9Z4DZ messages

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ISS 9Z4DZ 04/23 22:03:32z Reply SSE^34 SE LOS 4m4s{DE}
9Z4DZ ISS 04/23 22:03:32z Send another U R 599 via the ISS!!! de 9Z4DZ Stephenson
9Z4DZ Heard 04/23 22:03:18z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,CO8LT,9Y4D-5,9Y4D,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-6{UISS54}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/23 10:35:16z Reply WSW^9 SW^9 S LOS 4m24s{CH}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/23 10:34:23z Reply E^14 ENE LOS 3m17s{CG}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/22 11:25:23z Reply AOS 9h49m (2115z) SE^6{BO}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/22 11:24:38z Reply AOS 9h50m (2115z) SE^6{BN}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/21 22:09:50z Send another PSAT,YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-3,
9Z4DZ Heard 04/21 12:17:22z Send another PSAT,YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-3{UISS54}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/21 12:17:18z Reply AOS 9h28m (2146z) SE^9{AX}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/20 23:02:22z Send another PSAT,YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7{UISS54}
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 04/20 23:02:18z Send another Great seeing you on the pass de 9Z4DZ
ISS-10 9Z4DZ 04/20 18:09:28z Reply soy de chile
ISS-10 9Z4DZ 04/20 18:09:01z Reply hola como estas
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ 04/19 14:01:10z Reply hello friend via ISS{00
CO5JR 9Z4DZ 04/19 14:00:53z Reply 73 via ISS of Cardenas Cuba
9Z4DZ Heard 04/19 14:00:45z Send another YB0X-1,PSAT-1{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/18 00:03:37z Reply E^34 SE LOS 4m25s{YD}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/18 00:01:52z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,YB0X-1,PSAT-1{UISS54}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/18 00:01:40z Reply NE^3 NE LOS 43s{YC}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/17 14:13:51z Reply NW^25 NNE LOS 4m33s{XV}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/17 00:56:59z Reply SSE^20 SSE LOS 3m16s{XS}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/16 00:12:19z Reply AOS 41m24s SW SE^55 NE 12m{XB}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/15 15:53:36z Reply NW^3 NW^3 NNW LOS 3m25s{WV}
9Z4DZ ISS 04/15 15:53:35z Send another Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/15 14:19:11z Reply NE^27 NE LOS 3m42s{WT}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/15 14:17:59z Reply AOS 10h35m (16 0053z) SE^55{WS}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/13 14:27:19z Reply AOS 9h54m (14 0021z) SE^3{VR}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/13 14:25:24z Reply SE^17 ESE^17 ENE LOS 5m1s{VQ}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/13 14:24:23z Reply SSE^14 ESE^17 ENE LOS 6m1s{VP}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/13 14:23:24z Reply AOS 9h58m (14 0021z) SE^3{VO}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/13 14:23:16z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,YB0X-1,PSAT-1,9Y4D-9,9Y4D-5{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/13 02:47:02z Reply WSW^29 SW^30 SSE LOS 5m20s{VK}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/13 02:46:59z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,YB0X-1,PSAT-1,9Y4D-9{UISS54}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:03:13z Reply AOS 56m24s SW NW^34 N 11m{IY}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/12 02:02:33z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,PSAT-1,YB0X-1{UISS54}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:01:44z Reply AOS 57m53s SW NW^34 N 11m{IX}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:01:38z Reply NNE^16 NE^21 ESE LOS 6m23s{IW}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:00:51z Reply AOS 58m46s SW NW^34 N 11m{IV}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/11 02:55:32z Reply AOS 35m44s SW NW^25 N 11m{HZ}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/11 02:55:28z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,PSAT,9Y4D,PSAT-1,YB0X-1{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/06 04:02:04z Reply NNE^11 NE^11 ESE LOS 5m19s{VT}
ISS 9Z4DZ 04/06 04:01:14z Reply NNE^8 NE^11 ESE LOS 6m9s{VS}
9Z4DZ Heard 04/05 18:09:47z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,YB0X-1{UISS54}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/05 18:09:44z Reply AOS 10h20m (06 0430z) SE^55{VQ}
9Z4DZ PSAT 04/05 18:09:44z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
9Z4DZ Heard 04/02 05:53:06z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-3{UISS54}
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/30 23:28:53z Reply ?APRSH -7{H0002
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/30 23:28:03z Reply ?APRSH 145.13-NE{H0001
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/30 00:28:32z Reply ?APRSH #15216{H0001
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/30 00:27:51z Reply ?APRSH +444.900{H0004
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/30 00:26:45z Reply ?APRSH #15216{H0002
9Z4DZ Heard 03/23 09:48:15z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,YB0X-1,9Y4D,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-3{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/22 23:54:10z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,YB0X-1,9Y4D,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/21 11:33:50z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D,9Y4D-3,9Y4D-6,9Z4A{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/21 00:06:47z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D,9Y4D-3,9Y4D-6{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/21 00:04:39z Reply SE^28 ESE^28 NE LOS 5m18s{OV}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/21 00:03:52z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D,9Y4D-3{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/21 00:02:38z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/20 10:48:45z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-6{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/20 00:57:19z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,PSAT,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-5,9Y4D,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-6{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/19 01:48:12z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,YB0X-1,9Y4D-5,9Y4PJ-6,PSAT,9Y4D-3{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/17 11:47:37z Reply N^4 NE^11 ESE LOS 7m26s{KU}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/15 03:41:15z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-3{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/15 03:40:53z Reply W^14 NW^17 NNE LOS 6m4s{GP}
9Z4DZ Heard 03/13 13:41:19z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-3,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-5,YB0X-1{UISS54}
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/13 13:41:06z Reply N^10 NE^19 ESE LOS 7m16s{KP}
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/12 23:34:42z Reply ?APRSS{S0001
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/12 23:30:29z Reply ?APRST{T0001
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/12 23:29:17z Reply ?APRSD{D0001
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/12 23:28:40z Reply ?PING?{P0003
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/12 23:26:42z Reply ?PING?{P0002
9Y4D-6 9Z4DZ 03/12 23:25:42z Reply ?PING?{P0001
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/12 04:41:35z Reply W^20 NW^23 NNE LOS 6m1s{JC}
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/12 04:40:31z Reply W^14 NW^23 NNE LOS 7m4s{JB}
ISS 9Z4DZ 03/11 03:57:50z Reply SSE^25 ESE^27 NE LOS 5m46s{IQ}
9Z4DZ Heard 02/19 23:16:34z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-3,9Y4D-5,PSAT-1{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 02/19 11:49:14z Send another 9Y4D,YB0X-1,9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-1{UISS54}
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 02/18 22:32:36z Send another QSL and 73 de 9Z4DZ
9Z4DZ Heard 02/18 22:31:34z Send another 9Y4D{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 02/17 23:25:43z Send another 9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ-7,YB0X-1{UISS54}
9Z4DZ Heard 02/15 00:26:19z Send another 9Y4D,9Y4D-6{UISS54}
9Y4D 9Z4DZ 02/13 15:26:10z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS :)