ISS messages

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ISS N2UFL-1 05/26 02:47:02z Send another W^1 NNW^20 NE LOS 9m39s{DU}FO
N2UFL-1 ISS 05/26 02:47:02z Reply HiGuys from N2UFL-1 Via ISS{FO}
ISS SP9MLI-9 05/25 13:12:47z Send another AOS 5h49m (1902z) SE^10{DT}01
ISS 9Z4DZ 05/25 08:43:00z Send another NE^17 NE^18 ESE LOS 5m28s{DS}
ISS SP5MG-9 05/24 09:42:32z Send another AOS 8h37m (1819z) SE^3{DR}01
ISS 9Z4DZ 05/24 09:35:14z Send another NNE^42 NE^46 SE LOS 5m41s{DQ}
ISS 9Z4DZ 05/24 09:34:23z Send another N^28 NE^46 SE LOS 6m32s{DP}
ISS WA7NWP-6 05/23 17:35:18z Send another AOS 10h49m (24 0424z) SE^11{DO}01
WA7NWP-6 ISS 05/23 17:35:17z Reply 7{01}
ISS N2UFL-1 05/23 02:14:52z Send another ESE^51 NE LOS 5m2s{DN}
ISS KJ4ERJ-AL 05/22 17:07:38z Send another AOS 7h23m (23 0031z) SE^9{DM}RP
KJ4ERJ-AL ISS 05/22 17:07:38z Reply ME{RP}
ISS YO3FVR-10 05/22 07:51:51z Send another AOS 12h06m (1958z) SE^22{DL}
YO3FVR-10 ISS 05/22 07:51:50z Reply YO3FVR-10{34
ISS EA8CTS-9 05/22 07:19:49z Send another AOS 48m14s W SW^2 SW 5m{DK}
EA8CTS-9 ISS 05/22 07:19:49z Reply hola{5
ISS EA8CTS-9 05/22 07:18:26z Send another AOS 49m37s W SW^2 SW 5m{DJ}
EA8CTS-9 ISS 05/22 07:18:26z Reply We are sorry to hear about the item issue. Was the package damaged {4
ISS N5ZKK 05/22 04:25:26z Send another AOS 7m6s W NW^18 NE 10m{DI}
N5ZKK ISS 05/22 04:25:25z Reply ?APRSD{D0001
ISS N5ZKK 05/22 03:01:53z Send another E^24 NE LOS 4m11s{DH}
N5ZKK ISS 05/22 03:01:52z Reply ?APRSD{D000c
ISS N5ZKK 05/22 02:59:42z Send another SSE^22 SE^28 NE LOS 6m21s{DG}
N5ZKK ISS 05/22 02:59:42z Reply ?APRSD{D000b
ISS N2UFL-1 05/22 01:26:44z Send another S^2 SE^11 ENE LOS 8m8s{DE}JS
N2UFL-1 ISS 05/22 01:26:44z Reply Hi Guys From N2UFL-1 Via ISS{JS}
ISS LU1WFU-2 05/21 20:25:43z Send another NNE^57 NE LOS 4m53s{DD}
ISS N2UFL-1 05/21 02:21:12z Send another SSE^18 SE^21 ENE LOS 6m5s{DC}
N2UFL-1 ISS 05/21 02:21:11z Reply Hi Guys From N2UFL-1 Via ISS
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/21 01:50:41z Send another AOS 3h34m (0524z) SE^9{DB}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/21 01:50:30z Send another AOS 3h36m (0524z) SE^9{DA}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/21 01:49:52z Send another AOS 3h37m (0524z) SE^9{CZ}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/21 01:49:38z Send another AOS 3h38m (0524z) SE^9{CY}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/21 01:45:53z Send another AOS 3h39m (0524z) SE^9{CX}
ISS EA5GFY-15 05/20 23:25:48z Send another NE^1 NE LOS 19s{CW}
ISS EA5GFY-15 05/20 23:25:41z Send another NE^2 NE LOS 26s{CV}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/20 21:34:41z Send another ENE^68 NE LOS 5m1s{CU}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/20 21:27:11z Send another SSW^64 SSE^78 NE LOS 5m46s{CT}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/20 21:23:25z Send another SSW^37 SSE^78 NE LOS 6m31s{CS}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/20 20:59:25z Send another AOS 22m10s SW E^78 NE 11m{CR}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/20 20:56:12z Send another AOS 24m2s SW E^78 NE 11m{CQ}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/20 20:19:13z Send another AOS 59m56s SW E^78 NE 11m{CP}
ISS KC9LDH-4 05/20 20:09:43z Send another AOS 6h07m (21 0217z) SE^3{CO}01
ISS VA3MSV-5 05/20 14:52:48z Send another AOS 11h25m (21 0218z) SE^9{CN}01
ISS 9Z4DZ 05/20 11:27:00z Send another NW^72 WSW^87 SE LOS 5m35s{CM}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/20 08:52:45z Send another AOS 11h19m (2008z) SE^23{CL}
ISS 9Z4DZ-7 05/20 01:33:04z Send another WNW^13 NW^15 N LOS 5m39s{CK}
ISS 9Z4DZ 05/20 00:00:09z Send another ENE^10 ENE LOS 2m25s{CJ}
ISS YO3FVR-10 05/18 10:38:57z Send another AOS 9h38m (2017z) SE^10{CI}
YO3FVR-10 ISS 05/18 10:38:57z Reply YO3FVR-10{6
ISS K4AXD 05/17 12:03:07z Send another AOS 13m NW SW^72 SE 11m{CH}
