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PD1JHG-7 IK6GZM 10/16 15:02:28z Reply Hello from the netherlands, jota station heerlen. 73s{1
EC4TR IK6GZM 10/16 09:48:53z Reply ec4tr.luis@gmail.com{78
DK8JH-7 IK6GZM 10/15 11:27:23z Reply Hello, my first aprs-contact via ISS! 73!
IK6GZM IK6RJU 10/15 08:58:52z Send another Ciao Carlo, 73!
HB9PVI-15 IK6GZM 10/14 09:48:03z Reply 73 ernst{17
HB9PVI-15 IK6GZM 10/14 09:48:02z Reply 73 ernst{20
EA7KR IK6GZM 10/13 15:26:17z Reply 73 via iss im76ml
IK5JRZ IK6GZM 10/13 15:24:59z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
SV3INK-1 IK6GZM 10/13 07:15:45z Reply QSL,73 back to you from Greece!!!{I
IK6GZM OE6ISP 10/11 15:20:48z Send another 73 QSL!
EB3FWC IK6GZM 10/09 16:58:03z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IK6GZM OY8W-7 10/09 12:21:13z Send another Many thanks and QSL is ok via LOTW/EQSL!
YO8RBY IK6GZM 10/08 16:08:46z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
F5CBP IK6GZM 10/08 16:07:50z Reply qsl via f5cbp@yahoo.fr 73
OK4AM-15 IK6GZM 10/03 17:05:07z Reply QSL, Thanks, 73!
OK4AM-15 IK6GZM 10/03 17:04:42z Reply QSL,
EA7P IK6GZM 10/03 13:32:27z Reply 73 via ISS
G0GOO IK6GZM 10/03 13:31:43z Reply Heard you in IO93jk via ISS
IK6GZM IU3MEY 10/03 11:56:44z Send another Ciao Emil, 73
IU3MEY IK6GZM 10/03 11:56:21z Reply weeeeeeeee ciaoooooo
IW7DOL IK6GZM 10/02 14:25:33z Reply ciao Gianluca!
IW7DOL IK6GZM 10/02 14:24:44z Reply 73 QSL 100%
F1EZC IK6GZM 10/02 14:21:54z Reply marvezina@gmail.com coucou via l'ISS
IZ3FRJ IK6GZM 08/22 11:06:14z Reply Ricevuto conferma qsl via iss?
PA3ESS IK6GZM 08/22 07:15:09z Reply qsl 100% 73├ęs from the Netherlands
DO2ZZ IK6GZM 08/22 07:11:49z Reply Roger, 73
DO2ZZ IK6GZM 08/22 07:11:29z Reply 73
IK6GZM LA4FPA-6 08/22 07:11:27z Send another 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
IK1RKU IK6GZM 08/22 07:10:30z Reply QSL in JN45ik 73!
DO2ZZ IK6GZM 08/22 07:10:10z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS 73
IK6GZM IU7GQZ-10 08/15 09:31:16z Send another 73, QSL?
DB0LUH-1 IK6GZM 08/14 13:31:20z Reply rejUISS54}
IK6GZM BLNQSL2/2 08/14 13:31:20z Send another I5PVX,ON4BN,NA1SS,ON7BRT,ON1AJ,IU3MEY,TA1BM,OE6PWE{UISS54}
IK6GZM BLNQSL1/2 08/14 13:31:18z Send another IK1COA-1,SP7DAD-6,IW2DMO,G4DCQ-2,HB9PVI-15,EA6XQ-15,IZ1POV,
IK1COA-1 IK6GZM 08/11 16:00:00z Reply 73 Om via ISS
IK6GZM 9H1FF 08/11 15:54:43z Send another ciao Fred, 73 de Gianluca
9H1FF IK6GZM 08/11 15:54:12z Reply Ciao gianluca de Fred
IZ6WLW IK6GZM 08/10 15:03:29z Reply ciao 73
IK6GZM IZ6WLW 08/10 15:03:17z Send another ciao Francesco 73
OY8W-7 IK6GZM 08/09 18:55:34z Reply Tnx for your message via ISS