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G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 12/13 16:19:07z Reply on bus{196
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 12/13 16:19:01z Reply hiya {195
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/12 21:25:48z Send another {271
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/12 19:51:37z Send another {270
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/12 18:57:24z Send another {269
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/12 17:37:15z Send another knock knock{268
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/12 17:04:50z Send another g00d evening{267
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/10 19:05:15z Send another {266
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 12/03 20:39:01z Reply Did u hear qrm on dv this morning{194
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 12/03 20:38:24z Reply good point{193
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/03 20:37:41z Send another {265
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/03 19:27:30z Send another how come ur not advertising peanut on ur beacon{264
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/03 19:24:34z Send another {263
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/03 19:00:34z Send another g00d evening {262
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 12/03 13:51:59z Send another g00d afternoon{261
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/27 08:05:42z Send another {259
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/27 08:05:09z Send another good morning{258
IU2DMI G0GOO 11/25 19:55:32z Reply hello from IU2DMI via sat
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 11/23 16:29:08z Reply mobile{192
SP7DAD-3 G0GOO 11/20 22:23:27z Reply pse QSL and 73 via ISS de SP7DAD-3
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 11/19 16:32:34z Reply on aprs{191
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/18 07:58:43z Send another good morning {257
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/17 16:10:38z Send another {256
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/17 13:38:35z Send another good afternoon {255
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/16 18:49:19z Send another good evening{254
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/14 19:14:02z Send another knock knock{253
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/14 18:26:49z Send another good evening{252
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/13 07:56:58z Send another good morning{251
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 11/12 16:39:17z Reply on bus sheffield{190
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/08 19:04:56z Send another knock knock{250
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/08 19:04:43z Send another {249
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/03 15:22:00z Send another {248
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/03 13:27:56z Send another knock knock{247
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 11/02 16:30:37z Reply on aprs{189
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 11/01 20:24:59z Send another {26
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/30 09:21:57z Reply a little cool today{188
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/29 11:43:17z Send another zzzz{246
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/29 11:11:14z Send another hello{245
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/26 12:48:19z Reply mobile{187
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/26 11:52:36z Send another knock knock{244
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/25 19:23:38z Send another helloĆ²{243
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/25 18:20:06z Send another .{242
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/25 17:59:59z Send another {241
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/25 17:19:30z Send another {240
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/25 17:09:54z Send another {239
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/25 17:08:00z Send another are you a little happier now{238
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/24 14:26:11z Reply in donny{186
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 19:12:06z Send another ok.......73{237
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 19:11:22z Reply catch u tomorrow 73{185
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 19:11:09z Reply rgr I had a visitor {184
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:39:36z Send another Sri........dog sent that hi{236
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:39:01z Send another jkipl{235
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:35:54z Send another got a noisy one from usa{234
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:35:26z Send another Spain Germany mainly Europe {233
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:34:39z Reply where from{183
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:34:16z Send another might tx a few tomorrow {232
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:33:57z Send another got few nice sstv pictures on 20mts today{231
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:31:00z Send another I spoke a station in mablethorpe on 2mts{230
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:30:14z Reply any local activity in skeggy{182
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:29:46z Send another ohhhh right{229
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:29:39z Reply talking to Italian schools{181
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:29:24z Reply on iss{180
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:29:15z Send another ?{228
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:28:51z Reply that Italian ham enjoying it{179
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:28:37z Send another h ?..{227
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:28:22z Reply h{178
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:27:40z Send another some Italian voice later this week{226
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:27:12z Send another yes......couple{225
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:26:48z Reply any from uk{177
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:26:33z Send another just a few{224
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:26:23z Reply was there many others{176
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:25:49z Send another got a few packets upto iss today{223
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:25:02z Reply rgr{175
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:24:42z Send another I'm not jealous {222
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:24:33z Send another does that mean it gets later earlier{221
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:24:28z Reply Ken is enjoying sunshine {174
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:24:06z Send another yep....{220
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:23:55z Reply clocks sunday{173
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:23:49z Send another yes very busy{219
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:23:38z Send another definitely 1 trip maybe 2{218
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:23:28z Reply amazed it was busy on lm hi{172
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:23:13z Send another perhaps more stations{217
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:22:51z Send another saw a couple of portable stations on route{216
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:22:21z Reply how many more trips you got{171
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:21:49z Reply hopefully {170
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:21:37z Send another it maybe better next year{215
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:21:24z Send another I was listening{214
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:21:10z Reply had a good qso with the person that runs it{169
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:20:08z Send another no.....too far away{213
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:19:48z Reply you tried Sr from here {168
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:19:23z Send another owt to report{212
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:18:53z Send another hello{211
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/21 18:18:44z Reply hiya{167
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 18:18:13z Send another {210
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/21 17:59:13z Send another good evening{209
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/20 18:23:51z Send another {208
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/20 18:00:23z Send another {207
G0GOO G3ZHI-9 10/20 17:23:52z Send another good evening {206
G3ZHI-9 G0GOO 10/18 05:27:43z Reply I am mobile {166
SA0BSV G0GOO 10/16 12:56:35z Reply Greetings from Sweden