K4AXD ISS 05/17 11:59:22z Reply j
ISS KB3KBR-2 05/17 08:52:58z Send another AOS 6m30s NW N^15 E 9m{CG}WA
KB3KBR-2 ISS 05/17 08:52:58z Reply j{WA}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/17 01:44:23z Send another AOS 5h31m (0715z) SE^13{CF}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/17 01:43:21z Send another AOS 5h32m (0715z) SE^13{CE}
ISS N1DOT-10 05/15 17:24:31z Send another AOS 10h03m (16 0327z) SE^7{KI}01
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/15 17:01:31z Send another AOS 13h34m (16 0635z) SE^1{KH}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/15 17:00:23z Send another AOS 13h35m (16 0635z) SE^1{KG}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 14:19:35z Send another Please Beacon Position{KF}
PU2ONU-7 ISS 05/15 14:19:35z Reply Hi from PU2ONU, Brazil{1
ISS T77GR 05/15 13:54:31z Send another AOS 8h55m (2250z) SE^20{KD}01
ISS W4LCG-4 05/15 12:28:38z Send another E^12 ESE LOS 2m40s{KC}
W4LCG-4 ISS 05/15 12:28:38z Reply j{1
ISS N2UFL-1 05/15 10:50:39z Send another NE^21 E LOS 4m22s{KB}
N2UFL-1 ISS 05/15 10:50:39z Reply Hi Guys From N@UFL-1 Via ISS
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 02:16:02z Send another AOS 10h40m (1241z) NE^4{JZ}
ISS PU2ONU 05/15 02:15:49z Send another Please Beacon Position{KA}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 02:12:17z Send another AOS 10h44m (1241z) NE^4{JY}
PU2ONU ISS 05/15 02:12:02z Reply Hi from Brazil, PU2ONU!
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 02:08:32z Send another AOS 10h46m (1241z) NE^4{JX}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 02:01:01z Send another AOS 10h49m (1241z) NE^4{JW}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 01:57:16z Send another AOS 10h50m (1241z) NE^4{JV}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 01:53:31z Send another AOS 10h51m (1241z) NE^4{JU}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 01:49:46z Send another AOS 10h51m (1241z) NE^4{JT}
ISS PU2ONU-7 05/15 01:43:50z Send another AOS 10h57m (1241z) NE^4{JS}
ISS HB9PTF-9 05/14 20:24:24z Send another AOS 3h17m (2342z) SE^17{JR}01
ISS HB9PTF-9 05/14 18:40:02z Send another Please Beacon Position{JQ}
HB9PTF-9 ISS 05/14 18:40:02z Reply ME{02}
ISS HB9PTF-9 05/14 14:50:18z Send another AOS 1m24s NW SW^14 S 9m{JP}01
ISS VE6TDX 05/14 14:46:14z Send another WSW^19 SW^22 SE LOS 5m53s{JO}01
ISS EA8CTS-9 05/14 12:07:20z Send another AOS 11h28m (2335z) SE^13{JM}
EA8CTS-9 ISS 05/14 12:07:20z Reply We are sorry to hear about the item issue. Was the package damaged {3
ISS KV1TKO-10 05/13 16:12:29z Send another AOS 12h54m (14 0506z) SE^11{JL}
KV1TKO-10 ISS 05/13 16:12:28z Reply ?{1
ISS KV1TKO 05/13 14:30:07z Send another AOS 1h11m (1542z) SW^6{JK}
KV1TKO ISS 05/13 14:30:07z Reply ?APRST{59
ISS YO3FVR-10 05/13 11:09:33z Send another AOS 10h18m (2128z) SE^1{JH}
YO3FVR-10 ISS 05/13 11:09:33z Reply YO3FVR-10{1
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/13 06:56:20z Send another AOS 1h02m (0757z) SW^3{JG}
ISS W4LCG-4 05/12 12:44:57z Send another Please Beacon Position{JF}
ISS W4LCG-4 05/12 12:42:29z Send another Please Beacon Position{JE}
ISS WA7NWP-6 05/12 05:07:06z Send another AOS 3h18m (0825z) SE^3{JD}01
WA7NWP-6 ISS 05/12 05:07:06z Reply test of W1 path{01}
iss WA7NWP-15 05/12 02:40:32z Reply AOS 5h45m (0825z) SE^3{JC}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/11 14:45:52z Send another AOS 8h26m (2308z) SE^12{JB}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/10 18:39:43z Send another AOS 14h38m (11 0916z) SE^8{JA}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/10 18:35:58z Send another AOS 14h40m (11 0916z) SE^8{IZ}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/10 17:09:18z Send another AOS 1h04m (1810z) SW^7{IY}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/10 17:05:33z Send another AOS 1h04m (1810z) SW^8{IX}