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KB2M-4 9Z4DZ-2 04/16 11:28:48z Reply Hi fr el99
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/16 11:28:36z Send another XE3N-1,HK3CFM,KB2M-4
9Z4DZ-2 XE3N-1 04/16 11:28:27z Send another Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago, Blessings 73
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/16 11:28:19z Send another XE3N-1,HK3CFM
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/16 11:27:59z Reply Saludos via ISS, 73's
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/16 11:27:37z Reply Hello via ISS, 73's !!
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/16 11:27:10z Reply Hello de XE3N grid EL60
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/16 11:26:46z Reply Good Morning! Nice to hear You via ISS 73's
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/12 22:56:35z Send another NY3W-6,HK3CFM,CO7SV
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 04/08 01:16:36z Reply S^6 S LOS 1m41s{AY}
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/08 01:14:20z Send another NA1SS,9Z4DZ-6,USNAP1-1,PSAT-1,9Z4DZ-1,WP4T,HK3CFM
WP4T 9Z4DZ-2 04/08 01:13:23z Reply 73'Greetings from Puerto Rico{05
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 04/08 01:12:32z Reply WSW^17 SW^17 S LOS 5m8s{AX}
PQ2HX 9Z4DZ-2 04/05 13:39:28z Reply TNX FOR CONTACT. 73/51 GH59
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 04/05 13:38:59z Reply ESE^15 ESE^15 ENE LOS 4m44s{JR}
PQ2HX 9Z4DZ-2 04/05 13:37:52z Reply OLA AMIGO. 73/51 GH59
9Z4DZ-2 HK4MAT-1 04/05 02:03:03z Send another Hpe all is well at ur end
HK4MAT-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/05 02:02:57z Reply SALUDOS VIA ISS, 73
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/05 02:02:44z Send another NY3W-6,YB0X-1,XE3N-1,HK4D,KE4AZZ,HK4MAT-1
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/05 02:01:50z Send another NY3W-6,YB0X-1,XE3N-1,HK4D,KE4AZZ
9Z4DZ-2 HR5HAC-4 04/04 02:45:26z Send another Hpe to c u agn soon, 73 de 9Z4DZ
HK4MAT-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/04 02:45:23z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.3
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/04 02:44:42z Send another KE4AZZ,HK4MAT-1,W5CBF,HR5HAC-4
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 04/04 02:44:41z Send another 9Z4DZ-1,9Z4DZ-6,YB0X-1,HK4D,NA1SS,KP3RP,USNAP1-1,CO7BLC,CO7SV,
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 04/02 16:05:18z Reply N^28 NNE LOS 4m10s{JI}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 04/02 16:01:33z Reply NNW^36 NNE LOS 4m49s{JH}
9Z4DZ-2 HK4A 04/02 16:00:21z Send another Easter greetings to u and ur family de 9Z4DZ
HK4A 9Z4DZ-2 04/01 16:49:18z Reply Hi from HK4A in FJ26EL{0
9Z4DZ-2 N2NWK-15 04/01 03:31:29z Send another Blessings, stay safe
N1RCN 9Z4DZ-2 03/31 17:38:38z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 03/31 04:22:42z Reply WSW^18 SW^18 S LOS 5m20s{LW}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 03/31 04:16:36z Reply Please Beacon Position{LV}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 03/27 17:32:34z Reply Please Beacon Position{ER}
9Z4DZ-2 Heard 03/26 05:02:59z Send another 9Z4DZ-1,9Z4DZ-6,W4BCX-3,N1RCN,USNAP1-1,W4RTX,NA1SS,YB0X-1,PSAT,
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 03/26 05:02:58z Reply ENE^28 SE LOS 4m33s{EA}
KM4FZA 9Z4DZ-2 03/26 04:59:11z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
9Z4DZ-2 WA4SXM-6 03/26 04:59:10z Send another Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago Blessings 73's
9Z4DZ-2 ISS-5 03/25 05:50:27z Send another Grt cing u on this pass..73, Stay safe
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 03/23 05:46:50z Reply NE^14 NE^15 ESE LOS 5m17s{JV}