CS7AWH messages

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IU2DMI CS7AWH 09/25 18:52:55z Reply 73 DE IU2DMI VIA ISS
HP2BWJ-10 CS7AWH 09/21 01:09:48z Reply 73 {46
HP2BWJ-10 CS7AWH 09/21 01:09:20z Reply hello from Panama{45
EA4GII-9 CS7AWH 09/18 22:59:44z Reply rx Badajoz ea4gii.jose@gmail.com 73
SQ3KAR-1 CS7AWH 09/05 00:35:50z Reply heave a nice day 73!
CS7AWH RS0ISS 07/30 22:03:03z Send another Greetings from Portugal, 73
EA1JH CS7AWH 07/27 21:17:32z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.3
PD2AVE-6 CS7AWH 07/26 20:28:09z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
EA1CIU-1 CS7AWH 07/25 22:51:04z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
CS7AWH EA1CIU-1 07/25 22:51:04z Send another Nice copy via ISS, 73 from CS7AWH
DO9FK-8 CS7AWH 07/25 19:36:10z Reply QSL qrz.com{83
G1YEF CS7AWH 07/25 19:36:07z Reply heard in IO83LJ de G1YEF 73