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DL5MCQ G4BBH 10/08 10:21:15z Reply Hi, 73 and have a nice sunday!{60
G4BBH DL5MCQ 10/08 10:18:39z Send another Path - DL5MCQ>APU25N
DL5MCQ G4BBH 10/08 10:18:35z Reply ?APRST
IK7UFX G4BBH 09/03 10:35:47z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - ik7ufx@alice.it [UISS]{00
EA1SB G4BBH 09/02 09:46:40z Reply 73 from Leon IN72 via ISS
2W0SEU-7 G4BBH 09/01 07:28:11z Reply Good morning, 73s de Malc{96
EA1SB G4BBH 08/31 06:41:39z Reply 73 from Leon via ISS
2W0SEU-7 G4BBH 08/30 10:49:20z Reply Good morning dick{87
IU2EFA G4BBH 08/29 13:18:11z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
2W0SEU-7 G4BBH 08/29 10:04:26z Reply 73s from Snowdonia{73
SK0QO G4BBH 08/29 08:27:48z Reply Hello Dick 73 from clubstation
OE5RPP G4BBH 08/28 12:38:18z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{62
EA1JM-6 G4BBH 08/27 22:23:44z Reply Hello ur rpt is 599 in IN70JV{02
MW6IML-7 G4BBH 08/27 10:13:02z Reply Greeting's from Snowdonia{61
MW6IML-7 G4BBH 08/26 12:40:20z Reply Greetings from Snowdon summit{48
MW6IML-7 G4BBH 08/26 11:04:22z Reply Greetings from Snowdon summit{42
SK0QO G4BBH 08/26 09:29:55z Reply Hello Dick
SK0QO G4BBH 08/26 09:28:26z Reply Greetings from SK0QO pse eqsl.cc
F8NHA-6 G4BBH 08/26 07:51:52z Reply 73,s de Christian - Qth: Salles-Curan/Pareloup (JN14JE)
SA0BSV G4BBH 08/24 09:38:53z Reply Greetings from Sweden
SK0QO G4BBH 08/22 11:21:15z Reply Greetings from SK0QO
EA4GII-9 G4BBH 08/21 19:37:35z Reply 1{8
YU4EAX G4BBH 08/21 13:53:40z Reply 73s from JN95WG via sat.QSL?{67
EA4GII-9 G4BBH 08/20 19:48:50z Reply 73{7
EA1BA G4BBH 08/19 11:27:01z Reply 73{9
YU4EAX G4BBH 08/19 10:47:57z Reply 73s from JN95WG via sat.QSL?{59
OE5RPP G4BBH 08/16 13:24:11z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{47