IR0UGN-1 messages

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IZ5ILX IR0UGN-1 09/20 20:30:48z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IR0UGN-1 Heard 09/17 23:06:07z Send another IR0UGN-10,IR0UGN-2
IR0UGN-1 Heard 09/12 21:35:42z Send another IR0UGN-10,IR0UGN-2,IZ1JPS,ON4KRW-6,G4BBH
IR0UGN-1 Heard 09/06 23:20:03z Send another IR0UGN-10,IR0UGN-2,RS0ISS,YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-4,YO8RAA,EA7AHA,TA1BM
IR0UGN-1 BLN 08/30 22:23:15z Send another JN62JE -
IR0UGN-1 EA7AHA 08/28 14:11:45z Send another 73 de IZ0QWM - Inet to RF iGate is closed
EA7AHA IR0UGN-1 08/28 14:11:45z Reply 73 via ISS
IK7UFX IR0UGN-1 08/27 13:28:07z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - [UISS]{00
IR0UGN-1 SV2CPH-1 08/23 13:47:12z Send another Thank you! 73 de IZ0QWM (Inet to RF iGate is closed)
SV2CPH-1 IR0UGN-1 08/23 13:47:10z Reply 73{43
9H1FF IR0UGN-1 08/22 14:37:30z Reply Hello de Fred
SV2CPH-1 IR0UGN-1 08/21 09:02:10z Reply 73{36
UA9AQL IR0UGN-1 08/19 09:08:53z Reply Hello! 71! de sergey Miass{97
IR0UGN-1 IU2DMI 08/14 11:54:30z Send another Thank you! Your message has been sent via ARISS
IU2DMI IR0UGN-1 08/14 11:54:28z Reply 73 de iu2dmi
EA4GII-9 IR0UGN-1 07/15 05:17:49z Reply 73{S