G7UZN messages

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CT1EIF G7UZN 10/21 14:16:00z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
SA0BSV G7UZN 10/21 09:28:37z Reply Greetings from Sweden
G0RNU G7UZN 10/17 14:32:30z Reply hello greetings 73s
PD0MNI G7UZN 10/04 17:44:30z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
EA4GII-9 G7UZN 09/28 22:55:28z Reply 73#51viaISS{L
EA4GII-9 G7UZN 09/28 22:55:19z Reply 73#51viaISS{K
EA4GII-9 G7UZN 09/28 21:19:21z Reply 73#51viaISS{I
M0KKA-7 G7UZN 09/27 22:10:31z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 QSL VIA SAT{32
G7HCE G7UZN 09/27 20:32:49z Reply Hi from Exeter IO80gr via ISS
EA4GII-9 G7UZN 09/26 23:03:03z Reply 73#51viaISS{Z
IZ1JPS G7UZN 09/25 21:26:11z Reply 73 via sat NO-84{89
TA5ABO-4 G7UZN 09/25 18:11:06z Reply Hello ISS de TA5ABO Mersin / TURKEY. Have a nice day
M0NPT G7UZN 09/24 21:32:56z Reply 599 IO92KX QSL and 73 via NO84
2W0SEU-7 G7UZN 09/24 19:57:40z Reply Greetings from NW Wales{14
EA4GII-9 G7UZN 09/21 19:15:41z Reply 73#51viaISS{C