DF1CHB-9 messages

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DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/15 06:57:36z Send another j planes{1y}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/15 06:57:21z Send another d planes{1w}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 05/15 06:57:16z Reply pklanes Does Not Exist
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/15 06:57:16z Send another d pklanes{1v}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 05/15 06:57:04z Reply Members[RPRNET]: DF8LS-10 SM5RVH-1 SA7SKY-10 SM5RVH-3
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/15 06:57:04z Send another d rprnet{1u}
OH6DL-10 DF1CHB-9 05/13 13:28:43z Reply N:RPRNET now QRV
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/13 06:36:16z Send another j planes{1t}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/13 06:36:04z Send another d planes{1s}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 05/13 06:35:06z Reply Members[RPRNET]: DF8LS-10 SM5RVH-1 SA7SKY-10 OH6DL-10 SM5RVH-3+
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 05/13 06:35:06z Send another d rprnet{1q}
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 20:29:44z Reply N:RPRNET ETA 2120z->Laptop Off, HF-Dual ON, 73
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 20:15:45z Reply N:RPRNET Resuming cycling 30/40m
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 20:11:14z Reply N:RPRNET Who is digipeating with WIDE3-3??!!
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:59:50z Reply N:RPRNET Beautiful night sightseeing of Paris head :-)
DF1CHB-9 F4ACU-7 05/09 19:54:03z Send another AA:sorry, cockpit busy, 73
F4ACU-7 DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:53:45z Reply Hello du VX8. Bon vol. 73{39
F4ACU DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:40:48z Reply ?aprst{7w}
F4ACU DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:36:50z Reply ?aprs{7u}
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:08:33z Reply 1909z: 40m{50
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:05:21z Reply Testing 40m{48
F4ACU DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:03:18z Reply 73 Cyril. Nomsg on RP :({9P}
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 19:02:06z Reply N:RPRNET testing 7047,3 USB for a short while
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:42:46z Reply N:RPRNET Testing 7047,3 USB for a while
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:32:45z Reply N:RPRNET QRV 7047,3 USB for a short while
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:26:39z Reply N:RPRNET Back 30, cycling 30/40m...
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:23:57z Reply N:RPRNET QRV 7047,3 USB, cycling 30/40m
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:21:12z Reply N:RPRNET QSY 7047,3 USB
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:08:42z Reply N:RPRNET Testing 14102,0 USB then QSY 30m
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:05:56z Reply N:RPRNET QRV 7047,3 USB, then 14102,0 USB
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 18:03:16z Reply N:RPRNET QSY 7047,3 USB, testing....
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 17:55:02z Reply N:RPRNET Just tried 40m & 20m: only DB0UAL-10 w/ pb
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 17:51:43z Reply N:RPRNET QSY back to 30m now
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 17:50:49z Reply N:RPRNET Testing 14102,0 USB
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 17:45:00z Reply N:RPRNET Back-on keys, ETA 2125z outside air-temp -55c
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 15:00:40z Reply N:RPRNET Lot of QRN today...
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 14:55:04z Reply N:RPRNET DB0UAL-10/20m TRX mod pb confirmed
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 14:52:24z Reply N:RPRNET Testing DB0UAL-10/20m
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 14:06:52z Reply N:RPRNET Testing DB0UAL-10/20m but UAL having tx pb!
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 13:30:40z Reply N:RPRNET Coastline in sight :-)
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 13:20:17z Reply Test via F4ACU-3{92
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 13:07:08z Reply N:RPRNET Nice sightseeing of Paris ;-)
DF1CHB-9 DF1CHB 05/09 13:03:37z Send another ok{57
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 12:58:06z Reply test{88
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/09 12:50:09z Reply N:RPRNET Hello Group, ETA 1635z, outside air-temp -58
SA7SKY-10 DF1CHB-9 05/02 19:29:39z Reply N:RPRNET SA7SKY-10 QRT for today. 73 de Helge
F5TUN-9 DF1CHB-9 05/02 18:03:35z Reply 73 depuis Paris !{07
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/02 16:02:34z Reply N:RPRNET Shortly to start descent->Keyboard OFF
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/02 15:52:53z Reply N:RPRNET ETA 1640z, staying 30m for time being...
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/02 10:48:06z Reply N:RPRNET Flying-digi available with path DF1CHB
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/02 10:43:30z Reply N:RPRNET 50min to landing->HF-Dual activated, keys OFF
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/02 10:01:48z Reply N:RPRNET NDB 338 Khz "PST" rx-ed > 550Nm!!
