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DW4TIM DU6DKL-6 10/25 05:37:46z Reply Keep safe tito kako! 73!{GW}
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/20 16:19:11z Send another thanks my friend, stay safe also{26
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 10/20 15:42:46z Reply ok great.just looking out for you! stay safe{31
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/20 15:29:49z Send another we are good here so far.. the storm is far from the qth{25
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/20 15:28:08z Send another Northern part of the country..{24
DU6DKL-6 TA5AHO-1 10/19 13:53:11z Send another qrz{22
DU6DKL-6 TA5AHO-1 10/19 13:52:19z Send another test{21
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-1 10/19 13:33:04z Send another test{20
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-1 10/19 13:32:10z Send another test{19
DU6DKL-6 TA5AHO-4 10/19 13:23:56z Send another did you rx my -1?{17
DU6DKL-6 TA5AHO-4 10/19 13:23:38z Send another now you are sengndi{16
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-6 10/19 13:19:47z Reply test ok{TP}
DU6DKL-6 TA5AHO-4 10/19 13:19:04z Send another test cq de du6dkl{15
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 10/19 03:13:32z Send another MODAY{14
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/18 07:30:39z Reply 3{S
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:59:22z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{13
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:57:59z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{12
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:56:46z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{10
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:55:19z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{09
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:54:39z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{08
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:49:40z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{15
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:49:40z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{04
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:49:08z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{11
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:21:09z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{02
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 10/17 03:19:57z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{01
KC1HHO-9 DU6DKL-6 10/17 01:29:26z Reply All is well here{30
DU6DKL DU6DKL-6 10/17 01:27:41z Reply TEST{64
DU6DKL DU6DKL-6 10/17 01:21:04z Reply HI{63
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 10/17 00:03:13z Send another test{13
DU6DKL-6 BLN 10/16 17:26:36z Send another SatGate /DiGi for Terrestial and Satellite 145.825mhz Enabled
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/14 12:21:31z Send another have you tried it already?{PZ}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 10/14 12:19:48z Reply all are well. Chorizo looks delicous.going to make some soon.{74
DU6DKL-6 9H1JY 10/14 02:32:31z Send another hi joe from Phil PK10LR{38
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 10/14 02:27:00z Reply : j{021
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/14 02:23:29z Send another stay dry and give my regards to your family{37
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/14 02:22:48z Send another hope you'll have a good day tomorrow.. ydry{36
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-6 10/14 02:01:35z Reply had a good day. no rain tomorrow{7
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/14 01:29:24z Send another HAHAHA.. {35
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 10/13 15:59:56z Reply dont get blown away!{72
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/13 15:52:03z Send another ITS TYPHOON SEASON HERE BUT SO FA TO TREAT{34
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 10/13 15:51:01z Send another STAY DRY HAHAHA{33
DU6DKL-6 DU9JJY-5 10/13 15:50:12z Send another HI TAZ GE!{32
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-13 10/13 15:09:20z Send another again{31
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-13 10/13 15:01:51z Send another roger{30
DU9JJY-5 DU6DKL-6 10/13 13:40:19z Reply Hi kako{1
DU6DKL-6 PU5ADW-7 10/13 11:21:06z Send another ?PING?
DU6DKL-6 PU5ADW-7 10/13 11:20:49z Send another PING?{29
DU6DKL-6 HS6KLJ-2 10/13 10:10:34z Send another 73{28
DU6DKL-6 HS6KLJ-2 10/13 10:10:29z Send another ALL THE BEST{27
DU6DKL-6 HS6KLJ-2 10/13 10:09:21z Send another 59 PK10LR{26
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 10/13 09:53:47z Send another yes{25
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 10/13 09:50:34z Reply : j{016
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/13 07:10:30z Reply rej24
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 07:10:23z Send another AT{24
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/13 07:09:00z Reply rej23
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 07:08:55z Send another T{23
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-6 10/13 06:49:44z Reply GANI{KA}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-4 10/13 06:47:31z Send another DIGI KA{22
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/13 06:46:53z Reply rej21
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 06:46:48z Send another T MAN{21
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-1 10/13 06:46:08z Send another AGAIN{20
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-1 10/13 06:45:46z Send another AGAIN{19
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-1 10/13 06:44:48z Send another TEST{18
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-1 10/13 06:44:24z Send another TEST{17
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 10/13 06:42:41z Reply : 6{012
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 10/13 06:41:53z Send another DIRI NA{16
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/13 06:41:10z Reply rej15
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 06:41:05z Send another BA{15
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/13 06:40:36z Reply rej14
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 06:40:31z Send another AGT{14
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 06:39:52z Send another AGAIN{13
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 10/13 06:36:59z Reply rej12
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 10/13 06:36:57z Send another TEST{12
DU6DKL-6 YC9CCS 10/11 14:42:55z Send another ge and mabuhau gusti{11
DU6DKL-6 JJ5INJ-9 10/11 08:29:35z Send another stay safe, drive safe 73 from pk10lr{VS}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 10/11 03:53:36z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,10,-1280,0,1,0
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 10/11 03:53:36z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,mA,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 10/11 03:53:36z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,Current,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
DU6DKL-6 BI4JQR-6 10/11 03:42:44z Send another drive safe stay safe 73{VR}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-11 09/25 12:31:42z Send another test{14
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 09/25 12:29:51z Send another tnx{13
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 09/25 09:19:17z Reply QRL
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 09/25 09:19:00z Reply rej43
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 09/25 09:18:38z Send another TT{43
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 09/25 09:16:44z Send another 73{41
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 09/25 06:31:49z Send another T{40
DU6DKL-6 DV7FJB-1 09/24 14:58:44z Send another SEND KITA MSG VIA YBOX MAMAYA HAHAHAH{38
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 09/24 12:19:13z Send another try sending to my -13.. its my other Retevis hihi{37
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 09/24 12:18:18z Send another hahaha.... {36
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 09/24 12:09:28z Reply you made me hungry.5 more hours until lunch.I hope I make it!{03
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 09/23 08:45:15z Reply : kc{017
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 09/23 08:41:09z Send another gone{34
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-11 09/23 08:40:38z Send another going kamo>{33
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-11 09/23 08:39:36z Send another ga ano kamo?{32
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 09/23 08:29:04z Send another when all is well il find a way to send you chorizo{31
N2YYZ-5 DU6DKL-6 09/23 01:42:51z Reply Hello!Thx for message! I took my portable bicycling today,nice day{876D2
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 09/23 01:40:50z Send another Fb kilo_279@yahoo.com{30
DU6DKL-6 N2YYZ-5 09/23 01:06:39z Send another ALL THE VERY BEST FROM NEGROS PHIL 73!{29