AG5MX messages

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KC9YTT AG5MX 11/26 23:34:19z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
AG5MX N1RCN 11/26 23:33:58z Send another QSL & 73!{3
N1RCN AG5MX 11/26 23:32:27z Reply 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87
AG5MX N4WIL-7 11/26 00:26:05z Send another hello{IG}
AG5MX KE4AZZ 11/26 00:24:21z Send another evenimg
AG5MX N1RCN 11/03 17:21:31z Send another qsl{2
AG5MX W4TBD-6 11/03 17:21:29z Send another qsl{1
AG5MX K5UBQ 11/03 17:21:27z Send another qsl{0
AG5MX RS0ISS 10/23 21:47:26z Send another Do you ever answer ham calls?{0
AG5MX AG5MX-10 10/21 23:50:52z Send another John{0
AG5MX-10 AG5MX 10/21 04:26:31z Reply AA:Message Recieved - AG5MX-10
AG5MX RS0ISS 10/21 04:25:31z Send another Hello Astronauts from Lamar Christian School Purvis MS{0
AG5MX AG5MX-10 10/07 23:39:11z Send another AA:Message received - 73! De AG5MX
AG5MX-10 AG5MX 10/07 23:38:41z Reply hello{MO}
AG5MX N796TS 10/06 22:01:27z Send another hello{0
AG5MX KF5KNH 10/05 14:55:27z Send another You seem to be having fun up there.....
AG5MX N61VB 10/05 14:52:27z Send another Receiving your packet up here in Purvis MS 73!