SE^1{ZO}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 09/23 18:45:46z Reply 7{P
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 18:00:30z Send another AOS 7h20m (24 0116z) SE^1{ZN}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 16:07:38z Send another AOS 9h13m (24 0116z) SE^1{ZM}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 09/23 16:03:49z Reply n7zio{M
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 16:02:48z Send another AOS 9h14m (24 0116z) SE^1{ZL}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 16:02:17z Send another AOS 9h15m (24 0116z) SE^1{ZK}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 01:57:44z Send another AOS 10m30s S SE^5 E 7m{ZI}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 01:53:59z Send another AOS 12m32s S SE^5 E 7m{ZH}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/23 01:50:35z Send another AOS 15m56s S SE^5 E 7m{ZG}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 09/23 01:50:35z Reply 6{K
ISS KL2NV-7 09/22 18:52:11z Send another AOS 10h28m (23 0516z) SE^4{ZF}
KL2NV-7 ISS 09/22 18:48:24z Reply a{02
ISS KL2NV-7 09/22 18:30:08z Send another AOS 10h46m (23 0516z) SE^4{ZE}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 09/22 08:13:13z Send another N^22 NE^42 SE LOS 6m53s{ZD}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 09/22 08:09:28z Send another NNW^17 NE^42 SE LOS 7m27s{ZC}
ISS KS9O-7 09/22 04:33:44z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZB}
KS9O-7 ISS 09/22 04:33:44z Reply h{1
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 09/21 22:15:05z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZA}
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 09/20 21:32:32z Send another Please Beacon Position{YX}
ISS VU2UUU-10 09/20 18:11:43z Send another AOS 2h30m (2023z) NE^3{YW}
ISS VU2UUU-10 09/20 18:06:21z Send another AOS 2h30m (2023z) NE^3{YV}
ISS VU2UUU-10 09/20 18:04:12z Send another AOS 2h32m (2023z) NE^3{YU}
ISS VU2UUU-10 09/20 18:00:27z Send another AOS 2h32m (2023z) NE^3{YT}
ISS VU2UUU-10 09/20 17:56:42z Send another AOS 2h33m (2023z) NE^3{YS}
VU2UUU-10 ISS 09/20 17:52:58z Reply Z{30
ISS VU2UUU-10 09/20 17:52:56z Send another AOS 2h34m (2023z) NE^3{YR}
VU2UUU-10 ISS 09/20 17:52:40z Reply Z{29
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 09/20 09:52:44z Send another SW^22 SSE LOS 4m49s{YL}
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/20 08:17:21z Send another NNE^9 NE^12 ESE LOS 6m1s{YK}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 09/19 22:25:43z Send another E^63 NE LOS 5m3s{YJ}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 09/19 22:20:51z Send another SSW^38 SE^67 NE LOS 6m24s{YI}
ISS SQ3NIK 09/19 19:26:37z Send another S^5 SE^14 E LOS 7m39s{YG}01
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 09/19 09:09:52z Send another NE^28 NE^28 SE LOS 5m15s{YF}
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 09/19 09:05:01z Send another N^14 NE^28 SE LOS 7m14s{YE}
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/18 23:26:50z Send another NNW^35 NNE LOS 4m37s{YA}
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/18 23:23:04z Send another W^31 NW^39 NNE LOS 6m7s{XZ}
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/18 23:19:17z Send another WSW^22 NW^39 NNE LOS 6m52s{XY}
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/18 23:15:29z Send another WSW^17 NW^39 NNE LOS 7m24s{XX}
ISS YU1TTN 09/18 02:05:09z Send another SE^46 SE LOS 4m29s{XS}
YU1TTN ISS 09/18 02:05:09z Reply Hi ISS! Welcome to Serbia :-){027
ISS AA8L-7 09/18 00:01:30z Send another AOS 1h39m (0140z) SE^11{XR}
AA8L-7 ISS 09/18 00:01:30z Reply ISS{61
ISS YO3FVR-7 09/17 14:45:22z Send another AOS 3h13m (1758z) SE^4{XP}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 09/17 14:45:22z Reply YO3FVR-7{18