WXBOT DF1CHB-9 05/02 09:40:59z Reply Error, unable to get a forecast for location 42.30133/-9.05967
WXBOT DF1CHB-9 05/02 09:40:36z Reply LPMA 020930Z 11005KT 080V170 9999 SCT016 BKN040 20/12 Q1017{LS
DF1CHB-9 WXBOT 05/02 09:40:30z Send another lpma{56
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 05/02 09:20:16z Reply N:RPRNET ETA 1130z, QRV 30m only for time being
DF1CHB-9 VK3TBN-10 04/21 16:38:23z Send another ?APRSM
VK3TBN-10 DF1CHB-9 04/21 16:38:12z Reply Directs(1)= None
DF1CHB-9 VK2NA-11 04/21 16:37:41z Send another ?APRSD
DF1CHB-9 VK2NA-11 04/21 16:37:28z Send another ?VER
F4AHV-9 DF1CHB-9 04/18 10:08:13z Reply merci tres beau mais froid 73{38
F4AHV-9 DF1CHB-9 04/17 09:14:25z Reply AA:ok bien recu 73
DF1CHB-9 F4AHV-9 04/17 09:14:16z Send another Bonne route, 73{1p}
DF1CHB-9 F4EGG-9 04/17 09:06:19z Send another ?PING?{1o}
DF1CHB-9 F4AHV-9 04/14 12:26:36z Send another Je ne sais pas si tu as prévu de monter jusqu'a Tromso?{1k}
VK3TBN-10 DF1CHB-9 04/14 11:22:44z Reply DX: VK2NA-7 32.58.12S 151.40.94E 794.6km 51ø 07:07
DF1CHB-9 VK3TBN-10 04/14 11:22:41z Send another ?dx{1n}
VK3TBN-10 DF1CHB-9 04/14 11:22:28z Reply Directs(1)= VK2NA-7 VK3TBN-8
DF1CHB-9 VK3TBN-10 04/14 11:22:25z Send another ?aprsd{1m}
DF1CHB-9 VK3TBN-10 04/14 11:22:06z Send another ?aprds{1l}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/14 11:09:36z Send another d planes{1i}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/14 11:09:25z Send another j rprnet{1h}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/14 11:09:16z Reply Members[RPRNET]: DF8LS-10 SM5RVH-1 OH6DL-10 F1MHV-9
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/14 11:09:16z Send another d rprnet{1g}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/13 14:06:39z Reply 4 Members In RPRNET
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/13 14:06:39z Reply Members[RPRNET]: DF8LS-10 SM5RVH-1 SA7SKY-10 OH6DL-10
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/13 14:06:39z Reply RPRNET(4) Robust Packet Network *HF-RPR-APRS Europe* Own:DF8LS-10
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/13 14:06:39z Send another d rprnet{1f}
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 19:14:13z Reply N:RPRNET Cycling 30m/40m, QRV VHF 1200bd -9
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 18:43:10z Reply N:RPRNET 11600m outisede air temp -61c
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 14:49:57z Reply N:RPRNET To recall: Cycling 30m/40m starting from 15UTC
DF1CHB-9 WXBOT 04/11 14:25:33z Send another lpma{49
DF1CHB-9 CT3FU 04/11 14:22:31z Send another ?aprsp{50
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 13:48:55z Reply N:RPRNET Over the Land, DF1CHB-9 VHF available
DF1CHB-9 DF1CHB 04/11 13:04:10z Send another test2{48
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 13:02:51z Reply test{90
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 12:57:24z Reply N:RPRNET To recall: cycling 30/40m will start at 15utc
DF1CHB DF1CHB-9 04/11 12:54:00z Reply N:RPRNET 11900m outside air temp -60c, ETA 1600z
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/09 07:00:41z Send another j planes{1e}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/09 07:00:36z Send another d planes{1d}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/09 07:00:32z Send another j rprnet{1c}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/09 07:00:14z Send another d rprnet{1b}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/08 13:52:00z Reply N:RPRNET 3 Messages Sent
DF1CHB-9 DF8LS-10 04/08 13:52:00z Send another N:RPRNET 6W7RV-10 mobile heading to north LA
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/08 13:52:00z Send another cq rprnet 6W7RV-10 mobile heading to north LA{1a}
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/08 13:50:14z Send another j planes{1Z}
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/08 13:50:10z Reply 1 Members In PLANES
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/08 13:50:10z Reply Members[PLANES]: G6UIM
ANSRVR DF1CHB-9 04/08 13:50:10z Reply PLANES(1) Plane flights with APRS Own:G6UIM
DF1CHB-9 ANSRVR 04/08 13:50:09z Send another d planes{1Y}