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ISS RK9UM-6 09/22 18:58:20z Send another WSW^12 S^40 ESE LOS 8m4s{LQ}
RK9UM-6 ISS 09/22 18:55:46z Reply Hello to the crew fm Kuzbass
ISS RK9UM-6 09/22 18:54:02z Send another W^3 S^40 ESE LOS 9m48s{LP}
RK9UM-6 ISS 09/22 18:54:02z Reply Hello All from Kuzbass. UISS version 5.3.2
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/22 13:46:05z Send another AOS 11h05m (23 0051z) SE^18{LO}KP
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/22 13:46:04z Reply j{KP}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/22 10:38:47z Send another AOS 14h12m (23 0051z) SE^18{LN}JZ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/22 10:38:47z Reply AA:Not Here, Try -11 or -12. Or leave msge with -1 or -2.
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/22 10:15:28z Send another AOS 14h36m (23 0051z) SE^18{LM}JZ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/22 10:15:28z Reply L{JZ}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/22 10:00:03z Send another WNW^19 SW^41 SSE LOS 7m12s{LL}
ISS GW4JDE-9 09/22 08:21:09z Send another AOS 11h56m (2017z) SE^9{LK}01
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/22 00:15:17z Send another AOS 1h28m (0143z) SE^33{LJ}JX
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/22 00:15:17z Reply U{JX}LI
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/22 00:11:04z Send another SE^0 ESE^1 E LOS 3m46s{LI}JW
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/22 00:11:04z Reply J{JW}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/21 02:47:28z Send another AOS 1h24m (0412z) N^23{LH}JS
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/21 02:47:27z Reply K{JS}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/20 23:56:52z Send another AOS 1h04m (21 0101z) SE^7{LG}JR
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/20 23:56:51z Reply j{JR}LF
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/20 22:12:46z Send another AOS 2h48m (21 0101z) SE^7{LF}JQ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/20 22:12:46z Reply j{JQ}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/20 10:10:08z Send another NE^41 NE^41 SE LOS 5m21s{LE}
ISS IS0CJV-5 09/20 05:14:51z Send another AOS 7m30s W SW^7 S 7m{LD}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 09/20 05:14:51z Reply good day iss{4
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/20 00:17:50z Send another NNW^24 NNE LOS 4m19s{LC}
9Z4DZ ISS 09/20 00:17:49z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
ISS KC9WPR-5 09/19 05:47:07z Send another AOS 14h02m (1949z) SE^2{LB}
ISS KC9WPR-7 09/18 12:09:44z Send another AOS 8h32m (2040z) SE^5{KZ}
ISS KC9WPR-5 09/18 12:09:07z Send another AOS 8h30m (2040z) SE^5{LA}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 09/18 12:07:34z Reply ?aos {31
ISS N1DOT-10 09/18 06:16:30z Send another AOS 35m30s NW N^23 E 10m{KY}01
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/18 00:24:37z Send another S^50 SE^69 NE LOS 5m59s{KX}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/17 19:59:35z Send another AOS 6h02m (18 0202z) SE^5{KW}JG
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/17 19:59:35z Reply j{JG}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/17 11:09:28z Send another NNE^22 NE^29 SE LOS 6m22s{KV}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/17 11:09:09z Send another N^19 NE^29 SE LOS 6m42s{KU}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/17 04:35:59z Send another NE^16 NE LOS 2m52s{KT}JB
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/17 04:35:59z Reply y{JB}KR
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/17 04:23:11z Send another AOS 4m57s SW W^79 NE 11m{KR}IZ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/17 04:23:11z Reply j{IZ}
ISS YO3FVR-7 09/16 17:28:21z Send another AOS 3h15m (2044z) SE^22{KQ}
ISS YO3FVR-7 09/16 17:13:19z Send another AOS 3h30m (2044z) SE^22{KP}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 09/16 17:13:19z Reply L{2
