F6HDW messages

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F6HDW SAT 11/16 22:55:05z Send another 73 de Jean Claude QTH : Alliat (ARIEGE) JN02TT
F6HDW SAT 11/16 21:18:02z Send another f6hdw@orange.fr Bonjour via ISS
F6HDW EMAIL 11/15 22:09:41z Send another f6hdw@orange.fr Bonjour via ISS
IR0UGN-1 F6HDW 11/14 23:02:07z Reply 73 de IZ0QWM - Inet to RF iGate is closed
G7HCE-7 F6HDW 11/14 23:01:02z Reply TNX QSO 73 IO80 via ISS{2
G7HCE-7 F6HDW 11/14 23:00:24z Reply Hi from Exeter{1
F6HDW IU2DMI 11/13 22:18:22z Send another QSL to f6hdw@orange.fr
IU2DMI F6HDW 11/13 22:17:54z Reply ciao 73 via sat
EA1JL F6HDW 11/05 07:44:15z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS [UISS]{00
LA3HQ F6HDW 11/04 08:37:39z Reply rejUISS54}
F6HDW BLNQSL2/2 11/04 08:37:39z Send another IW2DMO,OE6PWE,YU7RD,PD0RLX,ON7BRT,TA1FL-4,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
F8NHA-6 F6HDW 11/04 08:36:21z Reply 73,s de Christian - Qth: Salles-Curan/Pareloup (JN14JE)
F6HDW BLNQSL2/2 11/04 08:35:42z Send another IW2DMO,OE6PWE,YU7RD{UISS54}
G7HCE F6HDW 11/04 08:34:45z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter - QSL !