DL3RCE messages

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DL3RCE EMAIL 03/01 09:35:07z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{11
DL3RCE EMAIL 02/23 15:42:05z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de test{36
IT9FTP DL3RCE 02/20 13:02:25z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IT9FTP DL3RCE 02/20 13:00:45z Reply Best regards to the ISS Crew
UR4LSK DL3RCE 02/20 09:47:14z Reply Hello from Ukraine!!! Op.Sergey QTH.Kharkiv via ISS
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/12 16:39:11z Send another antenne hb9cv horizontal{81
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/12 16:38:37z Send another antenne hb9cv horizontal{80
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/12 16:37:52z Send another antenne hb9cv horizontal{79
DL3RCE OE6PWE 02/12 11:49:46z Send another 73 55 de dl3rce Dieter Hexenagger{63
DL3RCE OE6PWE 02/12 11:49:23z Send another 73 55 de dl3rce Dieter Hexenagger{62
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/12 10:13:27z Send another Antenne HB9CV{57
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/12 10:11:40z Send another Antenne HB9CV{55
DL3RCE SV3CIX 02/11 12:40:28z Send another 73 55 de DL3RCE Dieter{49
DL3RCE SV3CIX 02/11 12:40:06z Send another 73 55 de DL3RCE Dieter{48
DL3RCE EMAIL 02/11 11:05:44z Send another {41
DL3RCE EMAIL 02/11 11:05:04z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TESTl3rce@t-online.de TEST{40
DL3RCE EMAIL 02/11 11:03:38z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de TEST{39
DL3RCE SY1COD 02/10 13:33:05z Send another Kali spera Giorgo,73 kai 55 via ISS de Dieter DL3RCE{36
DL3RCE RS0ISS 02/10 11:54:48z Send another cq de DL3RCE Dieter{31
DL3RCE RS0ISS 02/10 10:19:03z Send another 73 55 de DL3RCE{26
DL3RCE RS0ISS 02/10 10:18:09z Send another 73 55 de DL3RCE{25
DL3RCE EMAIL 02/09 14:25:18z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de via iss{18
DL3RCE EMAIL 02/09 14:23:16z Send another dl3rce@t-online.de via iss{16
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/09 11:10:20z Send another test{14
DL3RCE DL3RCE-1 02/09 11:09:16z Send another test{13