ISS 9M2WWW-5 09/17 08:24:55z Send another AOS 3h10m (1135z) SE^17{XO}
ISS VE6HFD-9 09/16 13:41:11z Send another AOS 14h27m (17 0407z) SE^5{XM}
VE6HFD-9 ISS 09/16 13:40:06z Reply msg4pass{12
ISS VE6HFD-9 09/16 13:38:19z Send another Please Beacon Position{XL}
ISS VA6KK-9 09/14 18:05:32z Send another AOS 11h45m (15 0549z) SE^16{UD}
ISS VA6KK-9 09/14 18:04:54z Send another AOS 11h45m (15 0549z) SE^16{UC}
VA6KK-9 ISS 09/14 18:04:01z Reply msg4pass{1
VA6KK-9 ISS 09/14 18:03:48z Reply msg4pass{5
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/14 15:50:22z Send another AOS 14h04m (15 0547z) SE^12{UB}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/14 15:46:37z Send another AOS 14h06m (15 0547z) SE^12{UA}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 09/14 15:43:10z Reply 1{8
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/14 15:42:51z Send another AOS 14h08m (15 0547z) SE^12{TZ}
ISS WA7NWP-9 09/14 15:37:24z Send another AOS 14h14m (15 0547z) SE^12{TY}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 09/14 15:33:39z Reply n7zio{7
ISS 9M2WWW-5 09/14 07:04:42z Send another AOS 5h30m (1234z) SE^12{TW}
ISS VE6HFD-9 09/13 19:24:02z Send another AOS 9h44m (14 0507z) SE^3{TV}
VE6HFD-9 ISS 09/13 19:23:30z Reply msg4pass{11
ISS VE6HFD-9 09/13 19:22:55z Send another AOS 9h44m (14 0507z) SE^3{TU}
ISS OH2EIR-9 09/13 18:49:13z Send another AOS 7h04m (14 0153z) SE^10{TT}02
OH2EIR-9 ISS 09/13 18:49:13z Reply ME{02}TS
ISS OH2EIR-9 09/13 18:47:49z Send another AOS 7h06m (14 0153z) SE^10{TS}01
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/13 11:07:07z Send another N^7 NE^14 ESE LOS 7m18s{TR}
ISS 9M2WWW-5 09/13 03:52:06z Send another AOS 9h33m (1325z) SE^30{TF}
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 09/13 01:15:10z Send another SW^32 SSE^87 NE LOS 6m41s{TE}
ISS YO3FVR-7 09/12 18:00:26z Send another AOS 2h43m (2039z) SE^14{SV}
ISS N7FMH-15 09/12 17:57:27z Send another AOS 8h52m (13 0249z) SE^12{TB}RR
N7FMH-15 ISS 09/12 17:57:27z Reply Thanks!{RR}
ISS N7FMH-ET 09/12 17:57:17z Send another Please Beacon Position{TA}
N7FMH-ET ISS 09/12 17:57:17z Reply Persistent aren't you?{BK}SZ
ISS N7FMH-ET 09/12 17:57:08z Send another Please Beacon Position{SZ}
N7FMH-ET ISS 09/12 17:57:08z Reply :){BJ}SX
ISS N7FMH-ET 09/12 17:57:03z Send another Please Beacon Position{SX}
N7FMH-ET ISS 09/12 17:57:03z Reply Really?{BI}SW
ISS N7FMH-ET 09/12 17:56:53z Send another Please Beacon Position{SW}
N7FMH-ET ISS 09/12 17:56:53z Reply Thanks!{BH}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 09/12 17:56:18z Reply YO3FVR-7{10
ISS YO3FVR-7 09/12 17:52:04z Send another AOS 2h53m (2039z) SE^14{ST}
ISS YO3FVR-7 09/12 17:48:19z Send another AOS 2h55m (2039z) SE^14{SS}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 09/12 15:01:15z Reply YO3FVR-7{9
YO3FVR-7 ISS 09/12 14:35:20z Reply OE3WYC-*{8
YO3FVR-7 ISS 09/12 14:34:35z Reply OE3QYC-*{7
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 09/12 12:02:29z Send another ENE^35 SE LOS 5m4s{OH}
ISS KB3KBR-1 09/12 08:44:35z Send another AOS 1h22m (1007z) NE^30{OG}BS
KB3KBR-1 ISS 09/12 08:44:35z Reply AA:Not Here, Try -11 or -12. Or leave msge with -1.
ISS KB3KBR-1 09/12 08:34:20z Send another N^13 N^14 ENE LOS 5m26s{OE}BS
KB3KBR-1 ISS 09/12 08:34:20z Reply me{BS}
ISS VK3TBN-9 09/12 04:03:45z Send another AOS 33m49s SW S^8 SE 8m{OD}
ISS VK3TBN-9 09/12 04:00:00z Send another AOS 36m17s SW S^8 SE 8m{OC}
ISS VK3TBN-9 09/12 03:59:27z Send another AOS 36m50s SW S^8 SE 8m{OB}
VK3TBN-9 ISS 09/12 03:59:26z Reply AA:Hi Sorry I am away at the moment leave a message
ISS VK3TBN-9 09/12 03:59:03z Send another AOS 39m2s SW S^8 SE 8m{OA}
ISS VK3TBN-9 09/12 03:57:59z Send another AOS 42m4s SW S^8 SE 8m{NZ}