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ISS KN4SKY 02/20 08:09:17z Send another AOS 2h04m (1013z) SE^7{ME}VI
KN4SKY ISS 02/20 08:09:16z Reply test{VI}
ISS EA2EQA-5 02/19 15:19:46z Send another AOS 14h18m (20 0538z) SE^10{MB}
EA2EQA-5 ISS 02/19 15:19:46z Reply test from IN82TU{1
ISS SV1SJC-6 02/19 11:21:14z Send another AOS 4m1s NW NE^29 E 11m{MA}
SV1SJC-6 ISS 02/19 11:17:28z Reply ?APRSP
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:40:16z Send another AOS 10h30m (2010z) SE^34{LZ}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:40:05z Send another AOS 10h30m (2010z) SE^34{LY}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 09:40:05z Reply hello{B
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 09:37:08z Reply rejLX}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:36:59z Send another AOS 10h33m (2010z) SE^34{LX}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 09:36:59z Reply rejLW}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:36:48z Send another AOS 10h34m (2010z) SE^34{LW}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 09:36:48z Reply rejLV}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:36:39z Send another AOS 10h46m (2010z) SE^34{LV}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:36:33z Send another AOS 10h47m (2010z) SE^34{LU}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:35:42z Send another AOS 10h48m (2010z) SE^34{LT}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:35:42z Send another AOS 10h49m (2010z) SE^34{LS}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:31:58z Send another AOS 10h50m (2010z) SE^34{LR}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:28:12z Send another AOS 10h51m (2010z) SE^34{LQ}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:24:27z Send another AOS 10h52m (2010z) SE^34{LP}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 09:24:12z Reply hello{A
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 09:21:05z Reply hello{9
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 09:20:42z Send another AOS 10h53m (2010z) SE^34{LO}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 08:54:41z Send another AOS 11h15m (2010z) SE^34{LN}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 08:54:41z Reply qsl tnx 59 im qrl mobing
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/19 08:54:22z Send another AOS 11h16m (2010z) SE^34{LM}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/19 08:54:21z Reply hello{5
ISS TA5AHO-4 02/16 17:33:35z Send another AOS 9h44m (17 0318z) SE^1{LL}
TA5AHO-4 ISS 02/16 17:33:34z Reply T{3661
ISS DU6DKL-5 02/16 00:37:47z Send another AOS 7h02m (0740z) NE^9{LI}
DU6DKL-5 ISS 02/16 00:37:46z Reply ?PING?
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/15 22:45:23z Send another SSE^10 SSE LOS 2m19s{LH}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/15 22:45:23z Reply PU1MCE paz no mundo{8
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/15 22:44:44z Send another S^14 SSE LOS 2m58s{LG}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/15 22:44:44z Reply PU1MCE{7
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/15 22:39:24z Send another WNW^9 SW^25 SSE LOS 8m18s{LF}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/15 22:39:24z Reply PU1MCE aprs via iss {6
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/15 22:38:01z Send another WNW^3 SW^25 SSE LOS 9m41s{LE}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/15 22:38:01z Reply cq cq PU1MCE aprs iss{5
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/15 22:37:22z Send another WNW^0 SW^25 SSE LOS 10m20s{LD}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/15 22:37:22z Reply paz no mundo PU1MCE {4
ISS YO8SDE-3 02/15 19:18:55z Send another AOS 10h21m (16 0540z) SE^10{LC}01
ISS LE1OA-10 02/15 18:30:31z Send another AOS 12h49m (16 0719z) SE^0{LB}
LE1OA-10 ISS 02/15 18:29:59z Reply kh{5
ISS KB3KBR-1 02/15 15:32:30z Send another AOS 16m52s W N^20 NE 10m{KZ}FI
KB3KBR-1 ISS 02/15 15:32:30z Reply ME{FI}KY
ISS KB3KBR-1 02/15 15:28:21z Send another AOS 21m1s W N^20 NE 10m{KY}FG
KB3KBR-1 ISS 02/15 15:28:21z Reply ME{FG}KW
ISS PC1L-2 02/15 14:34:31z Send another SW^24 SE LOS 5m6s{KX}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/15 14:32:23z Reply 73 PC1L{36
ISS KB3KBR-1 02/15 14:19:55z Send another NE^16 NE LOS 2m50s{KW}FF
KB3KBR-1 ISS 02/15 14:19:55z Reply ME{FF}KV
ISS KB3KBR-1 02/15 14:16:38z Send another WSW^56 NW^85 NE LOS 6m7s{KV}FE
KB3KBR-1 ISS 02/15 14:16:37z Reply ME{FE}KU
ISS KB3KBR-1 02/15 13:18:02z Send another AOS 53m46s SW NW^85 NE 11m{KU}EY
KB3KBR-1 ISS 02/15 13:17:55z Reply me{EY}
ISS PC1L-2 02/15 09:42:26z Send another S^49 SSE^51 ENE LOS 5m45s{KT}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/15 09:41:53z Reply PC1L JO20UU{34
ISS CT2IWW 02/14 13:16:10z Send another AOS 21m36s NW N^16 E 10m{KP}HS
CT2IWW ISS 02/14 13:15:02z Reply me{HS}
ISS KC1JHV-10 02/13 19:53:13z Send another AOS 47m52s NW SW^46 SE 11m{KO}
KC1JHV-10 ISS 02/13 19:52:40z Reply ?
