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G7HCE-7 G4BBH 12/03 19:20:30z Reply Hi from Exeter{2
IZ2KIW G4BBH 11/21 21:48:54z Reply QSL and 73 op. Simone Greeting from ITALY
IW1FZR G4BBH 11/12 06:30:08z Reply 73 via ISS QSL PSE
PE1PZW G4BBH 11/12 01:38:33z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
M0NPT G4BBH 10/26 13:13:18z Reply 599 IO92KX TNX 73 DE M0NPT
DL5MCQ G4BBH 10/08 10:21:15z Reply Hi, 73 and have a nice sunday!{60
G4BBH DL5MCQ 10/08 10:18:39z Send another Path - DL5MCQ>APU25N
DL5MCQ G4BBH 10/08 10:18:35z Reply ?APRST