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IW1RIM G0GOO 06/03 16:07:06z Reply many tnks '73 by ISS
G0GOO 2E0UUU 06/03 12:42:36z Send another Hi Jim
PC1L-2 G0GOO 05/27 15:13:12z Reply Hello there QSL ok if wanted{69
SA0BSV G0GOO 05/26 17:39:45z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS Twitter: @willie_blom
G7HCE G0GOO 05/26 17:35:39z Reply QSL 73's via ISS{58
OK2IPW G0GOO 05/25 18:27:58z Reply QSL{17
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 05/21 18:22:18z Send another EA7HOH-7,EA1CIU-1,CT1EBQ,2E0UUU,ON4BN
G1YEF G0GOO 05/20 19:11:00z Reply heard in IO83 de G1YEF QSL 73
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 05/20 19:10:36z Send another 2E0UUU,F5SN-9,EA4GMY-6,G7HCE
EA2ESK G0GOO 05/20 17:38:52z Reply Ok qsl 73´s
G0GOO EA2ESK 05/20 17:35:25z Send another heard you in IO93jk- de Barrie
G7NIR-7 G0GOO 05/19 20:18:04z Reply Heard you loud and clear in IO83ki 73 de Lester
IW6PUA G0GOO 05/19 20:07:10z Reply HELLO, qsl and 73 via ISS
G0GOO F4EGG 05/19 20:06:33z Send another heard you in IO93jk- de Barrie
F1IGI-6 G0GOO 04/30 08:56:12z Reply 73 de Nicolas vias ISS
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 04/26 10:33:13z Send another 2E0UUU,F5SN-9,ON7KEI,PD5RT,ON4BN
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 04/21 13:00:51z Send another 2E0UUU,EA1JN-10,CT2FYQ,ON4BN,CT1EBQ
CT2FYQ G0GOO 04/21 12:57:45z Reply nice to hear you via ISS
G0GOO G0JKQ 04/19 12:33:15z Send another are you there Carl ? Barrie G0GOO {1
EA4GII-9 G0GOO 04/16 13:50:12z Reply 73{J
OM5AST G0GOO 04/16 12:16:16z Reply GM, HRD: 59 JN88ND, Bratislava, PSE QSL?
G0GOO BLNQSL1/2 04/16 12:15:59z Send another EB1IVY-8,ON4BN,PE1NTN,2E0UUU,EA1JN-6,DF8JO-6,EA1BL-6,G6UQZ-1,
DF6JY G0GOO 04/16 12:14:24z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
CU2JX-6 G0GOO 04/03 19:27:12z Reply Hello All. 73 ! from cu2jx
G0AMO-7 G0GOO 04/02 17:04:46z Reply Thanks for report 73 de Mike in Andover UK{C9F93
CU2JX-6 G0GOO 04/02 16:56:08z Reply tnx_for_call_73 CU2JX
CU2JX-6 G0GOO 04/02 16:56:03z Reply rejQ
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 04/02 16:56:02z Send another ON4BN,EA2BJM,EA1CIU-1,2E0UUU,EA1JN-6,M7COV