CT1EIF messages

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CT1EIF BLN 08/14 20:34:15z Send another SatGate UISS AddOn active
CT1EIF BLNQSL2/2 08/14 18:22:05z Send another IU2DMI,EA5FIV{UISS54}
CT1EIF IU2DMI 08/14 18:21:44z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
CT1EIF IU2DMI 08/14 18:21:13z Send another Only RF to Internet Service!
IU2DMI CT1EIF 08/14 18:21:12z Reply 73 de iu2dmi via Iss
CT1EIF EA1YQ-6 08/14 18:21:00z Send another Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/13 19:13:15z Send another G4BBH,EA7AHA,IK1COA-2,M0SKM,DL2AKT,IR0UGN-1,IU2DMI{UISS54}
CT1EIF OZ1MAS 08/13 16:29:14z Send another Hello from MOURA, IM68gd, Portugal, 73
OZ1MAS CT1EIF 08/13 16:03:20z Reply Hi from Jorgen jo54wx denmark
CT1EIF UA9AQL 08/13 16:01:45z Send another Hi from MOURA, IM68gd, Portugal, 73
UA9AQL CT1EIF 08/13 16:01:22z Reply Hello! 73 de Sergey Miass{91
M0SKM CT1EIF 08/12 16:17:37z Reply Thanks for the call from Portugal 73 from Steve
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/12 13:35:22z Send another M0SKM{UISS54}
EA4GII-9 CT1EIF 08/11 19:19:12z Reply 73{1
EA4GII-9 CT1EIF 08/11 14:33:30z Reply 73-51 vía ISS
EA4GII-9 CT1EIF 08/11 14:29:31z Reply 73{Y
CT1EIF EA4GII-9 08/11 14:26:34z Send another Hi from Moura, Portugal, 73
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/09 17:49:57z Send another G7UZN{UISS54}
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/09 16:14:10z Send another G7UZN,I0ERP,G7HCE-7,HB3YGP{UISS54}
CT1EIF HB3YGP 08/09 16:13:20z Send another QSL ?
G7HCE-7 CT1EIF 08/09 16:13:12z Reply Hi from Exeter{0
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/09 16:13:01z Send another G7UZN,I0ERP,G7HCE-7{UISS54}
CT1EIF BLNQSL2/2 08/09 14:38:56z Send another SV2CPH-1,IW2ETV-7{UISS54}
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/09 14:35:00z Send another PSAT-1,F8NHA-6{UISS54}
CT1EIF BLNQSL1/1 08/09 14:32:20z Send another PSAT-1{UISS54}
ON3MR CT1EIF 07/24 16:30:21z Reply ?DX