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ISS KB3KBR-1 07/21 17:34:43z Send another AOS 6h17m (2352z) SE^5{HF}GA
KB3KBR-1 ISS 07/21 17:34:43z Reply j{GA}
ISS EA5GFY-1 07/21 17:13:59z Send another AOS 1h59m (1913z) SE^19{HE}QX
EA5GFY-1 ISS 07/21 17:13:59z Reply AA:DIGI + iGate [[comandos disponibles teclee ?INFO]]
ISS EA5GFY-1 07/21 17:13:58z Send another AOS 1h59m (1913z) SE^19{HD}QX
ISS EA5GFY-1 07/21 17:12:33z Send another AOS 2h (1913z) SE^19{HC}QX
ISS VK3TBN-9 07/19 01:24:49z Send another AOS 56m36s S SE^23 NE 10m{GW}
ISS VK3TBN-9 07/19 01:24:31z Send another AOS 57m14s S SE^23 NE 10m{GV}
ISS VK3TBN-9 07/19 01:24:23z Send another AOS 57m57s S SE^23 NE 10m{GU}
VK3TBN-9 ISS 07/19 01:24:11z Reply ?{7
ISS VK3TBN-9 07/19 01:23:43z Send another AOS 58m14s S SE^23 NE 10m{GT}
VK3TBN-9 ISS 07/19 01:23:28z Reply AA:Hi Sorry I am away at the moment leave a message
ISS TG9NJM 07/18 12:56:23z Send another AOS 6m41s NW SW^16 S 10m{GS}F3
TG9NJM ISS 07/18 12:56:23z Reply Hello 👋 {F3}E6
ISS YO3FVR-9 07/17 17:48:18z Send another AOS 1h46m (1934z) SE^18{GR}
YO3FVR-9 ISS 07/17 17:48:17z Reply YO3FVR-9{3
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/17 03:42:14z Send another AOS 27m49s SW SE^66 NE 11m{GQ}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/17 03:41:47z Send another AOS 29m49s SW SE^66 NE 11m{GP}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/17 03:41:10z Reply ?aos {64
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/17 03:38:01z Send another Please Beacon Position{GO}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/17 03:38:01z Reply ?aos {63
ISS LU8ESQ 07/16 12:35:39z Send another AOS 53m36s NW NE^26 SE 10m{GH}KJ
ISS LU8ESQ 07/16 12:35:39z Send another AOS 54m16s NW NE^26 SE 10m{GG}KJ
LU8ESQ ISS 07/16 12:32:33z Reply msg4pass{40
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/14 22:56:12z Send another AOS 3h50m (15 0246z){FY}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/14 22:56:12z Reply ?aos {62
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/14 19:44:51z Send another AOS 7h06m (15 0243z) SE^6{FX}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/14 19:41:04z Send another AOS 7h07m (15 0243z) SE^6{FW}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/14 19:37:19z Send another AOS 7h08m (15 0243z) SE^6{FV}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/14 19:33:31z Send another AOS 7h10m (15 0243z) SE^6{FU}
KB3KBR-12 ISS 07/14 19:33:30z Reply j{71
ISS LU8ESQ 07/12 17:07:05z Send another AOS 1h28m (1833z) S^7{FT}KJ
LU8ESQ ISS 07/12 17:04:55z Reply msg4pass{KJ}
ISS KB3KBR-3 07/12 03:55:43z Send another AOS 1h22m (0517z) SE^48{FS}GV
KB3KBR-3 ISS 07/12 03:55:43z Reply j{GV}
ISS SV1BYK-5 07/11 17:45:21z Send another AOS 3h47m (2132z) SE^19{FR}01
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/11 17:07:58z Send another AOS 10h36m (12 0344z) SE^4{FQ}
KB3KBR-12 ISS 07/11 17:07:58z Reply j{70
ISS TG9NJM 07/10 18:46:46z Send another AOS 9h39m (11 0426z) SE^45{FP}51
TG9NJM ISS 07/10 18:46:46z Reply This is TG9NJM {51}92
ISS TG9NJM 07/10 18:44:03z Send another AOS 9h42m (11 0426z) SE^45{FO}4C
TG9NJM ISS 07/10 18:44:02z Reply Can you copy me?{4C}89
ISS TG9NJM 07/10 18:43:41z Send another AOS 9h42m (11 0426z) SE^45{FN}4B
TG9NJM ISS 07/10 18:43:38z Reply Hello 73’{4B}88
ISS TG9NJM 07/10 18:43:27z Send another AOS 9h43m (11 0426z) SE^45{FM}
ISS TG9NJM 07/09 22:27:03z Send another AOS 5h17m (10 0344z) SE^4{FL}45
ISS TG9NJM 07/09 22:04:58z Send another AOS 5h39m (10 0344z) SE^4{FK}45
ISS TG9NJM 07/09 21:49:05z Send another AOS 5h55m (10 0344z) SE^4{FJ}45
TG9NJM ISS 07/09 21:49:04z Reply My pleasure to contact you!{45}7E
ISS TG9NJM 07/09 21:47:35z Send another AOS 5h57m (10 0344z) SE^4{FI}43
TG9NJM ISS 07/09 21:47:34z Reply 73 to all the crew. QRA Joel Mayorga. QRZ TG9NJM. From Guatemala 🇬🇹 my best wishes!!{43}7C
ISS TG9NJM 07/09 21:46:09z Send another AOS 5h58m (10 0344z) SE^4{FH}
ISS LU4HH-1 07/09 16:43:37z Send another AOS 1h09m (1752z) SW^16{FG}
LU4HH-1 ISS 07/09 16:43:37z Reply ?APRSM
ISS LU4HH-1 07/09 16:43:28z Send another AOS 1h09m (1752z) SW^16{FF}
LU4HH-1 ISS 07/09 16:43:28z Reply ?APRST
ISS N1MDJ-10 07/09 00:56:21z Send another AOS 3h48m (0444z) SE^0{FA}
N1MDJ-10 ISS 07/09 00:56:21z Reply msg4pass{35
ISS KC1IHK 07/08 18:23:08z Send another AOS 10h21m (09 0444z) SE^8{EZ}02
KC1IHK ISS 07/08 18:23:08z Reply ME{02}
ISS K8CPA 07/08 13:12:54z Send another AOS 24m17s NW S^73 SE 11m{EX}
K8CPA ISS 07/08 13:12:54z Reply test{2
ISS K8CPA 07/08 04:28:04z Send another AOS 1h07m (0535z) SE^4{EV}
K8CPA ISS 07/08 04:28:04z Reply ?aprsp{3
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/08 04:23:07z Send another AOS 1h23m (0535z) SE^8{EQ}
ISS K8CPA 07/08 04:21:23z Send another AOS 1h14m (0535z) SE^4{EU}
ISS K8CPA 07/08 04:20:35z Send another AOS 1h15m (0535z) SE^4{ET}
ISS K8CPA 07/08 04:19:38z Send another AOS 1h16m (0535z) SE^4{ES}
K8CPA ISS 07/08 04:19:38z Reply AA:away from radio. leave a message!
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/08 04:19:22z Send another AOS 1h24m (0535z) SE^8{EP}
ISS K8CPA 07/08 04:19:00z Send another AOS 1h16m (0535z) SE^4{ER}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/08 04:15:37z Send another Please Beacon Position{EO}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/08 04:11:52z Send another Please Beacon Position{EN}
ISS KB3KBR-12 07/08 04:08:06z Send another Please Beacon Position{EM}
KB3KBR-12 ISS 07/08 04:08:06z Reply j{68
ISS KC6VVT-12 07/08 03:04:00z Send another AOS 2h32m (0536z) SE^1{EL}
ISS KB3KBR-1 07/06 07:21:19z Send another S^20 SE^29 ENE LOS 6m42s{EC}EE
KB3KBR-1 ISS 07/06 07:21:18z Reply me{EE}
ISS KC6VVT-12 07/06 03:53:32z Send another AOS 3h23m (0717z) SE^13{EB}
ISS KC6VVT-12 07/06 03:52:47z Send another Please Beacon Position{EA}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/04 20:32:40z Send another AOS 11h36m (05 0808z) SE^25{DY}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/04 20:32:40z Reply ?aos {61
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/04 20:30:34z Send another AOS 11h40m (05 0808z) SE^25{DX}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/03 20:08:20z Send another AOS 11h19m (04 0726z) SE^4{CI}
ISS KC9WPR-5 07/03 20:07:46z Send another AOS 11h19m (04 0726z) SE^4{CH}
KC9WPR-5 ISS 07/03 20:07:45z Reply ?aos{1
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/03 20:04:35z Send another AOS 11h22m (04 0726z) SE^4{CG}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/03 20:04:34z Reply ?aos {60
ISS YO2MPN 07/02 21:31:32z Send another AOS 3h05m (03 0037z) SE^1{CF}
ISS YO2MPN 07/02 21:23:01z Send another AOS 3h14m (03 0037z) SE^0{CE}
ISS YO2MPN 07/02 21:21:18z Send another AOS 9h19m (03 0640z) SE^6{CD}
YO2MPN ISS 07/02 21:21:18z Reply ME{1
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/01 21:36:16z Send another AOS 11h33m (02 0908z) SE^20{CB}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/01 21:32:30z Send another AOS 11h36m (02 0908z) SE^20{CA}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/01 21:32:30z Reply ?aos {59
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/01 21:25:56z Send another AOS 11h49m (02 0908z) SE^20{BZ}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/01 21:23:16z Send another AOS 11h50m (02 0908z) SE^20{BY}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/01 21:18:26z Send another AOS 11h51m (02 0908z) SE^20{BX}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/01 21:14:43z Send another AOS 11h54m (02 0908z) SE^20{BW}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/01 21:14:43z Reply ?aos {58