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F6DFB Heard 06/25 13:02:47z Send another M0AEU,HB3YGP,F6FCD,DO7NN-9,GB8SSD,G7HCE-7,IK1COA-2,YO8RAA-6{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 13:00:26z Send another M0AEU,HB3YGP,F6FCD,DO7NN-9{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 13:00:10z Send another M0AEU,HB3YGP{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 11:26:49z Send another OE3BUB-6{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 11:26:49z Send another M0AEU,G7HCE-7,YO8RAA-2,YO8RAA-6,PE1NTN,PD0MNI,OE5RPP,PD0RLX,
F6DFB Heard 06/25 11:26:03z Send another M0AEU,G7HCE-7,YO8RAA-2,YO8RAA-6,PE1NTN,PD0MNI{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 11:24:51z Send another M0AEU,G7HCE-7,YO8RAA-2{UISS54}
G7HCE-7 F6DFB 06/25 11:23:59z Reply Hi de David IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{2
M0AEU F6DFB 06/25 11:23:19z Reply Hello de Frank, M0AEU, IO91mg.
G7HCE-7 F6DFB 06/25 11:23:11z Reply Hi de David IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{1
F6DFB Heard 06/25 09:52:45z Send another OE3BUB-6,OE6PWE,YO8RAA-2,YO8RAA-5,YO8RAA{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 09:51:58z Send another OE3BUB-6,OE6PWE,YO8RAA-2,YO8RAA-5{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 09:49:27z Send another F6FCD,IK1COA-2,EB2AT,G7HCE-7,F1ZIT,PE1NTN,EA1JM-6,PD0MNI,
F6DFB Heard 06/25 09:48:13z Send another F6FCD,IK1COA-2,EB2AT,G7HCE-7{UISS54}
EA1JM-6 F6DFB 06/25 09:46:28z Reply 599 in IN70JV{00
F6DFB Heard 06/25 08:16:17z Send another SP7G-9{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/25 08:15:45z Send another IK1COA-2,EB2AT,ON4KRW-6,PD0RLX,OE6PWE,OE3BUB-6,SP7U-6{UISS54}
ON7BRT F6DFB 06/25 08:12:47z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{47
F6DFB Heard 06/25 08:12:41z Send another IK1COA-2,EB2AT,ON4KRW-6,PD0RLX,OE6PWE{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/24 13:57:00z Send another PD0RLX,SV3CIX{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/24 13:57:00z Send another F5SN,HB3YGP,IZ1BOH,ON4HF-6,G7HCE-7,F6FCD,IK1COA-2,IR0UGN-1,
F6DFB Heard 06/24 13:56:19z Send another F5SN,HB3YGP,IZ1BOH,ON4HF-6,G7HCE-7,F6FCD,IK1COA-2,IR0UGN-1{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/24 13:55:46z Send another F5SN,HB3YGP,IZ1BOH,ON4HF-6,G7HCE-7,F6FCD,IK1COA-2{UISS54}
F6DFB G7HCE-7 06/24 13:55:29z Send another 73 via ISS
G7HCE-7 F6DFB 06/24 13:53:43z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{7
F6DFB Heard 06/24 13:53:31z Send another F5SN,HB3YGP,IZ1BOH{UISS54}
G7HCE-7 F6DFB 06/24 13:53:24z Reply Hi de David IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{6
F6DFB Heard 06/24 12:19:59z Send another OE3BUB-6,IK1COA-2,IR0UGN-1,YU7RD,SA0BSV,YO8RAA-2{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/24 12:19:12z Send another OE3BUB-6,IK1COA-2,IR0UGN-1,YU7RD,SA0BSV{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/24 09:07:50z Send another IZ5ILX,DL6WAB,SV2CPH-1,IR0UGN-1,IZ1JPS,YO8RAA-5{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/24 09:06:19z Send another IZ5ILX,DL6WAB,SV2CPH-1,IR0UGN-1,IZ1JPS{UISS54}
UA9AQL F6DFB 06/18 16:01:11z Reply Hello! 73 de Sergey Miass{70
F6DFB SAT 06/18 15:58:11z Send another 73 via ISS, have a good afternoon
F6DFB Heard 06/18 15:55:56z Send another IZ2FER-6,YO8RAA-3,F1ZIT{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/18 15:55:15z Send another IZ2FER-6,YO8RAA-3{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/18 15:55:14z Send another G7HCE-7,M0KKA-7,F6FCD,IZ1BOH,IK1COA-2,PD0RLX,SV2CPH-1,
