EI9GGB messages

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EI5GOB-9 EI9GGB 10/17 18:03:10z Reply rgr{N
EI9GGB EI5GOB-9 10/17 18:02:11z Send another get it?{EX}
EI9GGB EI5GOB-9 10/17 18:02:06z Send another I'll give you a call on EI2KPR on 145.7625 in a few min if you can+{EW}
EI9GGB ARISS 10/14 09:46:20z Send another Hello via ISS from the South East coast of Ireland{UF}
PD3HF EI9GGB 10/11 09:53:13z Reply QSL. 73
EI9GGB M0KKA-7 10/07 16:56:37z Send another Hello from EI via ISS{AQ}
EI9GGB RS0ISS 10/02 18:06:40z Send another Hello all from EI VIA ISS{ME}
EI9GGB ARISS 10/02 18:05:48z Send another Hello all from EI VIA ISS{MD}
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB 09/24 11:34:02z Reply Good afternoom Mike{39
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB 09/13 13:17:17z Reply call u on 2m call c{30
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/13 13:12:14z Send another Id say so,I was calling you a few mins ago{IG}
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB 09/13 13:08:27z Reply hi mike.very cold up here lol{27
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/13 12:59:53z Send another Hi Malc{IF}
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/08 11:02:59z Send another Hi Malc,I'm QRV 145.500Mhz {GM}
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/02 13:06:15z Send another QRV and calling 145.500Mhz atm Malc{FK}
GM0LHK-7 EI9GGB 08/29 18:50:32z Reply hi{06
GM0LHK-7 EI9GGB 08/29 18:46:15z Reply hi{02
EI9GGB GM0LHK-7 08/28 16:07:21z Send another Hello{JV}
GM0LHK-7 EI9GGB 08/28 15:44:56z Reply hi{01
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 08/28 10:59:22z Send another Is that Malc?{JT}
WHO-IS EI9GGB 08/28 10:57:40z Reply 2W0SEU was not found!{FP}JU
EI9GGB WHO-IS 08/28 10:57:40z Send another 2W0SEU{JU}
WHO-IS EI9GGB 08/27 19:04:25z Reply EI3HIB/David B Mee/Ireland{8K}JS
EI9GGB WHO-IS 08/27 19:04:24z Send another EI3HIB{JS}