DW2JHA-2 messages

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DW2JHA-2 E24TVS-2 04/11 11:50:04z Send another 73{1
DW2JHA-2 DU6DKL 04/11 11:49:55z Send another Hi kako from PK06eb{1
E24TVS-2 DW2JHA-2 04/11 01:56:23z Reply https://www.qrz.com/db/E24TVS
E24TVS-2 DW2JHA-2 04/08 13:14:49z Reply E24TVS Your 59 Good Luck Thank you
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 04/04 04:40:33z Send another Amazing crew onboard!{1
DW2JHA-2 VK4EM 04/04 04:39:44z Send another Hey, how are you?{1
DW2JHA-2 ISS-10 04/04 04:39:24z Send another VK4EM de DW2JHA. 73!{1
IZ1JPS DW2JHA-2 03/27 20:53:44z Reply 73 tnx fr info {34
DW2JHA-2 HS3LSE-11 03/27 18:04:54z Send another hi{2
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 03/27 18:03:10z Send another Hi safe pass over PH{1
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 03/24 18:59:03z Send another Congrats on the successful space walk!{1
DW2JHA-2 E24TVS-2 03/24 18:58:54z Send another Hey, how are you doin. de dw2jha{1
DW2JHA-2 E24TVS 03/21 10:03:43z Send another Tnx for contact on so-50!{1
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 03/21 10:03:35z Send another Have a safe space walk later! 73{2
DW2JHA-2 E29TXA-1 03/20 10:55:18z Send another https://www.qrz.com/db/DW2JHA{1
DW2JHA-2 HS3LSE-11 03/20 10:54:13z Send another Sending you a packet from Philippines! 73!{1
DW2JHA-2 E24TVS-2 03/19 21:37:21z Send another Do you qso via iss digipeater? 73!{1
DW2JHA-2 UA9AQL 03/19 21:36:24z Send another de DW2JHA from ph! 73!{3
DW2JHA-2 7J1ADJ 03/17 11:53:26z Send another 73!{1
DW2JHA-2 Y03FVR 03/17 11:49:55z Send another Hi Catalin, how are you these days{1
DW2JHA-2 UA9AQL 02/08 02:34:13z Send another Do you Qsl via ISS?{2
DW2JHA-2 E24TVS-2 02/07 13:18:15z Send another QSL{1
UA9AQL DW2JHA-2 02/07 13:16:31z Reply ?APRST