DX6RAN messages

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DV8CER-9 DX6RAN 01/31 02:28:05z Reply 599 dipolog city{8
DV8CER-9 DX6RAN 01/31 02:27:14z Reply OM Gm 599{2
DV8CER-9 DX6RAN 01/31 02:27:09z Reply Gm om 599{1
YC8UMD DX6RAN 01/30 13:54:27z Reply 599 FROM PJ21JI
DU6DKL DX6RAN 01/30 13:53:05z Reply Thanks for the signal report of our Club Statio DX6RAN
DU6DKL DX6RAN 01/30 13:51:41z Reply 599 always in Negros PK10lr
BV2DQ DX6RAN 01/30 13:11:37z Reply 599 PL04PV
DV4ZAR-6 DX6RAN 01/29 13:59:00z Reply Good evening to all {1
YC8UMD DX6RAN 01/28 09:37:48z Reply 599 FROM PJ21JI GA KAKO
E29AHU DX6RAN 01/28 09:34:24z Reply 599 FROM E29AHU NK93vt
YC9CCS DX6RAN 01/27 15:40:14z Reply HELLO VIA ISS
YD8ACD DX6RAN 01/27 00:28:15z Reply 599 From Pi04Ck.
YC0OSU DX6RAN 01/27 00:27:07z Reply GM 599 South Jakarta de YC0OSU
YD9CKH DX6RAN 01/26 22:46:20z Reply GM UR 599-OI71oi.
YD9CKH DX6RAN 01/26 22:41:55z Reply GM UR 599 - OI71oi.
YD7VME DX6RAN 01/25 10:10:40z Reply GA UR 59 FROM OJ82SD
DX6RAN AMSAT-ID 01/25 03:18:16z Send another hello all from club station DX6RAN{OO}