ISS PC1L-2 02/13 14:34:26z Send another Please Beacon Position{KN}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/13 14:30:40z Reply PC1L JO20UU{30
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/13 10:14:51z Send another AOS 1h27m (1141z) SW^1{KM}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/13 10:14:40z Send another AOS 1h27m (1141z) SW^1{KL}
ISS W7NWP-9 02/12 19:51:33z Send another Please Beacon Position{KD}
W7NWP-9 ISS 02/12 19:51:33z Reply 0{0
ISS PC1L-2 02/12 15:22:22z Send another SSW^34 SE LOS 5m7s{JY}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/12 15:18:36z Reply PC1L JO20UU{27
ISS TA5AHO-4 02/12 13:41:23z Send another AOS 1m41s NW NE^33 E 11m{JX}
TA5AHO-4 ISS 02/12 13:41:23z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{3024
ISS TA5AHO-4 02/11 18:47:22z Send another AOS 10h50m (12 0537z) SE^6{JT}
TA5AHO-4 ISS 02/11 18:47:21z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2865
ISS PC1L-2 02/11 16:06:51z Send another SSW^24 SE LOS 4m44s{JS}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/11 16:06:16z Reply PC1L JO20UU{24
ISS km4kqq-7 02/11 07:44:26z Send another AOS 6h21m (1406z) SE^35{JR}01
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/10 23:35:41z Send another AOS 1h23m (11 0059z) SW^14{JQ}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/10 23:35:38z Reply paz no mundo PU1MCE{3
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/10 23:26:20z Send another NNE^28 NE^30 SE LOS 5m53s{JP}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/10 23:26:15z Reply PU1MCE 73s rj brasil{2
ISS PU1MCE-5 02/10 23:21:23z Send another AOS 21s N NE^30 SE 10m{JO}
PU1MCE-5 ISS 02/10 23:21:22z Reply paz no mundo{1
ISS PC1L-2 02/10 15:20:41z Send another SSW^63 SSW^63 ESE LOS 5m31s{JH}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/10 15:16:54z Reply T POS{18
ISS PC1L-2 02/10 12:06:12z Send another SW^43 SSE^68 ENE LOS 6m24s{JG}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/10 12:02:21z Reply PC1L JO20UU{16
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/10 06:15:21z Send another AOS 4h32m (1047z) NE^38{JF}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/10 06:15:11z Send another AOS 4h33m (1047z) NE^38{JE}
ISS DU6DKL-9 02/10 06:14:23z Send another AOS 4h33m (1047z) NE^38{JD}
DU6DKL-9 ISS 02/10 06:14:22z Reply ?ping?{T
ISS PC1L-2 02/09 16:03:45z Send another WSW^38 SSW^47 SE LOS 6m10s{JB}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/09 16:03:44z Reply PC1L JO20UU{12
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 02/09 12:36:28z Send another Please Beacon Position{JA}
ISS VU2UUU-10 02/08 18:52:50z Send another AOS 8h27m (09 0316z) SE^2{IY}
ISS VU2UUU-10 02/08 18:49:37z Send another AOS 8h29m (09 0316z) SE^2{IX}
ISS VU2UUU-10 02/08 18:45:19z Send another AOS 8h31m (09 0316z) SE^2{IW}
VU2UUU-10 ISS 02/08 18:45:18z Reply VU2UUU{3