EI7BFB messages

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EI7BFB G4ETQ 12/05 20:49:59z Send another 5/9 also 73's
G4ETQ EI7BFB 12/05 20:48:58z Reply UR RST 599 via ISS 73 TU
EI7BFB G7HCE-7 12/05 17:35:37z Send another Hi QSL via the ISS Dave in Dublin
G7HCE-7 EI7BFB 12/03 20:55:33z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{1
EI7BFB G7HCE-7 12/03 16:08:28z Send another Hi again from Dublin
IW1FZR EI7BFB 12/03 16:08:01z Reply 73 via ISS QSL PSE iw1fzr@gmail.com
G7HCE-7 EI7BFB 12/01 22:40:04z Reply Hi from Exeter {1
EI7BFB CT1EIF 12/01 21:06:37z Send another Hi from Dublin Ireland
CT1EIF EI7BFB 12/01 17:52:06z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
EI7BFB ON4BCV 11/29 19:37:23z Send another Hello from Dublin Ireland
ON4BCV EI7BFB 11/28 22:03:57z Reply Hello from ON4BCV JO21JI
EI7BFB WHO-IS 11/21 09:56:33z Send another Hi Francis nice to meet you (sent via the ISS) 73's
EI7BFB G7HCE-7 11/21 09:54:39z Send another Located in IO63UJ
EI7BFB G7HCE-7 11/21 09:53:58z Send another Hi G7HCE via the ISS nice to meet you!
G7HCE-7 EI7BFB 11/20 22:38:42z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{0
EI7BFB G7HCE-7 11/19 21:58:45z Send another Hi from Dublin
G7HCE-7 EI7BFB 11/19 21:54:39z Reply Hi from Exeter{4
WHO-IS EI7BFB 10/26 19:28:02z Reply EI5GOB/Francis Lenane/Ireland{N2}LM
EI7BFB WHO-IS 10/26 19:28:02z Send another EI5GOB{LM}N1
WHO-IS EI7BFB 10/26 19:27:30z Reply EI7BFB/DAVE D. TOBIN/Ireland{N1}LL
EI7BFB WHO-IS 10/26 19:27:30z Send another EI7BFB{LL}