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ISS KS9O 05/27 02:02:05z Send another AOS 45m15s SW SE^27 E 10m{HW}
ISS KS9O 05/27 02:00:49z Send another AOS 46m30s SW SE^27 E 10m{HV}
ISS W5OMD-6 05/26 20:32:28z Send another AOS 3h04m (2337z) SE^22{HU}01
W5OMD-6 ISS 05/26 20:32:28z Reply ME{01}
ISS KS9O 05/26 15:22:30z Send another AOS 9h51m (27 0114z) SE^3{HT}
KS9O ISS 05/26 15:22:30z Reply AA:testing auto reply
ISS KS9O 05/26 15:22:07z Send another AOS 9h52m (27 0114z) SE^3{HS}
KS9O ISS 05/26 15:22:06z Reply {18
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/26 07:41:16z Send another AOS 8h15m (1557z) SE^11{HQ}
ISS KM6NUK 05/26 04:54:34z Send another AOS 23m44s NW N^3 NE 6m{HP}01
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/25 19:34:26z Send another AOS 29m11s W N^24 NE 10m{HO}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/25 19:32:17z Reply YO3FVR-7{1
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/25 19:31:20z Send another AOS 30m41s W N^24 NE 10m{HN}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/25 03:22:30z Send another AOS 1h13m (0431z) SE^73{HM}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/25 03:18:45z Send another AOS 1h14m (0431z) SE^74{HL}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/25 03:15:00z Send another AOS 1h16m (0431z) SE^73{HK}
ISS WA7NWP-9 05/25 03:14:54z Send another AOS 1h17m (0431z) SE^73{HJ}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 05/25 03:13:49z Reply 4{B
ISS KB1EJH-7 05/24 00:46:58z Send another NE^39 NE LOS 4m15s{HI}
KB1EJH-7 ISS 05/24 00:46:57z Reply next{03
ISS KB1EJH-7 05/24 00:40:08z Send another AOS 23s SW E^81 NE 11m{HH}
KB1EJH-7 ISS 05/24 00:40:08z Reply next{02
ISS KB1EJH-7 05/24 00:34:08z Send another AOS 6m23s SW E^81 NE 11m{HG}
KB1EJH-7 ISS 05/24 00:34:08z Reply next{01
ISS N1MDJ-10 05/24 00:09:17z Send another AOS 29m11s SW SE^36 NE 10m{HF}
N1MDJ-10 ISS 05/24 00:09:17z Reply msg4pass {32
ISS N1MDJ-10 05/23 23:57:45z Send another Please Beacon Position{GY}
N1MDJ-10 ISS 05/23 23:57:44z Reply msg4pass{31
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/22 14:47:51z Send another AOS 3h (1748z) SE^16{GX}
ISS DW8BRQ 05/22 10:03:47z Send another NE^8 NE LOS 1m41s{GW}1d
DW8BRQ ISS 05/22 10:03:46z Reply ?APRSD
ISS DW8BRQ 05/22 10:01:10z Send another NE^42 NE LOS 4m19s{GV}1d
DW8BRQ ISS 05/22 10:01:09z Reply Hello Good Evening to all ISS onboard 73 from DW8BRQ{1d}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 21:06:50z Send another AOS 54m37s W N^26 NE 10m{GJ}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 21:06:19z Send another AOS 55m8s W N^26 NE 10m{GI}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 20:29:35z Send another WSW^78 NW^87 ENE LOS 5m32s{GH}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 20:05:39z Send another AOS 22m52s SW NE^83 NE 11m{GG}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 20:05:33z Send another AOS 24m52s SW NE^83 NE 11m{GF}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 20:02:20z Send another AOS 25m51s SW NE^83 NE 11m{GE}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 19:58:03z Send another AOS 26m23s SW NE^83 NE 11m{GD}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/19 19:58:02z Reply YO3FVR-7{4
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 14:33:28z Send another AOS 4h19m (1849z) SE^13{GC}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 14:32:55z Send another AOS 4h20m (1849z) SE^13{GB}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/19 14:29:40z Reply YO3FVR-7{3
ISS DW8BRQ 05/19 12:01:35z Send another AOS 31m53s W NW^4 N 7m{GA}1D
DW8BRQ ISS 05/19 12:01:35z Reply Hello Good Evening to all onboard ISS 73{1D}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/19 08:56:06z Send another AOS 9h53m (1849z) SE^13{FX}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 20:23:48z Send another AOS 55m8s S SE^12 E 9m{FU}
ON6ML-9 ISS 05/18 20:20:12z Reply 73 de Mike{05
