G7UZN messages

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TA5AHO-4 G7UZN 12/02 22:28:38z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS<<
IZ5ILX G7UZN 12/02 15:26:13z Reply CQ de IZ5ILX loc < JN54AC > ITALY via I.S.S.
SK0QO G7UZN 11/28 18:54:22z Reply Greetings from Sweden
SP7PA-6 G7UZN 11/24 21:27:30z Reply hi ireciveYour position via ISS. VY 73{3
SP7PA-6 G7UZN 11/24 21:23:09z Reply SP7PA{2
SP7PA-6 G7UZN 11/24 21:22:52z Reply Hi. I recive Yor position via ISS. VY{1
CT1EIF G7UZN 10/21 14:16:00z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
G0RNU G7UZN 10/17 14:32:30z Reply hello greetings 73s