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ISS ZL1TAP 07/25 04:12:39z Send another AOS 1h08m (0520z) NW^4{YJ}02
ZL1TAP ISS 07/25 04:12:39z Reply ME{02}
ISS ZL1TAP-2 07/25 03:16:00z Send another AOS 26m31s SW NW^57 NE 11m @ ZL1PY-4{YI}
ZL1TAP-2 ISS 07/25 03:15:59z Reply ZL1PY-4{1
ISS ZL1TAP 07/25 02:50:21z Send another AOS 52m16s SW NW^55 NE 11m{YH}02
ZL1TAP ISS 07/25 02:50:20z Reply ME{02}YG
ISS ZL1TAP 07/25 02:32:45z Send another AOS 1h09m (0342z) NW^56{YG}01
ISS N7FMH-10 07/24 16:11:33z Send another AOS 7h18m (2330z) SE^5{YE}AR
N7FMH-10 ISS 07/24 16:11:33z Reply Thanks!{AR}
ISS N2UFM-2 07/24 14:25:56z Send another AOS 9h03m (2329z) SE^4{YD}LI
N2UFM-2 ISS 07/24 14:25:56z Reply DE n2ufm{LI}
ISS N2UFM-2 07/24 14:16:11z Send another AOS 9h13m (2329z) SE^4{YC}LI
ISS SP1JT-10 07/24 10:15:03z Send another AOS 7h08m (1723z) SE^0{YB}01
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/23 23:54:58z Send another AOS 26m13s S SE^5 E 7m{YA}EQ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/23 23:54:57z Reply j\{EQ}
ISS ON4CKT 07/23 18:34:46z Send another Please Beacon Position{XZ}
ON4CKT ISS 07/23 18:34:46z Reply ?{10
ISS F4HIF-10 07/23 10:31:19z Send another Please Beacon Position{XX}01
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/23 07:47:31z Send another E^7 E LOS 1m39s{XW}EN
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/23 07:47:31z Reply j{EN}XV
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/23 07:05:34z Send another AOS 33m21s NW NE^27 E 10m{XV}EL
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/23 07:05:33z Reply j{EL}
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/22 22:15:52z Send another AOS 2h56m (23 0112z) SE^11{XU}EJ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/22 22:15:52z Reply j{EJ}
ISS N2UFM-1 07/22 15:47:04z Send another Please Beacon Position{XT}
N2UFM-1 ISS 07/22 15:47:04z Reply de N2UFM{EQ}
ISS N2UFM-2 07/22 13:36:10z Send another AOS 11h35m (23 0112z) SE^20{XS}YV
N2UFM-2 ISS 07/22 13:36:10z Reply de N2UFM{YV}
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/22 13:00:39z Send another AOS 12h11m (23 0112z) SE^11{XR}EE
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/22 13:00:39z Reply j{EE}
ISS KC9WPR 07/22 05:47:14z Send another AOS 1h05m (0652z) N^15{XQ}KD
KC9WPR ISS 07/22 05:47:14z Reply ?aos
KG7ULN-7 ISS 07/22 01:48:10z Reply l{6
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/21 22:26:12z Send another AOS 3h40m (22 0203z) SE^21{XP}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/21 22:26:07z Send another AOS 3h41m (22 0203z) SE^21{XO}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/21 22:24:22z Send another AOS 3h42m (22 0203z) SE^21{XN}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/21 22:20:36z Send another AOS 3h43m (22 0203z) SE^21{XM}
KB3KBR-12 ISS 07/21 22:20:36z Reply j{10
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 21:13:59z Send another AOS 4h49m (22 0203z) SE^21{XL}EB
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 21:13:59z Reply J{EB}
ISS VA7MHA-9 07/21 16:04:12z Send another AOS 13h12m (22 0511z) SE^10{XK}
ISS VA7MHA-9 07/21 16:00:27z Send another AOS 13h15m (22 0511z) SE^10{XJ}
VA7MHA-9 ISS 07/21 15:59:31z Reply Thanks for the service!{63
ISS KG7ULN-7 07/21 15:29:06z Send another AOS 13h41m (22 0510z) SE^18{XI}
KG7ULN-7 ISS 07/21 15:29:06z Reply iss{3
ISS KG7ULN-7 07/21 15:25:20z Send another AOS 13h48m (22 0510z) SE^18{XH}
KG7ULN-7 ISS 07/21 15:21:34z Reply 1{2
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 09:30:59z Send another ESE^20 ESE LOS 3m11s{XG}DY
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 09:30:59z Reply J{DY}XF
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 09:22:36z Send another AOS 55s NW NE^75 SE 11m{XF}DX
