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OH2FQV F4GVO 11/01 09:42:31z Reply Have a nice day Thierry
OH2FQV F4GVO 11/01 09:39:24z Reply Good to see you finally, Thierry
OH2FQV F4GVO 11/01 09:37:37z Reply RR 599 to you too, KP20MF87SS
F4GVO G4ETQ 11/01 09:37:11z Send another RR TU 599 in JN38JK71md
G4ETQ F4GVO 11/01 09:36:57z Reply UR RST 599 via ISS 73 TU
F4GVO G4ETQ 10/30 09:45:58z Send another Hello my friend, you're are 599 in JN38JK
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/29 10:40:01z Reply QRV Thierry?
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/29 10:37:57z Reply uno, dos, tres - QUATRO
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/29 09:02:30z Reply hello Thierry, third time is a charm
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/29 09:01:58z Reply hello Thierry, RR 599 and KP20mf
F4GVO OH2FQV 10/29 09:01:39z Send another Hello Jari, you are 599 in JN38JK71md
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/29 09:00:57z Reply F4GVO de OH2FQV
G7HCE-7 F4GVO 10/27 10:45:49z Reply QSL and 73's via ISS{1
G7HCE-7 F4GVO 10/27 10:45:47z Reply QSL and 73's via ISS{0
F4GVO OH2FQV 10/27 10:44:35z Send another Hello Jari, hope ANT will be ok soon !
M0NPT F4GVO 10/27 09:09:30z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
M0NPT F4GVO 10/27 09:09:12z Reply 599 IO92KX TNX 73 DE M0NPT
F4GVO M0NPT 10/26 11:38:56z Send another Hello my friend, you are 599 in JN38JK
F4GVO OH2FQV 10/26 11:37:39z Send another de F4GVO, do you receive me Jari ?
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 12:32:40z Reply CQ Any other keyboard message operators?
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 12:32:15z Reply Thank you Thierry, this is nice
F4GVO OH2FQV 10/25 12:31:35z Send another RR de F4GVO in JN38JK
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 12:31:23z Reply Bonjour Thierry RR 599 KP20MF
F4GVO OH2FQV 10/25 12:31:13z Send another Hello Jari, you are 599 in JN38JK
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 12:30:37z Reply CQ Any keyboard operators?
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 12:29:45z Reply CQ F4GVO de OH2FQV
G7MRI F4GVO 10/25 11:03:34z Reply Hello, good to hear from you, I'm having QRM problems.
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 10:55:29z Reply 599 kp20mf
F4GVO OH2FQV 10/25 10:55:11z Send another happy to read you
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 10:54:42z Reply been a while.
OH2FQV F4GVO 10/25 10:54:12z Reply Hey there!
YO8RAA-3 F4GVO 10/25 09:32:06z Reply hello and 73 from north YO
F4GVO G0GOO 10/02 18:06:10z Send another Hello my friend !