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ISS W2ILT 12/11 12:44:35z Send another AOS 59m19s SW W^78 NE 11m{YW}
W2ILT ISS 12/11 12:44:34z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{67
ISS KB3KBR-1 12/11 06:36:15z Send another AOS 5h33m (1209z) SE^5{SI}RG
KB3KBR-1 ISS 12/11 06:36:14z Reply ME{RG}
ISS KJ4NWQ-15 12/10 22:00:26z Send another AOS 37m NW SW^27 SE 10m{QY}
KJ4NWQ-15 ISS 12/10 22:00:25z Reply 38002{DF8C7
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/10 19:23:10z Send another AOS 2m9s NW NE^28 E 10m{QR}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/10 19:23:10z Reply AOS 31m SW SE^52 NE 11m{42
ISS KB3KBR-1 12/10 18:11:40z Send another AOS 1h12m (1924z) NE^27{OT}RD
KB3KBR-1 ISS 12/10 18:11:40z Reply ME{RD}
N8ESF-7 ISS 12/10 07:03:56z Reply ISS PASS?
ISS W2ILT 12/09 13:42:00z Send another AOS 2m47s SW SE^33 NE 10m{HB}
W2ILT ISS 12/09 13:42:00z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{66
ISS W2ILT 12/09 13:41:46z Send another AOS 3m2s SW SE^33 NE 10m{HA}
W2ILT ISS 12/09 13:41:45z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{65
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/08 18:22:07z Send another AOS 1h03m (1925z) N^17{EX}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/08 18:22:07z Reply AOS 31m SW SE^52 NE 11m{39
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/08 18:21:36z Send another AOS 1h04m (1925z) N^17{EW}
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/08 18:21:24z Send another AOS 1h04m (1925z) N^17{EV}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/08 18:21:23z Reply AOS 31m SW SE^52 NE 11m{38
ISS KB9LNS-4 12/08 16:52:00z Send another AOS 53m31s W N^16 NE 10m{CS}09
KB9LNS-4 ISS 12/08 16:52:00z Reply next{09}
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/08 14:02:12z Send another AOS 31m SW SE^52 NE 11m{CA}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/08 14:02:12z Reply AOS 50m11s W N^15 NE 10m{35
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/08 14:01:41z Send another AOS 31m32s SW SE^52 NE 11m{BZ}
ISS VE3OAP 12/08 01:56:32z Send another AOS 11h11m (1302z){RL}
ISS VE3OAP 12/08 01:52:46z Send another AOS 11h12m (1302z){RK}
ISS VE3OAP 12/08 01:49:01z Send another Please Beacon Position{RJ}
VE3OAP ISS 12/08 01:49:00z Reply ve3oap{16
ISS W2ILT 12/07 22:52:46z Send another AOS 36m38s W SW^6 S 7m{MD}
W2ILT ISS 12/07 22:52:46z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{54
ISS W2ILT 12/07 22:49:57z Send another AOS 39m28s W SW^6 S 7m{LZ}
W2ILT ISS 12/07 22:49:56z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{55
ISS W2ILT 12/07 22:49:36z Send another Please Beacon Position{LX}
ISS KB3KBR-2 12/07 18:06:04z Send another AOS 30m23s NW N^14 NE 10m{FB}MJ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 12/07 18:06:04z Reply me{MJ}
ISS W2ILT 12/07 14:17:20z Send another AOS 1h04m (1521z) NW^71{WK}
W2ILT ISS 12/07 14:17:20z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{47
ISS PU2UHD-5 12/07 08:46:27z Send another AOS 33s SW SE^30 NE 11m{PI}
PU2UHD-5 ISS 12/07 08:46:26z Reply Ok{11
ISS PU2UHD-5 12/07 08:41:06z Send another AOS 5m53s SW SE^30 NE 11m{PF}
PU2UHD-5 ISS 12/07 08:41:06z Reply Ok{10
ISS PU2UHD-5 12/07 08:35:16z Send another AOS 11m43s SW SE^30 NE 11m{PE}
PU2UHD-5 ISS 12/07 08:35:16z Reply Ol{9
ISS ZB2YN 12/07 01:36:32z Send another AOS 7h30m (0906z) SE^15{FR}
ZB2YN ISS 12/07 01:36:32z Reply Test{12
ISS ZB2YN 12/07 01:34:20z Send another Please Beacon Position{FQ}
ZB2YN ISS 12/07 01:34:19z Reply Sunrise{4
ISS KF0OEP-1 12/06 23:18:59z Send another AOS 58m19s NW SW^31 SE 10m{BT}
