DO6MDA messages

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DO6MDA DL2AKT 12/09 14:11:01z Send another Many,Greating!from:Uni:HD.72{51
DL1ZAS DO6MDA 12/04 20:15:53z Reply 73 danke
DO6MDA IZ0PMP-10 12/04 18:35:16z Send another rej00
IZ0PMP-10 DO6MDA 12/04 18:35:16z Reply 73!for italy iz0pmp{00
DO6MDA DL1ZAS 12/04 18:33:51z Send another Michael via,Sat!73
DO6MDA IZ0PMP-10 12/04 18:32:30z Send another 73>MICHAEL
DL1ZAS DO6MDA 12/04 17:17:53z Reply tnx 73 tu
DO6MDA IZ2FDU 12/04 16:58:10z Send another 73>MICHAEL
DO6MDA DL1ZAS 12/04 16:57:40z Send another 73>MICHAEL
DL6WAB DO6MDA 12/04 16:56:23z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
DO6MDA YU7RD 12/04 16:56:18z Send another Michael via,Sat!73
DO6MDA SQ9GK- 12/02 18:42:20z Send another
DO6MDA SQ9GK-7 12/02 18:42:20z Send another Michael via,Sat!73
YU7RD DO6MDA 12/01 19:33:14z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
DO6MDA YU7RD 12/01 19:33:00z Send another Michael via,Sat!73
DO6MDA OE5RPP 11/29 18:05:25z Send another 73>MICHAEL
DO6MDA PD0RLX 11/27 21:26:20z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA IR0UGN-1 11/27 21:26:02z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA DK2WC 11/27 19:49:26z Send another Michael via,Sat!73
TA5AHO-4 DO6MDA 11/27 18:39:30z Reply Hello! 73 from TURKEY!-
TA5AHO-4 DO6MDA 11/27 18:38:48z Reply Hello! 73 from TURKEY!
TA5AHO-4 DO6MDA 11/27 18:35:06z Reply TNX 73 ;)
DO6MDA F8FFP-10 11/27 18:12:19z Send another RS0ISS
TA5AHO-4 DO6MDA 11/26 23:14:07z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS.-//
DO6MDA 2E0CRV-8 11/26 19:04:47z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA PE1NTN 11/26 19:03:53z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA TA1FL-4 11/26 19:03:10z Send another Michael via,Sat!73
DO6MDA DB0AIS 11/05 07:07:57z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA DB0AIS 11/05 07:06:32z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA OE6PWE 11/03 07:53:08z Send another DO6MDA\via SAT\QSL?{65
DO6MDA 2E0CRV-8 11/03 07:53:03z Send another DO6MDA\via SAT\QSL?{63
DO6MDA 2E0CRV-8 11/03 07:51:35z Send another RS0ISS
DO6MDA OE6PWE 11/03 07:51:33z Send another DO6MDA\via SAT\QSL?{61
DO6MDA OE6PWE 10/29 08:59:09z Send another 73DO6MDA {45
DO6MDA PD0MNI 10/28 13:56:16z Send another 73 michael sat ISS
DO6MDA PD0MNI 10/28 09:51:21z Send another 73DO6MDA{44