ISS DO1JKS-7 09/16 15:45:02z Send another AOS 6h34m (2219z) SE^16{KO}
DO1JKS-7 ISS 09/16 15:45:01z Reply pse-pass-info{25
ISS DO1JKS-7 09/16 15:04:15z Send another AOS 7h14m (2219z) SE^16{KN}
DO1JKS-7 ISS 09/16 15:04:15z Reply pse-pass-info{22
ISS DO1JKS-7 09/16 15:03:11z Send another AOS 7h15m (2219z) SE^16{KM}
DO1JKS-7 ISS 09/16 15:03:10z Reply pse-pass-info{23
ISS DO1JKS-7 09/16 15:02:20z Send another Please Beacon Position{KL}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/16 12:01:12z Send another NW^25 NNE^87 SE LOS 7m6s{KK}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/15 21:15:37z Send another AOS 6h28m (16 0344z) SE^21{KI}IT
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/15 21:15:36z Reply j{IT}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/15 12:53:43z Send another W^20 SW^30 SSE LOS 6m35s{KH}
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/15 12:53:10z Send another WNW^16 SW^30 SSE LOS 7m8s{KG}
9Z4DZ ISS 09/15 12:53:10z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/15 11:16:51z Send another NNE^6 NE^9 E LOS 6m4s{KF}
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/15 08:25:30z Send another AOS 1h02m (0927z) N^19{KE}IQ
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/15 08:25:30z Reply j{IQ}KD
ISS KB3KBR-2 09/15 08:06:49z Send another AOS 1h21m (0927z) N^19{KD}IP
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/15 08:06:48z Reply j{IP}
ISS W4LCG-4 09/14 22:53:11z Send another AOS 4h07m (15 0300z) SE^5{KC}
W4LCG-4 ISS 09/14 22:53:11z Reply a{0
ISS 9Z4DZ 09/14 12:08:53z Send another N^12 NE^21 ESE LOS 7m11s{KB}
W4LCG-4 ISS 09/12 13:44:59z Reply a {0
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/12 07:04:01z Reply j{AL}
KB3KBR-2 ISS 09/11 04:31:10z Reply j{AA}
ISS KC0OZ-10 09/10 02:47:50z Send another AOS 4h30m (0718z) SE^13{LW}
iss KC0OZ-10 09/09 21:32:01z Reply AOS 9h46m (10 0718z) SE^13{LV}
ISS SP5IZJ-8 09/08 18:12:36z Send another AOS 6h17m (09 0030z) SE^11 @ SP5MG-9{LU}01
SP5IZJ-8 ISS 09/08 18:12:36z Reply SP5MG-9{01}
ISS KK6GPQ-10 09/07 04:53:58z Send another AOS 3h22m (0816z) SE^5{LT}
KK6GPQ-10 ISS 09/07 04:53:58z Reply test{1
ISS SP1JT-10 09/06 21:52:22z Send another AOS 2h48m (07 0041z) SE^1{LS}01
ISS DK4TN 09/06 20:46:57z Send another AOS 3h51m (07 0038z) SE^4{LR}02
DK4TN ISS 09/06 20:46:57z Reply SM6ZDO-C{02}LQ
ISS DK4TN 09/06 20:42:40z Send another AOS 3h55m (07 0038z) SE^4{LQ}01
ISS IS0CJV-5 09/06 17:29:17z Send another Please Beacon Position{LP}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 09/06 17:29:17z Reply mi pos 40.19.106 nord 09.11.155 est is0cjv{3
ISS IS0CJV-5 09/06 17:21:03z Send another Please Beacon Position{LO}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 09/06 17:21:03z Reply 145.800 simplex quando passi in europa{2
ISS IS0CJV-5 09/06 14:26:56z Send another Please Beacon Position{LN}
IS0CJV-5 ISS 09/06 14:26:55z Reply good day paolo {1
ISS DG1RPU-1 09/06 09:39:51z Send another AOS 15h01m (07 0040z) SE^1{LM}
DG1RPU-1 ISS 09/06 09:39:51z Reply Best73 de Hans{3
ISS KN4EOG-12 09/06 01:53:01z Send another AOS 4h07m (0600z) SE^5{LL}01
ISS DK4TN 09/05 19:25:48z Send another AOS 6h03m (06 0129z) SE^8 @ DL4MGR-9{LK}01
DK4TN ISS 09/05 19:25:48z Reply DL4MGR-9{01}
ISS KC9WPR-5 09/05 17:00:56z Send another AOS 8h33m (06 0134z) SE^2{LJ}
KC9WPR-5 ISS 09/05 17:00:55z Reply ?aos{1
ISS KC9WPR-5 09/05 11:31:35z Send another AOS 14h02m (06 0134z) SE^1{LI}
ISS DK4TN 09/04 22:18:11z Send another AOS 4h02m (05 0220z) SE^15 @ DB0AAT{LH}01
DK4TN ISS 09/04 22:18:11z Reply DB0AAT{01}
ISS KC0OZ-10 09/03 22:31:03z Send another AOS 10h48m (04 0919z) SE^8{LF}
ISS TI2RE 09/03 18:41:12z Send another AOS 1h21m (2002z) SW^3{LE}0H
TI2RE ISS 09/03 18:41:12z Reply hello from costa tica ti2re{0H}
ISS KC0OZ-10 09/03 17:07:04z Send another AOS 1h07m (1814z) SW^29{LD}
ISS DF5HRN-7 09/02 17:42:21z Send another AOS 8h47m (03 0230z) SE^6{LC}04
DF5HRN-7 ISS 09/02 17:42:21z Reply 55 73{04}