DK8JH-7 messages

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TA5AHO-4 DK8JH-7 10/27 23:23:24z Reply Greetings From TURKEY TA5AHO{QZ}
IK7FMQ DK8JH-7 10/26 06:46:48z Reply 73 QSL ?
DK8JH-7 CT1EBQ 10/26 06:43:00z Send another CT1EBQ QSL 73{2
DK8JH-7 CT1EBQ 10/26 06:42:49z Send another QSL {1
DK8JH-7 CT1EBQ 10/25 06:34:27z Send another Hello Ricardo, send u a qsl via 73!
PC1L-2 DK8JH-7 10/24 08:18:37z Reply Guten Morgen{60
DK8JH-7 YO8RBY 10/24 07:32:35z Send another Hello Narcis, have a nice Sunday 73 de Lutz
YO8RBY DK8JH-7 10/24 06:45:41z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>
IU3MEY DK8JH-7 10/24 06:42:37z Reply QSL? '73
CT1EBQ DK8JH-7 10/24 06:41:42z Reply DK8JH-7 de CT1EBQ you are crystal clear in IM58gr {EBQ34
CT1EBQ DK8JH-7 10/24 06:41:24z Reply 73 via ISS IM58gr, QSL see {EBQ34
DK8JH-7 IK6GZM 10/15 11:27:23z Send another Hello, my first aprs-contact via ISS! 73!
DK8JH-7 IW7DOL 10/15 11:25:51z Send another Hello, my first aprs-contact to iss! 73!
IW7DOL DK8JH-7 10/15 10:37:17z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
IK6GZM DK8JH-7 10/15 10:33:38z Reply 73, QSL?