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G0GOO G3ZHI-7 05/26 21:13:50z Send another goodevening{121
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 05/11 14:02:20z Send another hello{120
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 05/11 13:04:27z Reply nice to catch on dv{89
G0GOO EA4GMY 05/01 07:53:29z Send another Hi from UK. . . 73 Barrie
SA0BSV G0GOO 04/30 05:31:49z Reply Hello from Sweden via ISS JO89xb
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/29 19:07:11z Send another good evening{119
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/29 16:26:03z Send another .{118
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/29 16:25:08z Send another good afternoon{117
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/29 14:21:38z Reply morning{88
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/29 05:59:39z Send another knock knock {116
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/29 05:56:50z Send another .{115
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/29 05:56:13z Send another good morning{114
2E1EBX-6 G0GOO 04/22 10:13:41z Reply Hi from Norfolk UK JO02fw 73 {38
OH5KUY G0GOO 04/22 08:40:39z Reply HI FROM KP41DB {70
CT1EBQ G0GOO 04/22 08:33:26z Reply CQ via ISS QSL? 73 de Ricardo
CT1EBQ G0GOO 04/22 08:32:34z Reply 73 via ISS IM58hr, QSL see bit.do/ct1ebq
G0GOO 2E1EBX 04/21 18:15:28z Send another are you about Les{3
CT1EBQ G0GOO 04/21 12:42:46z Reply 73, QSL ask ct1ebq@oitaven.pt
G0GOO 2E1EBX-6 04/21 12:42:04z Send another hi les{X
EA1BA G0GOO 04/21 12:41:03z Reply EA1BA 73 via ISS Javier IN73xi{42
2E1EBX-6 G0GOO 04/21 12:39:35z Reply Hi from Norfolk UK JO02fw 73 {20
G0GOO 2E1EBX 04/21 10:17:48z Send another Hi Les. . . de Barrie in yorkshire{2
CT1EBQ G0GOO 04/21 09:23:43z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo
G0GOO 2E1EBX-6 04/21 09:22:42z Send another Hi Les{W
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:43:11z Reply hi{87
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:43:08z Reply or outside academy{86
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:42:52z Reply ok 73{85
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:42:47z Send another 73 maybe catch you after the weekend{113
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:42:30z Reply ok{84
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:42:11z Send another I'm off to switch off the hf gear{112
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:40:23z Reply just says soon{83
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:39:56z Send another when are they starting to build{111
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:39:49z Reply u seen sign{82
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:39:28z Send another passed them{110
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:39:28z Reply new houses soon on that field{81
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:38:54z Send another yes . . I walked them the other day{109
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:38:36z Reply no{80
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:38:31z Reply his antennas still up{79
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:38:20z Send another have you{108
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:38:05z Send another not heard fer ages{107
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:37:45z Reply u heard cyril at all{78
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:37:16z Send another mainly on 20mts{106
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:36:43z Send another not much{105
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:36:42z Reply u been doing sstv locally {77
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:35:53z Send another the interface is what I use for sstv etc{104
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:34:46z Send another I built the interface about 10years ago{103
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:34:35z Reply with that program{76
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:34:13z Send another that should be RX from iss{102
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:34:04z Reply when u build interface{75
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:33:01z Send another ok{101
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:32:54z Send another you maybe to rd from iss like you did for the pictures{100
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:32:26z Reply let me know when you are{74
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:32:08z Send another no . . not yet{99
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:31:46z Reply u worked iss{64
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:31:43z Reply just fired aprs up{63
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:31:43z Send another I thought . . . that is{88
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:31:25z Send another Hello . . . I the station had been left unattended{87
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 04/15 20:31:13z Reply hi{62
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:29:33z Send another .{86
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:19:02z Send another Hello. . . {85
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:15:39z Send another good evening{84
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 04/15 20:15:32z Send another .{83