IR0UGN-1 messages

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G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 01/15 14:10:18z Reply Hi from IO80gr via SAT - TH-D74{2
IZ6ENY IR0UGN-1 01/14 09:45:02z Reply 73 test{21
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 01/13 15:07:59z Reply Hi from IO80gr via SAT - TH-D74{1
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 01/13 10:14:28z Reply Hi from IO80gr via SAT - TH-D74{3
OE5RPP IR0UGN-1 01/12 14:03:44z Reply 73 from Austria via NO-84 de Peter{61
IR0UGN-1 BLN 01/09 02:03:48z Send another SatGate UISS active at JN62JE - Scandriglia(RI) -
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 01/02 18:53:34z Reply Happy New Year 73's Dave{1
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 12/30 15:24:40z Reply Hi de David in Exeter IO80GR{47
YU4EAX IR0UGN-1 12/29 12:43:16z Reply 73 de YU4EAX via satellite{30
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 12/28 16:24:02z Reply Happy New Year 73's Dave{0
IR0UGN-1 BLN 12/28 06:09:28z Send another Happy new year David from IZ0QWM
OE5RPP IR0UGN-1 12/26 20:43:07z Reply 73 from Austria via NO-84 de Peter{40
IR0UGN-1 G7HCE-7 12/26 17:23:05z Send another Hi from IR0UGN SGate maintained by IZ0QWM Raffaello
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 12/26 17:23:03z Reply QSL and 73's via PSAT{31
IR0UGN-1 BLN 12/24 23:14:59z Send another JN62JE -
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 12/23 20:30:30z Reply Merry Xmas 73 Dave{0
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 12/23 18:52:45z Reply Merry Xmas 73's Dav{
IR0UGN-1 G7HCE-7 12/23 18:52:43z Send another I'm sorry only RF to Internet Service!
G7HCE-7 IR0UGN-1 12/23 18:52:41z Reply Merry Xmas 73's Dav{3
IR0UGN-1 G7HCE 12/20 13:03:51z Send another Only RF to Internet Service!
G7HCE IR0UGN-1 12/20 13:03:49z Reply Hi 73' David in Exeter IO80gr via ISS
IR0UGN-1 SAT 12/04 00:37:10z Send another
IR0UGN-1 BLN 12/03 22:24:02z Send another SatGate UISS AddOn active