DL3RCE messages

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YO8RAA DL3RCE 04/29 07:17:45z Reply hello dr Dieter & 73
DL3RCE YO8RAA 04/29 07:15:23z Send another gm, cq heard ,73 de Dieter{83
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/28 12:06:57z Send another Test{81
DL3RCE EMAIL 04/27 15:19:47z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{0
YO8RAA DL3RCE 04/27 12:12:53z Reply hello Dieter, tnx msg via satellite
DL3RCE YO8RAA 04/27 08:58:32z Send another gm 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{78
DL3RCE F5SN 04/27 07:25:25z Send another gm 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{77
DL3RCE PA2EON 04/27 07:20:14z Send another gm 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{76
DL3RCE UA1ZFG-4 04/26 11:30:20z Send another 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{72
DL3RCE SV2JAO 04/26 11:24:47z Send another sti geia mas 73 de Dieter apo Hexenagger{71
DL3RCE EMAIL 04/26 06:37:25z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{61
DL3RCE OE5RPP 04/24 11:35:05z Send another 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{58
DL3RCE DK4PE 04/24 09:59:03z Send another 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{55
DL3RCE EMAIL 04/24 08:21:30z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{49
DL3RCE DL3RCE 04/21 15:46:20z Send another 73 to Dieter{17
DL3RCE DL3RCE 04/21 14:18:42z Send another 73 to Dieter{37
DL3RCE EMAIL 04/19 11:10:18z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{10
DL3RCE DL3RCE 04/03 08:06:25z Send another test{35
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/02 17:05:41z Send another TEST{95
DL3RCE OE5RPP 04/02 07:00:58z Send another 73{32
DL3RCE DL3RCE 04/01 10:44:58z Send another 73 de Dieter {19
YO8RAA DL3RCE 04/01 09:32:13z Reply hello
DL3RCE IR0UGN-1 04/01 09:10:39z Send another 73{29
DL3RCE YO8RAA 04/01 09:08:59z Send another 73{26
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/01 07:33:05z Send another TEST2{94
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 04/01 07:29:30z Send another TEST{93
DL3RCE DL3RCE 03/31 04:47:27z Send another TEST TEST{88
DL3RCE OE5RPP 03/29 07:26:12z Send another Hallo Peter,73 de Dieter DL3RCE via NO-84{83
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 03/28 06:22:34z Send another gm TEST via NO-84{81
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/27 10:06:58z Send another georgios-linidis@t-online.de
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/27 10:06:53z Send another georgios-linidis@t-online.de Gia sou Giorgo,73 de Dieter via NO-84{78
YO8RAA-1 DL3RCE 03/27 07:37:11z Reply Hello Dieter, all the best via PCSat
DL3RCE IR0UGN-1 03/27 06:52:12z Send another gm de Dieter DL3RCE,hr IC7000 ant Diamond X700{75
DL3RCE IR0UGN-1 03/27 06:51:25z Send another gm de Dieter DL3RCE,hr IC7000 ant Diamond X700{74
IR0UGN-1 DL3RCE 03/26 12:15:53z Reply Hi from IR0UGN SGate maintained by IZ0QWM Raffaello
DL3RCE IR0UGN-1 03/26 12:15:51z Send another Hallo,73 via NO-84 de Dieter Dl3rce{72
DL3RCE YO8RAA-1 03/26 10:38:43z Send another Hallo Mircea,73 via NO-84 de Dieter DL3RCE{70
DL3RCE OE5RPP 03/26 07:25:52z Send another Hallo Peter,73 via NO-84 de Dieter DL3RCE{68
DL3RCE OE5RPP 03/26 07:21:09z Send another Hallo Peter,73 via NO-84 de Dieter DL3RCE{67
DL3RCE OE5RPP 03/25 07:53:57z Send another Hallo Peter,73 via NO-84 de Dieter DL3RCE{65
DL3RCE OE5RPP 03/25 07:52:30z Send another Hallo Peter,73 via NO-84 de Dieter DL3RCE{64
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/22 11:04:42z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test3{23
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 03/22 11:01:21z Send another test test{22
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 03/22 09:29:31z Send another TEST{56
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 03/21 11:34:56z Send another 73 de Dieter{18
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 03/21 08:18:37z Send another GM TEST{48
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/20 15:23:21z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST TEST{46
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/20 15:18:01z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST TEST{45
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/20 10:30:26z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{43
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/20 10:25:07z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{42
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/20 07:14:08z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{41
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/19 14:16:15z Send another AK_df7ml@yahoo.de Hallo Alf,73 via SAT NO-84 de Dieter{38
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/19 14:14:20z Send another AK_df7ml@yahoo.de Hallo Alf,73 via SAT NO-84 de Dieter{37
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/19 12:37:32z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{14
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/19 11:01:28z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{36
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/19 10:55:43z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{35
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/13 18:22:55z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test2{05
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/13 18:18:40z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{04
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/13 18:09:32z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{8
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/13 15:56:24z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test2{96
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/13 15:49:50z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{95
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/12 17:51:55z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{84
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/11 12:45:43z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{77
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/11 12:25:39z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{76
DL3RCE EMAIL 03/11 12:23:32z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{75