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IK6GZM I6IBE-1 09/22 16:31:26z Send another speriamo solo che rimettano a 1200
I6IBE-1 IK6GZM 09/22 16:31:09z Reply ciao Gianluca
IK6GZM I6IBE-1 09/22 16:31:02z Send another almeno qua funziona
SK0QO-2 IK6GZM 09/20 18:08:19z Reply 73 from SK0QO. /Carl
IU2DMI IK6GZM 09/18 21:19:02z Reply 73 DE IU2DMI VIA ISS
2E0GKW IK6GZM 09/12 21:35:08z Reply Sorry didn't hear you this pass. Will listen next time.
SQ5Z-6 IK6GZM 09/12 21:21:20z Reply Heard via ISS, QSL! 73!
IK6GZM EA3DNC 09/12 21:14:57z Send another 73! QSL OK via LOTW!
EA3DNC IK6GZM 09/12 21:14:44z Reply 599 JN01 73 Daniel
IU2DMI IK6GZM 09/12 21:14:37z Reply altrettanto a te
IK6GZM IU2DMI 09/12 21:14:20z Send another 73 a te buona serata
IU2DMI IK6GZM 09/12 21:13:30z Reply 73 VIA SAT
IK6GZM IU2DMI 09/12 21:13:14z Send another ciao Dani!
F1IQH IK6GZM 08/20 10:07:53z Reply 73 from JN62RV op. Luca! QSL?{21
F1IQH IK6GZM 08/20 10:06:29z Reply 73 from JN62RV op. Luca! QSL?{18
LB5ZH-9 IK6GZM 08/20 10:05:33z Reply rejUISS54}
IK6GZM BLNQSL2/2 08/20 10:05:33z Send another PD0RLX,SP5CUK,F1IQH,OE5RPP,EA4DS-9,PD2AVE-6{UISS54}
IK6GZM BLNQSL1/2 08/20 10:05:30z Send another PD5RT,SQ3KAR-1,PE1NTN,ON4BN,EA4GII-9,LA1ROA-3,2E1FET,PA4WE-4,
I3BUI IK6GZM 08/12 11:39:15z Reply Tnx for qso qsl to lotw 73 de Roberto
I3BUI IK6GZM 08/12 11:38:24z Reply 599 JN55TR pse de Roberto
IK6GZM 9Z4QA 08/04 10:09:10z Send another hello from JN62RV! Want to do a IO-117 or LEDSAT QSO?
SP8KAT IK6GZM 07/31 15:03:31z Reply QSL 73
IZ4UFB IK6GZM 07/31 13:13:38z Reply TU 73 via ISS , de Mauro
HB3YGP IK6GZM 07/31 13:13:31z Reply rejĘ
IK6GZM IU3MEY 07/31 13:11:50z Send another un abbraccio! 73
IU3MEY IK6GZM 07/31 13:11:24z Reply ok qsl! in my log '73
IU3MEY IK6GZM 07/31 13:10:52z Reply ciao ben riletto '73
IK6GZM IU3MEY 07/31 13:10:25z Send another 73 from JN62RV op. Luca! QSL?
IK6GZM IU3MEY 07/31 13:10:03z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
IK6GZM IU3MEY 07/31 13:09:30z Send another ciao amico mio! un abbraccio
SV3SFK-8 IK6GZM 07/25 14:50:54z Reply QSL LUCA 73!