F6DFB Heard 06/18 15:54:54z Send another G7HCE-7,M0KKA-7,F6FCD,IZ1BOH,IK1COA-2,PD0RLX,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/18 15:53:41z Send another G7HCE-7,M0KKA-7,F6FCD,IZ1BOH{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/18 15:52:27z Send another G7HCE-7{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/18 11:09:17z Send another DL2AKT,HB9ODI,IR0UGN-1,OK2MEZ{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/18 11:03:47z Send another DL2AKT,HB9ODI,IR0UGN-1{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/12 17:56:48z Send another DL6WAB,M0KKA-7,G0GOO,PE1NTN,DL2AKT,F1ZIT,ON4HF-6,ON4LS-6,
DL6WAB F6DFB 06/12 17:56:01z Reply 59 QSL 73 de DL6WAB
F6DFB Heard 06/12 17:54:45z Send another DL6WAB,M0KKA-7,G0GOO,PE1NTN,DL2AKT,F1ZIT{UISS54}
M0KKA-7 F6DFB 06/12 17:53:24z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 73's{17
F6DFB Heard 06/12 17:52:42z Send another DL6WAB,M0KKA-7,G0GOO{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/11 14:00:37z Send another DL2AKT,IK1COA-2,F4GUK-1,HB3YGP,IU4APB,YO8RAA-2,EU1MEV-7,
F6DFB Heard 06/11 13:59:37z Send another DL2AKT,IK1COA-2,F4GUK-1,HB3YGP,IU4APB{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/11 13:56:14z Send another DL2AKT,IK1COA-2,F4GUK-1,HB3YGP{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/10 16:26:03z Send another IZ1BOH,F5SN,IZ7XIQ{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/10 16:22:56z Send another IZ1BOH,F5SN{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/09 20:33:05z Send another G7UZN,IZ5ILX,G7HCE-7,F6CFO-7,F5SN,IR0UGN-1,IW6NXR,HB9FVB{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/09 20:32:29z Send another G7UZN,IZ5ILX,G7HCE-7,F6CFO-7,F5SN{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/09 20:32:17z Send another G7UZN,IZ5ILX,G7HCE-7,F6CFO-7{UISS54}
IZ5ILX F6DFB 06/09 20:28:49z Reply TNX FOR QSO 73
F6DFB Heard 06/09 20:27:33z Send another G7UZN,IZ5ILX{UISS54}
F5SN F6DFB 06/08 18:18:56z Reply 73, Hervé Serge JN27RB Dole 39
SA0BSV F6DFB 06/08 18:14:46z Reply Greetings from Sweden
F6DFB Heard 06/08 18:13:35z Send another F5SN,M0MTT,YU7RD,IK1COA-2,DM9KS,S54LD-12,PD0RLX,DL2AKT{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/08 18:11:43z Send another F5SN,M0MTT,YU7RD,IK1COA-2,DM9KS,S54LD-12,PD0RLX{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/07 20:38:23z Send another G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX,PD0MNI,EI6IL,M0KKA-7{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/07 20:37:06z Send another G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX,PD0MNI{UISS54}
G7HCE-7 F6DFB 06/07 20:36:26z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL!{1
F6DFB Heard 06/07 19:03:42z Send another OE6PWE,IR0UGN-1{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/07 19:03:21z Send another OE6PWE{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/07 19:03:21z Send another PD0R-2,G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX,M0MWG,IZ7XIQ,TA1BM,PD0RLX,IW2DIW,
F6DFB Heard 06/05 20:48:10z Send another OE5RPP-1,OE5RPP,PD0R-2{UISS54}
YU4EAX F6DFB 06/05 15:59:45z Reply 73s from JN95WG via sat.QSL?{37
IZ1JPS F6DFB 06/04 21:40:31z Reply qsl 73{22
F6DFB SAT 06/04 21:40:25z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
F6DFB Heard 06/04 21:39:54z Send another G7MRI-7,F5SN,G7HCE-7,IK8XLD,PD0MNI,IZ1JPS,IR0UGN-1,EA3RO{UISS54}
G7HCE-7 F6DFB 06/04 21:36:22z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL!{0
F6DFB SAT 06/04 21:35:22z Send another Hello All, have a good night
F6DFB Heard 06/03 20:56:04z Send another IR0UGN-1{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/03 20:54:51z Send another DO4ZA,G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX,EI2GEO,IK8XLD,G7UZN,PE1NTN,PD0RLX,
F6DFB Heard 06/03 20:53:17z Send another DO4ZA,G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX,EI2GEO,IK8XLD,G7UZN,PE1NTN,PD0RLX{UISS54}
F6DFB SAT 06/03 20:52:46z Send another Hello All, have a good week-end
F6DFB Heard 06/03 20:52:19z Send another DO4ZA,G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX,EI2GEO{UISS54}
F6DFB Heard 06/03 20:52:04z Send another DO4ZA,G7HCE-7,IZ5ILX{UISS54}