AB7DY messages

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SMSGTE AB7DY 07/04 01:57:22z Reply @5035048308 Thanks{M9619
KB6LTY-3 AB7DY 07/03 16:23:41z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AB7DY KG6JLE 07/03 16:23:26z Send another Heard u in Portland cn85 via ISS{31
AB7DY KG6JLE 07/03 16:21:35z Send another Heard u in Portland cn85 via ISS{30
AB7DY AB7DY 07/03 14:45:57z Send another Hi from PDX OR AB7DY{28
VA7SHG-2 AB7DY 07/03 14:44:56z Reply Heard via ISS in CN99 Chilliwack, BC CN99
AB7DY SMSGTE 07/02 17:09:29z Send another @5035048308 de ab7dy iss{27
AB7DY KG6JLE 07/02 15:34:27z Send another Hi from PDX OR AB7DY{26
AB7DY KB6LTY-3 07/02 15:32:05z Send another Hi from PDX OR AB7DY{25
AB7DY SMSGTE 07/02 14:37:56z Send another @5034078626 de ab7dy cn85{24
AB7DY AB7DY 07/02 13:55:52z Send another hi via iss{22
AB7DY SMSGTE 07/02 03:09:01z Send another @5034078626 de ab7dy hi via thd72a{21
SMSGTE AB7DY 07/02 03:04:43z Reply @5034078626 hi{M9338
AB7DY N7FJC 07/01 02:56:57z Send another hi de andy cn85{19
AB7DY SMSGTE 06/30 15:33:10z Send another @5034078626 de ab7dy hi via ISS{16
KB6LTY-3 AB7DY 06/29 17:58:38z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AB7DY KC7MG-9 06/29 16:21:02z Send another hi from cn85{15
AB7DY AB7DY 06/29 14:43:54z Send another gm de pdx cn85{14
AB7DY K7MT 06/28 17:09:11z Send another k7mt de ab7dy QSL 73 thx{12
AB7DY K7MT 06/28 15:32:00z Send another k7mt de ab7dy 1d or{11
K7MT-6 AB7DY 06/28 15:29:51z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
AB7DY K7MT-6 06/28 15:29:50z Send another k7mt-6 de AB7DY 1d OR cn85{10
AB7DY RS0ISS 06/28 13:54:09z Send another CQ CQ from cn85{8
AB7DY AB7DY 06/28 13:54:06z Send another cn85 pdx oregon hello world{6
AB7DY NA1SS 06/27 18:56:02z Send another hi de pdx,or{3
KC7MG-9 AB7DY 06/27 17:57:40z Reply Jack in DM42 Arizona
AB7DY RS0ISS 06/27 16:20:22z Send another Hi from PDX OR AB7DY{2
AB7DY AB7DY 06/26 18:01:37z Send another Hi from PDX OR AB7DY{1
AB7DY AB7DY 06/26 04:53:19z Send another hi test-2
SMSGTE AB7DY 06/26 03:37:21z Reply @5034078626 msg test{M8359
AB7DY N7PRR-9 06/25 01:02:36z Send another Hi im also tst new thd72 73{0
SMSGTE AB7DY 05/30 03:13:09z Reply @5034078626 msg reply test1{M5482
AB7DY AB7DY 05/30 01:55:49z Send another btech cable tx test1
AB7DY NA7Q 05/29 16:42:17z Send another my email is updated now on qrz
AB7DY EMAIL-2 05/29 00:19:08z Send another madlema@gmail.com msg test2 via aprs
AB7DY EMAIL- 05/28 21:25:53z Send another madlema@gmail.com -msg test2 via aprs
AB7DY SMSGTE 05/28 20:52:13z Send another @5034078626 -hi msg test1 via aprs
NA7Q-3 AB7DY 05/27 21:18:57z Reply email?{2
AB7DY AB7DY 05/26 18:00:42z Send another mobile test 1
AB7DY AB7DY 05/26 16:40:15z Send another backyard tx test2 - telescopic ant
AB7DY AB7DY 05/26 05:26:09z Send another tx/rx test2 - loc3
AB7DY AB7DY 05/25 21:49:30z Send another new 2m ant tx/rx test1 - loc1 uv5rHP 8w
AB7DY AB7DY 05/25 16:20:48z Send another back yard msg rx test1
AB7DY AB7DY 05/25 05:50:29z Send another uv-5r hp 8w - stock ant - 1/4 wave height
AB7DY AB7DY 05/24 20:48:30z Send another cnx test - na771 whip ant /loc1 /t2
AB7DY AB7DY 05/24 03:39:29z Send another message reply test /loc2 (yard)7
AB7DY AB7DY 05/24 03:39:06z Send another message reply test /loc2 (yard)6
AB7DY AB7DY 05/24 03:38:49z Send another message reply test /loc2 (yard)5
AB7DY AB7DY 05/24 01:20:14z Send another abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123457790
AB7DY AB7DY 05/24 00:57:20z Send another ipod touch msg test5 /loc1 - stock ant
AB7DY AB7DY 05/23 19:27:50z Send another tcpip cnx test1
AB7DY AB7DY 05/23 18:14:37z Send another from park
AB7DY AB7DY 05/23 03:15:10z Send another Hi from PDX- cn85 - AB7DY AB7DY
AB7DY NA7Q 05/23 00:20:24z Send another srry for the beacon noise - im new to aprs
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 23:59:23z Send another mobile test2
NA7Q-3 AB7DY 05/22 22:27:56z Reply please fix your beacon interval{1
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 22:25:21z Send another home packet test
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 18:20:40z Send another leaving wx sat sitea
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 16:17:06z Send another base message test 4
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 16:10:16z Send another base message test 3
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 16:07:34z Send another base message test 2b
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 15:59:09z Send another base message test 1
AB7DY KC1HHO 05/22 04:24:30z Send another Hi from Portland - first APRS message
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 03:29:00z Send another hi 3
AB7DY AB7DY 05/22 03:25:27z Send another hi
AB7DY AB7DY 05/21 20:58:25z Send another test8
KC1HHO-7 AB7DY 05/21 17:42:30z Reply Greetings from Boston 73{33
AB7DY AB7DY 05/21 17:39:55z Send another test6
AB7DY AB7DY 05/21 17:28:49z Send another test5
AB7DY AB7DY 05/21 17:09:09z Send another test3
AB7DY AB7DY 05/21 03:01:18z Send another test