AG7UN-7 messages

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KK6OTJ AG7UN-7 04/13 23:32:07z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{51
KK6OTJ AG7UN-7 04/13 23:31:50z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{50
AB7KT AG7UN-7 04/11 00:15:27z Reply 59 in Nevada
AG7UN-7 TA5AJC 04/11 00:11:53z Send another Thanks for the contact Noyan via ISS DE Jared DN13uo{01
VE7OK-9 AG7UN-7 04/08 20:58:24z Reply CN89la ve7ok{08}38
KE7RTB-7 AG7UN-7 04/08 19:24:05z Reply Qsl{34
AG7UN-7 N1ROE-7 04/08 19:23:56z Send another Jared, DN13uo{39
AG7UN-7 VE7OK-9 04/08 19:22:36z Send another Jared, DN13uo{38
AG7UN-7 KF0BMD-6 04/08 19:21:50z Send another Jared, DN13uo{37
KF0BMD-5 AG7UN-7 04/05 00:35:19z Reply Got ya here in Denver, CO 73's{8F62A
AG7UN-7 W7OSG 04/04 00:59:08z Send another Jared, DN13uo{33
AG7UN-7 AG7LR 04/04 00:58:51z Send another Jared, DN13uo {32
AG7UN-7 KB6LTY-3 04/04 00:58:23z Send another Thanks, 73{30
KB6LTY-3 AG7UN-7 04/02 22:29:41z Reply HELLO QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AG7UN-7 KB6LTY-3 04/02 22:29:35z Send another Jared, DN13uo{29
AG7UN-7 SUNSET 04/02 22:29:06z Send another Jared, DN13uo{28
AG7UN-7 KK6OTJ 04/02 22:27:30z Send another Jared, DN13uo{27
KF0BMD-9 AG7UN-7 04/02 04:07:35z Reply Msg Rcvd Hello (; Via ISS 73s{78
AG7UN-7 AG7NR 04/02 04:07:18z Send another Jared, DN13uo{25
AG7UN-7 KF0BMD-9 04/02 04:05:12z Send another Jared, DN13uo{26
AG7UN-7 AG7NR 04/02 04:03:46z Send another Jared, DN13uo{24
AG7UN-7 VE7CCY 04/02 04:03:34z Send another Jared, DN13uo{20
AI6DO AG7UN-7 04/01 21:35:14z Reply QSL! 73 de Ryan AI6DO DM03{1
AG7UN-7 AI6DO 04/01 21:34:56z Send another Jared, DN13uo{18
AG7UN-7 KM6UJH-1 03/30 02:04:42z Send another Jared, DN13uo{16
AG7UN-7 NA1SS 03/30 02:03:24z Send another Jared, DN13uo{17
AG7UN-7 AG7OO-9 03/30 02:03:13z Send another Jared, DN13uo{15
AG7UN-7 W0JW-6 03/30 00:00:41z Send another Jared, DN13uo{12
KB6LTY-3 AG7UN-7 03/29 22:27:56z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
W6TKD-7 AG7UN-7 03/29 05:38:32z Reply 73DE Jeremy CM98{52
AG7UN-7 W6TKD-7 03/29 05:37:53z Send another Jared, DN13uo{08
AG7UN-7 KJ7UET-7 03/29 05:36:20z Send another Jared, DN13uo{07
KF0BMD-9 AG7UN-7 03/29 04:09:32z Reply Got your msg here in Denver via ISS 73’s
KF0BMD-9 AG7UN-7 03/29 04:07:46z Reply QSL - Packet received via ISS here in Denver,CO DM79NR
AG7UN-7 KF0BMD-9 03/29 04:02:05z Send another Jared, DN13uo{06
AG7UN-7 KJ7UET-7 03/29 04:01:35z Send another Jared, DN13uo{05
AG7UN-7 K7MT-6 03/29 04:01:08z Send another Jared, Boise, Id DN13{04
SMSGTE AG7UN-7 03/16 07:51:25z Reply The number 2087610843 has been associated with this callsign.{C5170
AG7UN-7 SMSGTE 03/16 07:51:25z Send another #mynumber add 2087610843{02
AG7UN-7 SMSGTE 03/16 07:46:40z Send another @2087610843 hello{01
AG7UN-7 SMSGTE 03/10 03:59:14z Send another @2087610843 test{03