EA4GII-9 messages

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EA4GII-9 EA7VC 01/07 01:12:40z Send another 73{0
EA4GII-9 ED4YAG-3 12/27 22:07:59z Send another 1{Y
EA4GII-9 F4GCF-3 12/26 12:42:47z Send another 73{X
EA4GII-9 CT2IMT-9 12/24 15:50:23z Send another 73{W
CT1EFR-1 EA4GII-9 12/24 11:45:55z Reply 73{02
CT1EFR-1 EA4GII-9 12/24 11:44:10z Reply [AA] Bem Vindo deixe msg.Qsl by EQSL{01
CT1EFR-1 EA4GII-9 12/24 11:38:01z Reply [AA] Bem Vindo deixe msg.Qsl by EQSL{00
G7HCE-7 EA4GII-9 12/14 11:23:44z Reply Hi from Exeter{1
G7HCE-7 EA4GII-9 12/12 16:21:44z Reply Hi from Exeter{2
EA4GII-9 CT1EJC-9 12/09 23:44:42z Send another 73{3
EA4GII-7 EA4GII-9 12/09 20:51:33z Reply AA:73
EA4GII-9 G7HCE-7 12/08 18:16:44z Send another 73 vía ISS . ea4gii@ure.es
G7HCE-7 EA4GII-9 12/08 18:14:59z Reply Hi from Exeter{5
G7HCE-7 EA4GII-9 12/08 18:14:56z Reply Hi from Exeter{4
EA4GII-9 YU7RD 12/08 13:25:19z Send another 73{9
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/08 13:24:44z Send another 73{7
EA4GII-7 EA4GII-9 12/05 19:51:49z Reply ?APRSP
TA5AHO-4 EA4GII-9 12/03 19:21:06z Reply Tnx my friend {36
TA5AHO-4 EA4GII-9 12/02 22:30:49z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS..
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/02 21:52:21z Send another 73{R
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/02 21:52:01z Send another 73{Q
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/02 21:51:55z Send another 73{P
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/02 20:16:19z Send another 73{O
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/01 21:09:38z Send another 73{4
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/01 21:07:10z Send another 73{Z
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 12/01 21:07:05z Send another 73{Y
EA4GII-9 DL1ZAS 12/01 19:31:19z Send another 73{S
DL1ZAS EA4GII-9 11/30 22:08:22z Reply Thankyou for receiving my first satcontact
EA4GII-9 SP8NCG-1 11/30 21:59:14z Send another 73{N
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/28 22:07:26z Send another 73{G
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/27 21:23:50z Send another 73{B
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/27 21:23:38z Send another 73{A
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/27 19:46:46z Send another 73{8
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/27 19:45:49z Send another 73{6
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/26 23:51:26z Send another 73{V
IU2DMI EA4GII-9 11/26 22:16:41z Reply ciao 73 via sat
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/26 22:16:33z Send another 73{U
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/26 00:45:03z Send another 73{I
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/26 00:44:51z Send another 73{F
EA4GII-7 EA4GII-9 11/25 23:08:44z Reply 73{H
EA4GII-7 EA4GII-9 11/25 23:07:42z Reply Voy conduciendo, luego te contesto :)
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/25 23:07:32z Send another 73{C
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/23 01:45:30z Send another 73{5
PA7BEN EA4GII-9 11/23 00:07:56z Reply 73' de PA7BEN{25
PD0MNI EA4GII-9 11/21 23:23:04z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
G7HCE EA4GII-9 11/21 21:46:28z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter via ISS QSL !
EA4GII-9 G7HCE 11/20 21:04:35z Send another 73-51 vía ISS ea4gii@ure.es
G7HCE EA4GII-9 11/20 21:02:50z Reply Many thanks for QSO via ISS
EA4GII-9 G7HCE 11/20 21:01:56z Send another 73{M
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/20 21:01:04z Send another 73{K
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/20 21:00:39z Send another 73{J
EA4GII-9 EA4GII-7 11/17 22:01:01z Send another 73{2
EA4GII-9 OZ1MAS 11/17 22:00:32z Send another 73{1
G7HCE EA4GII-9 11/17 00:29:48z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter - QSL !
G7HCE-7 EA4GII-9 11/16 22:53:31z Reply Hi from Exeter{0
SQ1FYB-4 EA4GII-9 11/15 23:45:42z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS!
F6HDW EA4GII-9 11/14 23:01:15z Reply QSL to f6hdw@orange.fr