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 18:28:25z Send another AOS 3h43m (2115z) SE^12{FR}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 18:23:03z Send another AOS 3h44m (2115z) SE^12{FQ}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 18:17:05z Send another AOS 3h45m (2115z) SE^12{FO}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 18:13:16z Send another AOS 3h46m (2115z) SE^12{FN}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 18:05:45z Send another AOS 3h47m (2115z) SE^12{FL}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 18:02:00z Send another AOS 3h50m (2115z) SE^12{FK}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 17:54:30z Send another AOS 3h51m (2115z) SE^12{FI}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 17:45:23z Send another AOS 3h52m (2115z) SE^12{FG}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/18 17:35:30z Send another AOS 3h53m (2115z) SE^12{FD}
ON6ML-9 ISS 05/18 17:31:50z Reply 73 de Mike{02
ON6ML-9 ISS 05/18 17:24:10z Reply 73 de Mike{01
ISS 9W6IDD-7 05/17 15:37:02z Send another AOS 6h56m (2233z) NE^13{EX}
9W6IDD-7 ISS 05/17 15:37:02z Reply Good night from me 9w6idd 73{1
ISS N1MDJ-7 05/16 04:08:56z Send another AOS 16m48s SW N^79 NE 11m{EQ}
N1MDJ-7 ISS 05/16 04:05:53z Reply msg4pass{29
ISS N1MDJ-7 05/16 04:00:56z Send another AOS 21m46s SW N^79 NE 11m{EO}
N1MDJ-7 ISS 05/16 04:00:55z Reply msg4pass{30
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/15 14:58:48z Send another AOS 5h42m (2040z) SE^19{EN}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/15 14:58:48z Reply YO3FVR-7{2
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/15 04:36:21z Send another AOS 1h (0537z) SW^6{CL}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 16:00:23z Send another AOS 3h59m (1959z) SE^3{CK}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 15:32:42z Send another AOS 4h26m (1959z) SE^3{CJ}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 15:23:34z Send another AOS 4h44m (1959z) SE^3{CI}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 15:19:16z Send another AOS 4h48m (1959z) SE^3{CH}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 15:14:59z Send another AOS 4h50m (1959z) SE^3{CG}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/14 15:14:47z Reply YO3FVR-7{8
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 15:11:14z Send another AOS 4h51m (1959z) SE^3{CF}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 15:07:28z Send another AOS 4h52m (1959z) SE^3{CE}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/14 15:07:28z Reply YO3FVR-7{10
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/14 04:40:17z Send another AOS 11m40s NW SW^28 SE 10m{BZ}
ISS KS9O-7 05/14 02:02:03z Send another AOS 4h08m (0608z) SE^1{BY}
KS9O-7 ISS 05/14 01:59:54z Reply j{0
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/13 18:53:52z Send another AOS 1h56m (2050z) SE^8{BX}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/13 18:53:51z Reply YO3FVR-7{7
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/13 16:12:52z Send another AOS 4h39m (2050z) SE^8{BW}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/13 16:09:07z Send another AOS 4h40m (2050z) SE^8{BV}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/13 14:45:56z Send another AOS 6h04m (2050z) SE^8{BU}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/13 14:45:56z Reply YO3FVR-7{6
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/12 18:48:59z Send another AOS 2h52m (2141z) SE^16{BT}
ISS ON4CKT 05/12 16:38:37z Send another AOS 6h37m (2315z) SE^8{BS}
ON4CKT ISS 05/12 16:38:36z Reply ?{28
ISS ON4CKT 05/12 16:38:04z Send another Please Beacon Position{BR}
ON4CKT ISS 05/12 16:38:03z Reply ?{27
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/12 11:48:47z Send another AOS 9h52m (2141z) SE^16{BQ}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/12 11:35:32z Send another AOS 10h09m (2141z) SE^16{BP}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/10 17:57:49z Send another AOS 3h53m (2150z) SE^6{BM}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 05/10 17:57:49z Reply YO3FVR-7{5
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/09 21:13:36z Send another AOS 1h32m (2242z) SE^13{BD}
ISS YO3FVR-7 05/09 21:09:19z Send another AOS 1h32m (2242z) SE^13{BC}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/08 13:18:10z Send another AOS 12h09m (09 0108z) SE^11{BB}
ISS ON6ML-9 05/08 13:10:38z Send another AOS 12h10m (09 0108z) SE^11{AZ}