G4VXE messages

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M0JFP G4VXE 09/04 17:08:43z Reply hello 599 io91sk best regards
G4VXE ON4API-9 08/31 08:27:42z Send another hi{0
G4VXE DL7AG 08/31 08:26:48z Send another hi{99
G7HCE-7 G4VXE 08/31 07:56:20z Reply Hi Tim{2
F1EZC G4VXE 08/31 07:56:00z Reply 73' to all via ISS
G4VXE F1EZC 08/31 07:55:14z Send another hi{97
G4VXE M0JFP 08/28 03:30:51z Send another hi{93
G7HCE-7 G4VXE 08/27 11:06:15z Reply Hi from Exeter{1
G4VXE M0OSA-7 08/27 09:48:22z Send another hi{94
CT1EIF G4VXE 08/27 08:11:07z Reply 73 de CT1EIF via PCsat, TNX !
G4VXE G7HCE-7 08/27 08:11:05z Send another hi{88
G4VXE CT1EIF 08/27 08:11:05z Send another hi{87
DL6AP-7 G4VXE 08/25 15:44:57z Reply Tu fer the QSO goodby!{3
DL6AP-7 G4VXE 08/25 15:44:51z Reply Hello dr OM!{0