KF0OEP-1 ISS 12/06 23:15:11z Reply Asdf{1
ISS W2ILT-11 12/06 22:08:43z Send another AOS 32m52s NW SW^34 SE 11m{BN}
ISS W2ILT-11 12/06 22:08:33z Send another AOS 33m51s NW SW^34 SE 11m{BM}
W2ILT-11 ISS 12/06 22:07:20z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{81
ISS M0JXE 12/06 20:19:23z Send another AOS 12h54m (07 0913z) SE^1{BH}01
ISS W2ILT 12/06 19:01:19z Send another AOS 25m15s NW N^12 NE 9m{BD}
W2ILT ISS 12/06 19:01:19z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{36
ISS W2ILT 12/06 19:00:49z Send another Please Beacon Position{BC}
W2ILT ISS 12/06 19:00:49z Reply NEXT SPACE PASS{35
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/06 16:58:08z Send another AOS 50m11s W N^15 NE 10m{AS}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/06 16:58:08z Reply AOS 12h55m (1434z) SE^18{32
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/06 01:38:29z Send another AOS 12h55m (1434z) SE^18{WQ}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/06 01:38:28z Reply Hello!{31
ISS KM6LYW 12/05 22:45:06z Send another AOS 38m11s NW N^12 E 9m{WK}
ISS KM6LYW 12/05 22:45:06z Send another AOS 40m1s NW N^12 E 9m{WJ}
KM6LYW ISS 12/05 22:43:10z Reply Next{53
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/05 17:45:05z Send another AOS 52m11s W N^13 NE 9m{VQ}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/05 17:45:04z Reply OS 57m5{28
ISS SP9UVG-2 12/05 17:04:12z Send another AOS 19m2s W SW^6 S 7m{VP}01
ISS SP9UVG-2 12/05 17:00:26z Send another AOS 20m7s W SW^6 S 7m{VO}01
ISS W4MSI-7 12/05 04:18:22z Send another AOS 11h02m (1520z) SE^16{TO}
ISS W4MSI-7 12/05 04:18:08z Send another AOS 11h02m (1520z) SE^16{TN}
W4MSI-7 ISS 12/05 04:18:03z Reply testing to the iss.
W4MSI-7 ISS 12/05 04:18:02z Reply testing to the iss.22
ISS W4MSI-7 12/05 04:18:01z Send another AOS 11h02m (1520z) SE^16{TM}
W4MSI-7 ISS 12/05 04:18:01z Reply testing to the iss.{22
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/05 03:06:59z Send another AOS 10h43m (1350z) SE^1{TK}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/05 03:06:59z Reply OS 57m5{24
ISS M0JXE 12/04 21:44:12z Send another AOS 13h03m (05 1047z) SE^8 @ M7RTB-N{QX}01
M0JXE ISS 12/04 21:44:11z Reply M7RTB-N{01}
ISS KC3WWB-12 12/04 17:22:59z Send another AOS 25m2s W N^23 NE 10m{QH}
KC3WWB-12 ISS 12/04 17:22:59z Reply Next{20836
ISS KC3WWB-9 12/04 16:38:51z Send another Please Beacon Position{QF}
KC3WWB-9 ISS 12/04 16:38:50z Reply current eacon Position{10
ISS KC3WWB-9 12/04 15:58:53z Send another Please Beacon Position{QE}
KC3WWB-9 ISS 12/04 15:58:53z Reply current current current {09
ISS N4WGM-7 12/04 14:53:54z Send another AOS 1h17m (1610z) S^72{QB}
N4WGM-7 ISS 12/04 14:53:20z Reply FM18XS{86
ISS N4WGM-7 12/04 14:46:24z Send another AOS 1h25m (1610z) SE^73{QA}
ISS N4WGM-7 12/04 14:43:18z Send another ESE^5 E LOS 2m9s{PZ}
ISS N4WGM-7 12/04 14:42:08z Send another SE^6 SE^6 E LOS 4m9s{PX}
ISS N4WGM-7 12/04 14:37:50z Send another SSE^4 SE^6 E LOS 5m39s{PW}
ISS VK4ULA 12/04 02:55:28z Send another AOS 7h44m (1040z) NE^6{SR}
VK4ULA ISS 12/04 02:55:28z Reply pass{005
ISS VK4ULA 12/04 02:53:19z Send another Please Beacon Position{SQ}
VK4ULA ISS 12/04 02:53:19z Reply pass{004
ISS N4WGM-9 12/04 00:56:05z Send another AOS 10m48s W SW^7 S 8m{SE}
N4WGM-9 ISS 12/04 00:56:04z Reply FM18XS {3
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/04 00:08:54z Send another AOS 57m58s W SW^5 S 7m{SC}
KC3WWB-7 ISS 12/04 00:08:53z Reply AOS 32m13s W N^15 NE 10m{21
ISS KC3WWB-7 12/03 23:03:37z Send another AOS 25m15s NW SW^57 SE 11m{RZ}