AI9IN messages

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VE3GTC AI9IN 05/14 13:19:09z Reply QSL 599 FN25ig 73
AI9IN N6UA-9 05/13 18:23:12z Send another QSL from AI9IN Steve in SE Indiana. 73!
N6UA-9 AI9IN 05/13 18:21:24z Reply Hi from DN80 NE Colorado{93
AI9IN K0FFY 05/07 16:12:25z Send another QSL QSO via ISS AI9IN 73 de Steve EM79!
KK4XZ-6 AI9IN 05/07 16:10:18z Reply QSL, 73...
KC9YTT AI9IN 05/07 16:10:14z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's [UISS]{00
K0FFY AI9IN 05/07 16:10:08z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{95
VE4NSA AI9IN 05/07 16:09:35z Reply 73, Stefan EO20cd
KC8YJJ-3 AI9IN 05/01 11:40:00z Reply QSL, Hello from Toronto! 73
K9JKM AI9IN 04/27 19:58:55z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
AI9IN K4SDL 04/15 00:54:56z Send another Nice to have ISS back! 73 de Steve AI9IN
K4SDL AI9IN 04/15 00:54:35z Reply 73' and Thanks for the contact !
AI9IN K4SDL 04/15 00:53:42z Send another QSL es 73 de AI9IN, Steve
K4SDL AI9IN 04/15 00:53:23z Reply QSL Via ISS From Scruff, K4SDL, FM16xg->
AI9IN K4SDL 04/15 00:53:03z Send another Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN