EA1CIU-1 messages

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EA7HOH-6 EA1CIU-1 03/22 17:39:59z Reply RX in IM66, QSL? {96
ON4BN EA1CIU-1 03/19 23:19:02z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS (jurgen)
EA1FMF-7 EA1CIU-1 03/19 18:27:10z Reply 73 QSL?{01
EA1FMF-7 EA1CIU-1 03/19 00:08:37z Reply EA1FMF IN83dj 73{98
EA1CIU-1 BLN 03/16 04:29:42z Send another SatGate EA1CIU Pontevedra is on
EA1FMF-7 EA1CIU-1 03/15 20:04:10z Reply EA1FMF IN83dj 73{57
EA1FMF-7 EA1CIU-1 03/15 20:00:11z Reply EA1FMF IN83dj 73{53
EA1CIU-1 EA1CQP-6 03/15 19:57:51z Send another Only RF to Internet Service!
EA1CQP-6 EA1CIU-1 03/15 19:57:50z Reply Hello from Benavente IN72da
EA1FMF-7 EA1CIU-1 03/15 03:15:45z Reply EA1FMF IN83dj 73{54
CT1EBQ EA1CIU-1 03/14 22:23:44z Reply 73, QSL ask oitaven@ct1ebq.com {EBQ63
CT1EBQ EA1CIU-1 03/14 22:23:38z Reply EA1CIU-1 de CT1EBQ you are crystal clear in IM58gr {EBQ63
EA2EPC EA1CIU-1 03/14 20:48:24z Reply Nice signal in IN83MG. QSL?