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YO8RBY F1EZC 10/19 09:06:00z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
IK5JRZ F1EZC 10/19 09:01:45z Reply qsl?
EA1CIU-6 F1EZC 10/18 14:41:22z Reply Saludos de Tomas{48
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/18 14:39:40z Reply CQ via ISS QSL? 73 de Ricardo {EBQ20
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/18 14:39:28z Reply 73, QSL ask ct1ebq@oitaven.pt {EBQ20
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/18 14:39:11z Reply Hi from IM58gr PT, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ26
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/18 14:39:03z Reply 73 via ISS IM58hr, QSL see bit.do/ct1ebq {EBQ26
F1EZC F6KLO-4 10/16 12:02:18z Send another test{81
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/15 15:24:04z Reply 73, QSL ask ct1ebq@oitaven.pt {EBQ57
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/15 15:23:35z Reply Heard you via Sat, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ48
F1EZC BLN 10/14 14:34:53z Send another 73' via satellite
ON7BRT F1EZC 10/10 16:07:22z Reply ON7BRT@SKYNET.BE to all via ISS{61
IU3MEY F1EZC 10/10 09:41:39z Reply QSL? '73
CT1EBQ F1EZC 10/09 16:55:54z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo {EBQ37
F1EZC F5CBP 10/09 16:55:04z Send another OK my friend 73 from FRANCE
F1EZC BLN 10/08 16:06:03z Send another Beacon F1EZC 73' to all via ISS
IW7DOL F1EZC 10/07 10:26:55z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
M0CFV F1EZC 10/06 14:27:07z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
M0CFV F1EZC 10/06 14:24:47z Reply QSL in IO91um - QSL ?
F1EZC IK6GZM 10/02 14:21:54z Send another marvezina@gmail.com coucou via l'ISS
IK6GZM F1EZC 10/02 14:21:35z Reply 73, QSL?
F1EZC BLN 10/02 14:21:25z Send another 73 cher OM de F1EZC/19
F8BQF F1EZC 08/29 12:54:38z Reply 73 J P{00