DL3RCE messages

fromtotime message
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/05 06:24:16z Send another test3{80
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/05 06:22:48z Send another test1{78
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/04 13:22:55z Send another ok{1
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/04 10:54:28z Send another test{0
OH6KNW DL3RCE 05/03 06:24:45z Reply rej64
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/03 06:24:43z Send another test2{64
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/03 06:21:23z Send another test1{63
CT1EBQ DL3RCE 05/02 08:47:09z Reply 73, QSL ask ct1ebq@oitaven.pt{22
CT1EBQ DL3RCE 05/02 08:46:59z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo{440
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/02 08:46:21z Send another test2{58
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/02 05:35:37z Send another TEST5{51
OH6KNW DL3RCE 05/02 05:34:24z Reply AA:73 de Teemu
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/02 05:34:20z Send another TEST4{50
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 05/02 05:30:40z Send another TEST{46
DL3RCE DL3RCE 05/01 14:49:38z Send another ?APRSP
DL3RCE DL3RCE 05/01 14:47:37z Send another test{20
TA5AJC-10 DL3RCE 04/30 08:53:19z Reply QSL and 73! via ISS de Noyan TA5AJC
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/30 07:07:52z Send another ONL 4332 tnx fer report dl3rce{32
2E1EBX-6 DL3RCE 04/30 07:07:12z Reply Thanks for the contact 73 de Les{30
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/30 07:06:22z Send another ONL 4332 tnx fer report dl3rce{30
F4IPX DL3RCE 04/30 07:06:03z Reply 73' from JeanMarc QTH Nantes, France via ISS
DL3RCE ON4BN 04/27 07:52:07z Send another 73{10
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/27 06:17:53z Send another ONL 4332 Karel Valkiers tnx fer report 24/04/2021 DL3RCE{19
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/26 07:07:08z Send another 73 55 to ONL 4332 KAREL VALKIERS de DL3RCE{13
DL3RCE G6JVY-9 04/25 11:03:33z Send another heard{04
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 08:40:29z Send another 73 55{96
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 08:39:39z Send another test{95
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 08:38:57z Send another TEST{94
SA0BSV DL3RCE 04/24 07:02:24z Reply Hello from Sweden via ISS JO89xb
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 07:02:17z Send another test test{91
DL3RCE DL9NCY-9 04/22 12:22:42z Send another heard dl3rce{4
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/22 06:57:40z Send another 73 55{80
EA6XQ-15 DL3RCE 04/21 07:59:49z Reply 73 desde JM19lh
EA6XQ-15 DL3RCE 04/21 07:59:33z Reply good morning Ricardo
EA6XQ-15 DL3RCE 04/21 07:56:49z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
DL3RCE EA6XQ-15 04/21 07:56:49z Send another heard{73
DL3RCE OE5RPP 04/19 11:00:58z Send another heard{68
DL3RCE SQ9DHS-4 04/19 07:50:57z Send another heard by dl3rce{66
EA6XQ-15 DL3RCE 04/19 07:47:00z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
DL3RCE EA6XQ-15 04/19 07:46:48z Send another heard{64
DL3RCE OE5RPP-1 04/18 10:55:37z Send another tnxde{29
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/18 10:54:29z Send another test{28
DL3RCE DL3RCE 04/17 09:41:06z Send another new{62
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/17 09:33:56z Send another test{61
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/17 08:40:31z Send another test{24
DL3RCE DL3RCE 04/16 08:57:50z Send another tdma{19