DG8NCY-9 messages

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DL6WAB DG8NCY-9 10/13 13:10:41z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
G7HCE DG8NCY-9 10/03 18:32:08z Reply Hi from IO80 via ISS QSL !
DL6AP-7 DG8NCY-9 10/02 17:54:08z Reply Tu es QSL from JO64 de Andy!{2
DL6AP-7 DG8NCY-9 10/02 17:52:35z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{1
DG8NCY-9 DB0INS 10/02 15:23:24z Send another AA:TNX FR MSG, will be read soon...
DG8NCY-9 DB0INS 10/02 15:22:48z Send another rej1
DF1NY-9 DG8NCY-9 09/30 16:20:59z Reply MSG-Test via ISS
DG8NCY-9 DG8NCY-G 09/30 14:50:51z Send another Hallo?
DG8NCY-G DG8NCY-9 09/21 23:24:56z Reply Test