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ISS PP1AR-5 01/21 11:11:45z Send another SSE^20 SE LOS 3m16s{QC}
PP1AR-5 ISS 01/21 11:11:45z Reply a big huge! thank you for the contact!{4
ISS PP1AR-5 01/21 11:09:30z Send another WSW^73 SW^74 SE LOS 5m31s{QB}
PP1AR-5 ISS 01/21 11:09:30z Reply thanks{3
ISS PP1AR-5 01/21 11:09:19z Send another W^67 SW^74 SE LOS 5m42s{QA}
PP1AR-5 ISS 01/21 11:09:19z Reply a bit huge!{2
ISS PP1AR-5 01/21 11:09:10z Send another WNW^61 SW^75 SE LOS 5m51s{PZ}
PP1AR-5 ISS 01/21 11:09:09z Reply test{1
iss UA0ZGX-5 01/21 03:47:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{PS}
ISS YV6AE 01/20 23:32:06z Send another ENE^10 ENE LOS 2m24s{PQ}
ISS VU2UUU-10 01/20 03:04:44z Send another AOS 11h11m (1416z) SE^1{PP}
VU2UUU-10 ISS 01/20 03:04:44z Reply z{1
ISS EA8CTS-9 01/17 13:14:33z Send another AOS 8h12m (2127z) SE^2{PO}
EA8CTS-9 ISS 01/17 13:14:32z Reply guauu{4
ISS EA8CTS-9 01/17 13:13:45z Send another AOS 8h13m (2127z) SE^2{PN}
EA8CTS-9 ISS 01/17 13:13:45z Reply saludos{3
ISS PU7OWC-5 01/16 14:34:00z Send another AOS 7h32m (2206z) SE^7{PM}
PU7OWC-5 ISS 01/16 14:34:00z Reply Best regards!{2
ISS PU7OWC-5 01/16 14:25:33z Send another AOS 7h41m (2206z) SE^7{PL}
PU7OWC-5 ISS 01/16 14:25:33z Reply ok{3
ISS PU7OWC-5 01/16 14:02:07z Send another AOS 8h04m (2206z) SE^7{PK}
PU7OWC-5 ISS 01/16 14:02:06z Reply Hello!{1
ISS LOVERE 01/16 12:48:50z Send another AOS 9h34m (2223z) SE^17{PJ}
ISS EA8CTS-9 01/16 08:08:56z Send another AOS 44m48s NW SW^40 SE 10m{PI}
EA8CTS-9 ISS 01/16 08:08:56z Reply guauu{2
iss UA0ZGX-5 01/15 20:45:55z Reply AOS 16h24m (16 1310z) SE^11{OX}
iss UA0ZGX-5 01/15 20:41:53z Reply AOS 16h28m (16 1310z) SE^11{OT}
iss UA0ZGX-5 01/15 20:39:54z Reply AOS 16h30m (16 1310z) SE^11{OQ}
iss UA0ZGX-5 01/15 20:38:22z Reply AOS 16h32m (16 1310z) SE^11{OO}
UA0ZGX-5 iss 01/15 20:38:21z Reply cq{1
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:55:11z Send another AOS 12h24m (16 0520z) SE^27{OH}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:54:57z Send another AOS 12h25m (16 0520z) SE^27{OG}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:54:53z Send another AOS 12h26m (16 0520z) SE^27{OF}
VK3TBN-9 ISS 01/15 16:53:54z Reply AA:Hi Sorry I am away at the moment leave a message
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:53:44z Send another AOS 12h27m (16 0520z) SE^27{OE}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:53:40z Send another AOS 12h28m (16 0520z) SE^27{OD}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:53:34z Send another AOS 12h29m (16 0520z) SE^27{OC}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/15 16:49:49z Send another AOS 12h30m (16 0520z) SE^27{OB}
ISS LOVERE 01/15 13:29:26z Send another AOS 8h12m (2142z) SE^2{NZ}
ISS LOVERE 01/15 13:28:49z Send another AOS 8h13m (2142z) SE^2{NY}
ISS LU7DGG-9 01/15 06:57:56z Send another AOS 7h50m (1441z) NE^21{NX}
ISS LU7DGG-9 01/15 06:54:11z Send another AOS 7h58m (1441z) NE^21{NW}
ISS LU7DGG-9 01/15 06:46:41z Send another AOS 8h02m (1441z) NE^21{NV}
ISS LU7DGG-9 01/15 06:42:56z Send another AOS 8h04m (1441z) NE^21{NU}
ISS LU7DGG-9 01/15 06:41:19z Send another AOS 8h05m (1441z) NE^21{NT}
ISS LU7DGG-9 01/15 06:37:34z Send another AOS 8h05m (1441z) NE^21{NS}
LU7DGG-9 ISS 01/15 06:36:56z Reply aprst{1
ISS LU1DAR 01/15 06:36:53z Send another Please Beacon Position{NR}
LU1DAR ISS 01/15 06:34:44z Reply aprst
ISS N7FMH-12 01/15 00:07:02z Send another AOS 3h03m (0310z) SE^1{NM}10
N7FMH-12 ISS 01/15 00:07:02z Reply ME{10}MN
