AB5XK-5 messages

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N3ZLL-9 AB5XK-5 02/03 22:10:02z Reply rr{T
N9JTE AB5XK-5 02/03 18:54:38z Reply Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY EN52 Trevor WI {91
VE3TSV-9 AB5XK-5 02/03 17:17:45z Reply Heard you via ISS{71
AA8NN-7 AB5XK-5 01/31 12:36:55z Reply aa8nn en81ki OH {10
N9JTE AB5XK-5 01/30 20:32:36z Reply Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY {74
N6RSX AB5XK-5 01/30 03:43:47z Reply Greetings from OC DM13
KC9YTT AB5XK-5 01/30 00:34:30z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
AG4ZR-7 AB5XK-5 01/28 18:56:50z Reply Back@you! 73s{40
N1RCN AB5XK-5 01/25 19:41:12z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS !
KB2M-4 AB5XK-5 01/24 20:32:38z Reply good afternoon fr el99
K4KDR-6 AB5XK-5 01/24 03:51:33z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N8AJM AB5XK-5 01/23 21:23:14z Reply Adrian EN72 QSL? {52
KC9YTT AB5XK-5 01/23 21:20:41z Reply You are 599 in Williamsfield Illinois! 73'
VE2ENW-9 AB5XK-5 01/23 03:04:19z Reply HI! QTH LAVAL QC{28
KF0BMD-11 AB5XK-5 01/23 03:01:33z Reply Msg Rcvd Denver,CO QSL Good 73's{78
N9JTE AB5XK-5 01/22 23:47:19z Reply Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY {68
HP2DFA-2 AB5XK-5 01/21 21:53:19z Reply Well Copied in Colon Panama at UTC Jan 21{M0001
KB2M-4 AB5XK-5 01/17 22:54:29z Reply good evening fr EL99
N9JTE AB5XK-5 01/17 01:23:09z Reply Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY {64
WA2FHJ AB5XK-5 01/17 01:22:47z Reply Hi from Doug FN13
KC9YTT AB5XK-5 01/15 02:59:13z Reply Good to see you on ISS
KI4ASK-7 AB5XK-5 01/14 00:32:17z Reply 73 from Joe in ATL EM73 via ISS{1
XE3ADC AB5XK-5 01/14 00:31:33z Reply RRR EK37MX and 73
KI4ASK-7 AB5XK-5 01/07 02:59:09z Reply 73 from Joe in ATL EM73 via ISS{2
WI5M-7 AB5XK-5 12/24 17:33:18z Reply Hello from Tom, EM31{0
WA1JAY AB5XK-5 12/24 15:56:21z Reply de WA1JAY via ISS FM05 QSL?
N1RCN AB5XK-5 12/19 18:18:58z Reply Hello from EL87
K9JKM AB5XK-5 12/16 19:06:21z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
N9JTE AB5XK-5 12/13 18:19:22z Reply Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY EN52 Trevor WI {41
W7BMH-2 AB5XK-5 12/08 19:01:20z Reply Hello from CN84
W7BAZ AB5XK-5 12/08 17:25:39z Reply Hello from EN73 {10
KB6LTY-3 AB5XK-5 12/08 17:23:35z Reply HELLO QSL ?73 DE KB6LTY DM14
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/08 00:41:59z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{49
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/08 00:41:56z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{48
N1RCN AB5XK-5 12/07 23:08:01z Reply Hello from EL87
W7BAZ AB5XK-5 12/07 23:07:32z Reply Hello from EN73 {02
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/07 18:12:44z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{47
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/07 18:10:58z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{46
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 17:26:24z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{45
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 17:26:21z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{44
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 17:23:31z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{43
N1RCN AB5XK-5 12/02 17:22:29z Reply Good Morning from EL87 (LIVE)
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 00:46:29z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{42
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 00:46:23z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{41
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 00:44:59z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{40
KB6LTY-3 AB5XK-5 12/01 21:25:08z Reply HELLO 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/01 03:08:43z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{38
KD9PML-6 AB5XK-5 12/01 01:31:21z Reply QSL and 73 via Satellite
KD9JJR AB5XK-5 12/01 01:29:50z Reply 73 from Greendale WI{85
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 11/30 23:53:40z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{36
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 11/30 22:16:07z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{35
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 11/30 22:16:01z Send another 73 Hi kc5pby{33
K5DNA AB5XK-5 11/30 19:01:36z Reply 73s from EM35{34
K5DNA AB5XK-5 11/30 18:59:40z Reply 73s from EM35{31
KA9KEX-8 AB5XK-5 11/30 00:42:41z Reply Greetings from Peoria, Il{0b}
KA9KEX-8 AB5XK-5 11/30 00:41:26z Reply Greetings from Peoria, Ill{0a}
W7BAZ AB5XK-5 11/29 23:02:37z Reply Hello from EN73 {55