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G0GOO G3ZHI-7 12/16 21:43:24z Send another .{3
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 12/16 21:25:02z Send another you there{2
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 12/16 21:21:29z Send another what you upto this time of night{1
DL6WAB G0GOO 12/07 14:20:28z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
G0GOO 2E0DIJ-10 11/29 20:08:55z Send another oh well......it's a lonely life been a trucker{6
2E0DIJ-10 G0GOO 11/29 19:35:58z Reply 5 hrs. should have got back tonight{3
G0GOO 2E0DIJ-10 11/29 19:35:11z Send another bet you were impressed with wait this morning {5
2E0DIJ-10 G0GOO 11/29 19:34:00z Reply yep thats me done :){2
G0GOO 2E0DIJ-10 11/29 19:29:14z Send another you cabinned up for night then {4
G0GOO G7FCT-9 11/29 17:32:54z Send another 73 Barrie >>>{3
G0GOO G7FCT-9 11/29 17:32:15z Send another I'm sure we have been in contact sometime ago{2
G0GOO G7FCT-9 11/29 17:31:00z Send another hi Rick.........saw you on aprs .fi......{1
2E0DIJ-10 G0GOO 11/29 13:52:52z Reply not kiddin lol{1
G0GOO 2E0DIJ-10 11/29 10:55:24z Send another good morning duane...........you bin waiting there a while{3
G0GOO 2E0DIJ-10 11/28 19:35:33z Send another the only setting I can find for a truck is /u cheers barrie{2
G0GOO 2E0DIJ-10 11/28 19:17:11z Send another hi duane{1
IU2DMI G0GOO 11/25 21:31:39z Reply ciao 73 via sat
G0GOO ZS4OIL-13 11/18 16:59:47z Send another hello Mark de Barrie{1
G0GOO M6AVF 11/06 21:32:27z Send another you there derek{1
G0GOO M6TYR 10/31 21:04:25z Send another hello{1
G0GOO G0MNI 10/27 14:33:46z Send another hello Andy{1
G0GOO M0KWK-1 10/27 14:25:48z Send another Hi dave{1
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/27 13:04:49z Reply i am on aprs{44
G0GOO G3ZHI 10/26 17:24:54z Send another hello{2
EA1JL G0GOO 10/26 11:35:15z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS [UISS]{05
EA1JL G0GOO 10/26 10:36:40z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS [UISS]{04
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/25 15:03:36z Reply u about{43
SA0BSV G0GOO 10/25 09:16:05z Reply Greetings from Sweden
OE5RPP G0GOO 10/25 09:14:19z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{07
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/24 13:15:32z Reply hello{42
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 17:19:25z Send another gone slow on here{25
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 17:14:15z Reply just one qso on 2m{41
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 17:13:05z Reply no jamboree stations on{40
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 17:12:37z Send another tt{24
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 17:12:09z Reply u got local noize{38
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 17:12:07z Send another good most of the time...........bit noisy sometimes{23
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 17:11:54z Reply u could go to fantasy island{39
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 17:00:10z Send another text sen{22
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:55:28z Reply call me{37
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:55:15z Reply just called u{36
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:54:58z Send another no signal strength on LM now but can just hear voices{21
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:53:34z Reply lm and one simplex channel busy{35
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:52:38z Send another I'll leave it on there bit noisey though{20
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:51:53z Reply rgr busy now{34
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:51:31z Send another but no reply yes got antenna up lm s3 but busy{19
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:51:00z Reply lm{33
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:50:46z Send another I could hear it on the baofeng but I put a few calls out {18
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:50:23z Reply u got aerial up{32
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:49:34z Send another LM bin busy all day{17
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:48:40z Reply mmmmm{31
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:48:07z Send another I'm showing in ingoldmells on my map{16
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:47:49z Reply beacon{30
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:47:23z Reply you are on holiday{29
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:47:04z Send another bin and had couple this afternoon hi{15
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:47:00z Reply u not showing on map{28
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:46:33z Send another I'll check it out ...... but WiFi there not good{14
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:46:11z Reply sounds good{27
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:45:57z Send another going to see a jersey boys tribute tonight {13
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:45:53z Reply be good doing this when u in cuba{26
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:45:18z Send another big car boot sale.......... 20 miles away{12
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:45:07z Reply might be cold tonight{25
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:44:48z Reply worth going to{24
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:44:11z Send another seen a couple this looks quite heavy duty{11
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:44:01z Reply that might come in handy{23
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:43:36z Reply good price{22
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:43:23z Send another 2 quid{10
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:43:10z Reply how much{21
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:43:00z Send another no........all digital beacons{9
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:42:30z Send another bought a rj45 crimp tool I called him but no reply{8
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:42:22z Reply no one near u on aprs{20
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:41:56z Reply u spoke to that ham{19
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:41:33z Reply buy anything{18
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:41:06z Send another this is quite fast{7
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:40:24z Send another we were up at 6.45 had full English then off to car boot{6
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:39:48z Reply just had mind salad{17
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:39:24z Reply nice{16
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:39:18z Reply no wifi on home trip{15
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:39:16z Send another just had our tea chicken madras{5
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:39:04z Reply been a nice day{14
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/20 16:38:27z Send another heyup{4
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:38:26z Reply home now{13
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/20 16:38:04z Reply see your caravan{12
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/18 14:16:49z Reply rgr on bus to donny{11
G0GOO G7HCE 10/17 12:55:43z Send another hi{P
G7HCE G0GOO 10/17 12:53:48z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter - QSL !
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/17 08:44:37z Send another helloooooo{3
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/17 08:31:09z Send another what you upto{2
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/17 08:28:11z Send another hi..........{1