ISS KC0RYZ-1 01/14 21:31:35z Send another AOS 7h10m (15 0442z) SE^1{NL}
KC0RYZ-1 ISS 01/14 21:31:35z Reply ISS{10
ISS KF5LPX-7 01/14 18:57:48z Send another AOS 9h41m (15 0439z) SE^8{NE}01
ISS N7FMH-12 01/14 16:26:49z Send another AOS 10h43m (15 0310z) SE^1{MN}0D
N7FMH-12 ISS 01/14 16:26:49z Reply ME{0D}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/14 16:09:18z Send another AOS 12h29m (15 0439z) SE^2{ML}
ISS YO3FVR-10 01/14 14:56:44z Send another AOS 6h03m (2100z) SE^2{MJ}
YO3FVR-10 ISS 01/14 14:56:44z Reply YO3FVR-10{15
ISS IS0CJV-5 01/14 05:37:55z Send another Please Beacon Position{MH}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 01/14 05:37:55z Reply mi fa ridere questo andreoni!!!{6
ISS IS0CJV-5 01/14 05:35:33z Send another Please Beacon Position{MG}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 01/14 05:35:32z Reply convinto are{5
ISS IS0CJV-5 01/14 05:31:14z Send another Please Beacon Position{MF}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 01/14 05:31:13z Reply magald pens a darmi i soldi che mi devi{4
ISS IS0CJV-5 01/14 05:29:41z Send another Please Beacon Position{ME}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 01/14 05:29:41z Reply son convinti questi un diretto {3
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:45:47z Send another AOS 8h44m (14 0529z) SE^9{MD}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:45:40z Send another AOS 8h46m (14 0529z) SE^9{MC}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:42:28z Send another AOS 8h47m (14 0529z) SE^9{MB}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:17:03z Send another AOS 9h25m (14 0529z) SE^10{MA}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:14:22z Send another AOS 9h27m (14 0529z) SE^10{LZ}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:09:32z Send another AOS 9h28m (14 0529z) SE^10{LY}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:05:47z Send another AOS 9h29m (14 0529z) SE^10{LX}
ISS VK3TBN-9 01/13 20:02:02z Send another AOS 9h30m (14 0529z) SE^10{LW}
ISS VA3MSV-5 01/13 03:29:36z Send another AOS 1h22m (0451z) SE^4{LU}01
ISS KM4KQQ 01/11 23:30:15z Send another AOS 4h37m (12 0407z){LT}01
ISS IS0CJV-5 01/11 21:39:01z Send another Please Beacon Position{LS}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 01/11 21:39:01z Reply please qtc{2
ISS KC9WPR-5 01/11 10:57:09z Send another AOS 26m3s NW N^15 NE 9m{LR}
KC9WPR-5 ISS 01/11 10:57:08z Reply ?aos{1
ISS IS0CJV-10 01/11 10:51:52z Send another Please Beacon Position{LQ}
IS0CJV-10 ISS 01/11 10:51:52z Reply good day iss{1
ISS N2NXS-7 01/09 01:34:49z Send another AOS 5h06m (0640z) SE^17{LP}
N2NXS-7 ISS 01/09 01:34:48z Reply pass{27
N2NXS-7 ISS 01/09 00:07:41z Reply pass{26
N2NXS-7 ISS 01/08 23:45:22z Reply Pass{25
N2NXS-7 ISS 01/08 23:44:18z Reply 1{24
N2NXS-7 ISS 01/08 23:43:30z Reply 1{23
KD4MAC-7 ISS 01/08 23:41:34z Reply test - {22
ISS N2NXS-7 01/08 23:26:41z Send another AOS 7h14m (09 0640z) SE^17{LO}
N2NXS-7 ISS 01/08 23:26:40z Reply pass{21
ISS YO3FVR-10 01/08 11:26:48z Send another AOS 13h06m (09 0033z) SE^21{LN}
ISS YO3FVR-10 01/08 11:25:55z Send another Please Beacon Position{LM}
ISS W8LR 01/07 14:58:13z Send another N^33 NNE^36 ESE LOS 5m49s{LL}
W8LR ISS 01/07 14:57:40z Reply ?{28
ISS ZL4DE-9 01/07 11:56:58z Send another AOS 44m47s W NW^1 NW 3m{LK}
ZL4DE-9 ISS 01/07 11:56:58z Reply Happy New Year{1
ISS YO3FVR-10 01/07 10:22:35z Send another AOS 1m28s W SW^0 SW 2m{LJ}
ISS G1TFI-7 01/07 08:43:27z Send another Please Beacon Position{LI}