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 09:22:36z Reply J{DX}XE
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 08:05:20z Send another AOS 1h18m (0923z) NE^75{XE}DW
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 08:05:20z Reply J{DW}XD
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 07:45:55z Send another AOS 1m8s NW N^19 E 10m{XD}DV
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 07:45:55z Reply J{DV}XC
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 06:57:20z Send another AOS 49m43s NW N^19 E 10m{XC}DU
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 06:57:20z Reply j{DU}WZ
ISS KB3KBR-9 07/21 06:26:24z Send another AOS 1h20m (0747z) N^19{XB}
ISS KB3KBR-9 07/21 06:25:03z Send another AOS 1h22m (0747z) N^19{XA}
KB3KBR-9 ISS 07/21 06:25:03z Reply j{65
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 06:24:34z Send another AOS 1h22m (0747z) N^19{WZ}DT
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 06:24:34z Reply J{DT}WY
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 06:07:43z Send another AOS 2m10s NW N^14 NE 9m{WY}DH
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 06:07:42z Reply J{DH}WX
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 06:06:36z Send another AOS 3m16s NW N^14 NE 9m{WX}DG
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 06:06:36z Reply J{DG}WW
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/21 05:20:54z Send another AOS 48m58s NW N^14 NE 9m{WW}DF
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/21 05:20:54z Reply J{DF}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/21 04:36:30z Send another NW^26 NNW^29 NE LOS 5m53s{WV}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/21 04:34:24z Send another W^10 NNW^29 NE LOS 8m{WU}
KB3KBR-12 ISS 07/21 04:34:24z Reply j{09
ISS KG7ULN-7 07/21 03:08:35z Send another AOS 1h20m (0428z) SE^3{WT}
KG7ULN-7 ISS 07/21 03:08:35z Reply 1{1
ISS N2UFM-1 07/21 03:02:59z Send another Please Beacon Position{WS}
ISS N2UFM-1 07/21 03:00:55z Send another Please Beacon Position{WR}
ISS W4LCG-4 07/20 18:00:00z Send another AOS 7h20m (21 0119z) SE^5{WQ}
W4LCG-4 ISS 07/20 17:59:27z Reply a{1
ISS W4LCG-4 07/20 17:58:58z Send another AOS 7h21m (21 0119z) SE^5{WP}
ISS VU2JPN-9 07/20 16:14:11z Send another AOS 8h02m (21 0017z) NE^9{WO}
VU2JPN-9 ISS 07/20 16:14:10z Reply hi from vu2jpn Mumbai India {2
ISS VU2JPN-9 07/20 14:32:07z Send another ENE^11 NE LOS 2m25s{WN}
VU2JPN-9 ISS 07/20 14:32:07z Reply hi to ISS De vu2jpn from Mumbai {1
ISS KB3KBR-3 07/20 00:33:54z Send another AOS 1h39m (0213z) SE^9{WM}AG
KB3KBR-3 ISS 07/20 00:33:54z Reply j{AG}
ISS VE6HFD-3 07/19 21:22:43z Send another Please Beacon Position{WL}AK
VE6HFD-3 ISS 07/19 21:22:43z Reply msg4pass{AK}
ISS F4ACU-5 07/19 20:49:22z Send another AOS 49m27s S SE^6 E 7m{WI}
F4ACU-5 ISS 07/19 20:49:22z Reply ?{1
ISS 9Z4DZ 07/19 01:29:12z Send another NW^20 NW^20 NNE LOS 4m58s{WG}
ISS 9Z4DZ 07/19 01:28:34z Send another WNW^19 NW^20 NNE LOS 5m36s{WF}
9Z4DZ ISS 07/19 01:28:34z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
ISS F4GVE-10 07/18 16:43:50z Send another AOS 4h11m (2055z) SE^4{WD}
ISS 9Z4DZ 07/18 12:15:31z Send another S^34 SSE LOS 4m22s{WC}
ISS 9Z4DZ 07/18 12:13:06z Send another WNW^24 SW^44 SSE LOS 6m48s{WB}
ISS KB3KBR-2 07/16 21:19:28z Send another AOS 5h54m (17 0313z) SE^6{OU}CL
KB3KBR-2 ISS 07/16 21:19:27z Reply l{CL}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/16 20:22:10z Send another AOS 6h51m (17 0313z) SE^6{OT}
KB3KBR-12 ISS 07/16 20:22:10z Reply j{07
ISS N2UFL-1 07/16 12:14:41z Send another SW^27 SSE LOS 4m58s{OS}
N2UFL-1 ISS 07/16 12:14:41z Reply Hi Guys From N2UFL-1 at FN20 Via ISS