EI8ETB messages

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EI8ETB G7HCE-7 09/10 04:26:08z Send another Hello From Cork via ISS
G7HCE-7 EI8ETB 09/09 06:55:31z Reply Hi from Exeter{4
G7HCE-7 EI8ETB 09/09 06:55:29z Reply Hi from Exeter{3
2W0SEU-7 EI8ETB 09/08 10:37:54z Reply Mon EI7MLR rept{18
EI8ETB EA1SB 09/08 07:53:13z Send another Hello Leon, Nice to hear from you in Ireland, Thomas.
EA1SB EI8ETB 09/08 07:48:16z Reply 73 from Leon IN72 via ISS
EI8ETB 2W0SEU-7 09/08 06:27:03z Send another Hello Malc, Greetings from Ireland.
2W0SEU-7 EI8ETB 09/08 06:12:51z Reply Greeting's from Snowdonia{12
2W0SEU-7 EI8ETB 09/08 06:12:50z Reply Greeting's from Snowdonia{11
G7HCE-7 EI8ETB 08/10 20:10:37z Reply Hi from Exeter{0
PD0MNI EI8ETB 08/10 18:34:15z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS