G7HCE messages

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LA4FPA-6 G7HCE 12/05 19:15:51z Reply 73{49
LA4FPA-6 G7HCE 12/05 19:14:51z Reply 73{50
DL1ZAS G7HCE 12/04 20:13:20z Reply tnx 73 tu dl1zas via ISS
G4DCQ-7 G7HCE 12/04 20:09:47z Reply 73 via Satellite from G4DCQ in JO02QV
G4DCQ-7 G7HCE 12/04 20:08:05z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV Distance is 412 klm
LA4FPA-6 G7HCE 11/24 20:49:22z Reply 73{41
LA4FPA-6 G7HCE 11/24 20:49:20z Reply 73{40
LA4FPA-6 G7HCE 11/24 20:48:31z Reply 73{39
EI7BFB G7HCE 11/24 20:46:09z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IT9FTP G7HCE 11/23 20:07:58z Reply Nice to hear you from ISS!!
DL6WAB G7HCE 11/23 20:03:23z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
G7HCE EA4GII-9 11/21 21:46:28z Send another Hi from IO80 in Exeter via ISS QSL !
2E0SQB-7 G7HCE 11/21 20:13:06z Reply hi dave{1
EI7BFB G7HCE 11/21 20:10:07z Reply Hello and 73's from Dublin Ireland IO63UJ
G7HCE 2E0SQB-7 11/21 20:09:59z Send another Hi Slade via ISS - QSL
G7HCE-6 G7HCE 11/21 18:01:51z Reply test{1
EA4GII-9 G7HCE 11/20 21:04:35z Reply 73-51 vía ISS ea4gii@ure.es
G7HCE EA4GII-9 11/20 21:02:50z Send another Many thanks for QSO via ISS
TA5AHO-4 G7HCE 11/20 21:02:26z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS.;
EA4GII-9 G7HCE 11/20 21:01:56z Reply 73{M
MM0CMV G7HCE 11/14 10:07:17z Reply Thanks for message via NO84, best 73{1
2E0CRV-8 G7HCE 11/01 10:00:06z Reply Hi from IO94n york!{03
PD0MNI G7HCE 10/26 11:35:49z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
F1EZC G7HCE 10/25 14:00:06z Reply Beacon F1EZC 73' to all via ISS
EA4GII-9 G7HCE 10/25 12:28:30z Reply 73 vía ISS . ea4gii@ure.es
G8RZZ-9 G7HCE 10/25 09:12:29z Reply qsl{11
F6DFB G7HCE 10/23 14:08:01z Reply 73 via ISS
F1EZC G7HCE 10/23 12:33:04z Reply OK my friend 73 from FRANCE
EI7BFB G7HCE 10/17 17:28:09z Reply Hi thanks for the report location IO63UJ 73's Dave
G7HCE G4DCQ-7 10/17 14:31:08z Send another Hi from IO80 in Exeter - QSL !
G0RNU G7HCE 10/17 14:30:26z Reply hello greetings 73s
G0GOO G7HCE 10/17 12:55:43z Reply hi{P
DG2HSI-9 G7HCE 10/12 14:25:53z Reply QSL from JO51mr nr. Thale, vy 73 de DG2HSI
HB3YGP G7HCE 10/09 15:01:10z Reply rej
F1EZC G7HCE 10/09 15:00:21z Reply 73' to all via ISS
IU2GZZ G7HCE 10/06 17:46:38z Reply 73 from JN45QK via ISS
M5DZH G7HCE 10/03 18:35:13z Reply QSL from IO83VN and 73 de M5DZH
G7HCE S51BJ 10/03 18:34:34z Send another Hi from IO80 via ISS QSL !
G7HCE F4FEB-9 10/03 16:58:54z Send another Hi from Exeter via ISS
G7HCE PD0MNI 10/03 16:57:49z Send another UR 599 in IO80 - QSL !