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G7MLL G0GOO 12/04 14:27:15z Reply AA:received
G0GOO G7MLL 12/04 14:27:08z Send another hi{Y
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/19 19:00:22z Send another .{159
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 10:21:00z Reply ok 73{114
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:19:20z Send another I'm closing on here now . may catch you on dv . 73{158
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 10:14:03z Reply had mine weeks back at sheffield {113
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:11:39z Send another yes . went to rosington on Saturday {157
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 10:10:41z Reply you had 3rd jab{112
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:09:55z Send another Cuba/cape verde{156
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:09:26z Send another bit cool at beni{155
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:09:01z Send another wouldn't mind a couple of weeks somewhere {154
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 10:08:55z Reply benidorm?{111
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:08:16z Send another bin looking... but looks a bit risky{153
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 10:07:44z Send another not this year{152
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 10:07:23z Reply you flying anywhere{110
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:54:24z Reply trips to donny in helicopter{109
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:54:23z Send another not heard him{151
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:53:49z Reply hrh{108
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:53:40z Send another Andrew?{150
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:52:38z Reply has andrew been on{107
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:51:18z Send another yes.....about 150 miles radius{149
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:50:53z Reply U getting signals{106
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:50:37z Send another not very high then{148
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:50:26z Send another bin making an antenna for 1089mhz {147
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:50:20z Reply makes a big noise{105
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:50:04z Reply I ofen see it{104
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:49:50z Send another nope don't see that one{146
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:49:19z Reply 12 seater{103
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:49:07z Reply red and white{102
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:48:42z Send another a yellow one{145
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:48:29z Reply flew over low last week{101
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:48:08z Send another no{144
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:47:59z Reply did U see coast guard helicopter {100
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:47:25z Send another bin playing about with flight tracker{143
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:47:21z Reply same here{99
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:46:54z Send another it's all ways on not done much{142
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:46:25z Reply U been on radio much{98
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:45:36z Send another just having breafast{141
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:45:20z Reply ok{97
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:45:14z Send another not yet....{140
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:44:55z Reply dv?{96
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/15 09:44:48z Reply hiya{95
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/15 09:43:58z Send another good morning{139
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/12 17:14:43z Send another hello.......{138
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 11/12 17:14:28z Send another .{137
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 11/11 15:30:24z Reply hiya{94
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/29 09:17:40z Send another .{136
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/29 09:16:05z Send another hello{135
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/28 19:58:10z Send another .{134
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/28 19:53:44z Send another knock knock{133
TA5AHO-4 G0GOO 10/27 23:21:38z Reply Greetings From TURKEY TA5AHO{QU}
PC1L-2 G0GOO 10/27 09:15:02z Reply {82
PC1L-2 G0GOO 10/27 09:14:31z Reply 73 Leo Maastricht{81
PC1L-2 G0GOO 10/27 09:10:22z Reply 73 PC1L Maastricht{74
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/27 09:09:57z Send another EC2UT-6,ON4BN,EA1CIU-6,CT1EBQ,PC1L-2,PD5RT
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/27 09:09:39z Send another EC2UT-6,ON4BN,EA1CIU-6,CT1EBQ,PC1L-2
F4GUK-1 G0GOO 10/27 05:55:57z Reply 73, Barry !{0O}
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/26 13:41:19z Reply iss over soon{93
G3ZHI-7 G0GOO 10/26 13:41:19z Reply ge{92
EC4TR G0GOO 10/26 10:03:54z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{34
EC4TR G0GOO 10/26 10:03:51z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{33
IK7FMQ G0GOO 10/26 08:23:46z Reply 73 QSL ?
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/26 08:19:36z Send another EA1CIU-6,2E1FET,CT1EBQ,NA1SS
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/22 11:54:43z Send another hellooooooo{132
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/22 11:45:44z Send another good afternoon{131
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/22 11:43:18z Send another .{130
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/22 11:43:10z Send another hello{129
IK5JRZ G0GOO 10/20 11:31:43z Reply QSL ?
G0GOO G7HCE-7 10/20 11:27:31z Send another QSL David 73 . Barrie
G0GOO G7HCE-7 10/20 11:25:22z Send another QSL . 73 . Barrie
G7HCE-7 G0GOO 10/20 11:25:09z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr - QSL!{0
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/20 09:47:37z Send another M0SKM,EC4TR,CT1EBQ,NA1SS
IK5JRZ G0GOO 10/19 10:43:00z Reply On Log 73!
G0GOO BLNQSL2/2 10/19 10:41:07z Send another G7NIR-7,IK5JRZ,SA0BSV,PE1NTN
SA0BSV G0GOO 10/19 10:40:07z Reply Hello from Sweden
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/19 10:35:25z Send another NA1SS,EA1CIU-6,PD5RT
HB9PVI-15 G0GOO 10/18 11:28:44z Reply 73 ernst{20
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/18 11:22:47z Send another EA1CIU-6,HB9PVI-15,ON7SD
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/16 12:59:28z Send another GJ6WRI,ON4BN,M1FEV-7,ON7KEI,2E1FET,NA1SS,IK5JRZ
IW7DOL G0GOO 10/16 11:25:40z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
G0GOO BLNQSL1/1 10/16 11:22:02z Send another GJ6WRI,EG2JAM-6,M0CFV,ON7SD,MI0NUM-9,G0TYM-6,ON7KEI,ON4BN,EA1JN-6
YO8RBY G0GOO 10/16 09:52:39z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
EC4TR G0GOO 10/16 09:46:43z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{73
G0GOO BLNQSL2/2 10/16 09:45:41z Send another ON7KEI,IU3MEY
M0CFV G0GOO 10/16 09:44:52z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
M0CFV G0GOO 10/16 09:44:40z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/15 08:53:06z Send another .{128
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/15 08:51:06z Send another good morning{127
G0GOO G4DCQ-2 10/09 15:17:09z Send another hi Nigel Barrie in skegness{1
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/06 09:11:32z Send another .{126
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/06 08:56:13z Send another good morning{125
G0GOO G3ZHI-7 10/05 20:55:44z Send another heyup{124
OE6ISP G0GOO 10/04 17:37:39z Reply 73 de Stefan OE6ISP, JN77pa via ARISS
EA2EPC G0GOO 10/04 17:37:27z Reply Hi from IN83mg SP, 73 de Asier
G0GOO G4DCQ-2 10/04 17:37:14z Send another hi Nigel
G0GOO BLNQSL1/2 10/04 14:25:35z Send another ON7KEI,CT1EBQ,EA7P,EA2EPC,EA7KR,PD5RT,NA1SS,PD0RLX,2E1FET,SP7DAD-6,
G0GOO PD0RLX 10/03 16:46:39z Send another Heard you in IO93jk via ISS
IU3MEY G0GOO 10/03 13:33:09z Reply QSL? '73
EA8CHC-5 G0GOO 10/03 13:31:57z Reply 73 from IM67{1
IK6GZM G0GOO 10/03 13:31:55z Reply 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!