AG7OO-9 messages

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AG7OO-9 W7BMH 10/26 18:19:51z Send another QSL VE7CUU AG7OO 73{01
AA7O AG7OO-9 10/17 19:00:22z Reply I HEAR U in OR CN85 via ISS 73{47
AA7O AG7OO-9 10/15 22:13:18z Reply I HEAR U in OR CN85 via ISS 73{40
KB6LTY-3 AG7OO-9 10/14 23:01:30z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KJ7ORZ-7 AG7OO-9 10/13 22:14:00z Reply I hear you in Idaho QSL?{18
AA7O AG7OO-9 10/13 18:56:52z Reply I HEAR U in OR CN85 via ISS 73{28
SMSGTE AG7OO-9 10/10 18:13:26z Reply @3604812769 TEST test Received{M2732
AG7OO-9 SMSGTE 10/10 17:46:31z Send another @3604812769 TEST test{02
SMSGTE AG7OO-9 10/10 17:44:48z Reply The number 3694812769 is invalid{E2726
AG7OO-9 SMSGTE 10/10 17:44:48z Send another @3694812769 TEST tes{01
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/22 15:36:53z Reply 09/22/2020 15:35:47 No messages{146
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/22 15:35:53z Send another L{10
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/22 15:35:34z Reply Hello AG7OO-9. Login valid for ~2 hours{145
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/22 15:34:33z Send another Wrkwid{09
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/22 15:30:13z Reply Login [758]:{144
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/22 15:30:12z Send another L{08
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:37:55z Reply gistration number. To verify - pull up the original email from Jose{1651
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:22:32z Reply I didn't see. Thinking that you might not have the correct VARA re{1650
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:22:22z Reply K7HTZ. We should have great connectivity on signal strenth which{1649
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:22:10z Reply VARA FM Fm:K7HTZ Msg:Hi Kevin, Observed your VARA FM connection to{1648
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/15 18:21:37z Send another R1{07
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/15 18:17:46z Send another L{06
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:17:06z Reply 1) 09/15/2020 18:16:59 VARA FM 667 bytes{1647
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:13:55z Reply Hello AG7OO-9. Login valid for ~2 hours{1646
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/15 18:13:55z Send another L2$!3n{05
WLNK-1 AG7OO-9 09/15 18:10:10z Reply Login [614]:{1645
AG7OO-9 WLNK-1 09/15 18:10:10z Send another L{04
AG7OO-9 WNLK-1 09/15 18:05:43z Send another L{03
AG7OO-9 WNLK-1 09/15 16:30:40z Send another L{02
AG7OO-9 WNLK-1 09/15 16:28:25z Send another L{01