AG7NR messages

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AB7KT AG7NR 04/13 23:31:54z Reply 59 in Nevada
AG7NR KB9IQX QS 04/13 23:31:51z Send another VIA ARISS?
AG7NR KB9IQX QS 04/13 23:31:50z Send another VIA R:KB9IQX QSL VIA ARISS?
KB9IQX-7 AG7NR 04/13 23:31:11z Reply Ahoyhoy{3
AG7NR KB9IQX 73 04/13 23:30:59z Send another AND QSL
KC9YTT AG7NR 04/13 18:38:50z Reply Nice to see you! 73's
AG7NR W0FLZ HE; 04/13 18:35:44z Send another LO DE CN87 QSL?
AG7NR WE4B HI Q 04/12 22:41:40z Send another L?
AG7NR W0VFK HI 04/12 22:40:37z Send another SL?
AG7NR KJ7UET HI 04/12 22:39:04z Send another QSL?
AG7LR AG7NR 04/12 22:38:22z Reply Granite Falls, WA CN88xc 73 AG7LR{m0002
AG7NR :AG7LR H 04/12 22:38:20z Send another LLO QSL?
AG7NR AG7LR HEL 04/12 22:37:44z Send another O QSL?
AG7NR WA2FHJ QS 04/12 19:29:28z Send another !
WA2FHJ AG7NR 04/12 19:29:27z Reply hi doug fn13
AG7NR WG0A QSL! 04/12 17:53:50z Send another
AG7NR N8JR HI D 04/12 17:53:07z Send another CN87 QSL?
WG0A AG7NR 04/12 17:52:50z Reply QSL 73 from EN34
AG7NR N8JR HI D 04/12 17:52:36z Send another CN*& QSL?
KB6LTY-3 AG7NR 04/12 17:46:51z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AG7NR QSL CHRIS 04/12 17:46:42z Send another Y!
AG7NR N6RVI HI 04/12 17:45:09z Send another E CN87 QSL?
AG7NR N6RVI HO 04/12 17:44:49z Send another N6RVI HI DE CN87 QSL?
AG7NR KJ6DZB HI 04/12 17:43:57z Send another DE CN87 QSL?
AG7LR AG7NR 04/09 00:09:54z Reply QSL? AG7LR CN88{m0003
AG7LR AG7NR 04/09 00:09:12z Reply QSL? AG7LR CN88{m0002
K9NBG AG7NR 04/07 23:29:34z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{0
K9NBG AG7NR 04/03 21:43:08z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{86
W7OSG AG7NR 04/03 21:37:23z Reply Hello from Boise, ID
KB6LTY-3 AG7NR 04/03 21:36:26z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KC9YTT AG7NR 04/03 00:07:15z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KC9ELU AG7NR 04/03 00:07:04z Reply KC9ELU EM79 IN pse kn
K7MT-6 AG7NR 04/02 22:30:56z Reply QSL from Bill in Montana DN46
VE7CCY AG7NR 04/02 22:29:42z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KB6LTY-3 AG7NR 04/02 22:28:53z Reply HELLO QSL TNX 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 AG7NR 04/02 22:27:04z Reply HELLO QSL?? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AG7UN-7 AG7NR 04/02 04:07:18z Reply Jared, DN13uo{25
AG7UN-7 AG7NR 04/02 04:03:46z Reply Jared, DN13uo{24
K9NBG AG7NR 04/01 23:21:50z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{10
K9NBG AG7NR 04/01 23:19:40z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{12