9Y4D-7 messages

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9Y4D-7 UA9AQL 08/13 17:35:17z Send another Hello Sergey de 9Y4D..{1
UA9AQL 9Y4D-7 08/13 16:28:20z Reply Hello! 73! de Sergey Miass{95
9Y4D-6 9Y4D-7 08/13 01:06:18z Reply ?PING?{P0006
9Y4D-6 9Y4D-7 08/13 01:05:58z Reply ?PING?{P0005
9Y4D-6 9Y4D-7 08/13 01:03:04z Reply ?APRSD{D0001
9Y4D-6 9Y4D-7 08/13 01:02:30z Reply ?PING?{P0001
9Y4D-6 9Y4D-7 08/13 00:56:50z Reply ?PING?{P0004
9Y4D-3 9Y4D-7 08/13 00:22:33z Reply HELLO AND GOOD TO SEE YOU VIA ISS =/IxJa&
9Y4D-7 9Z4DZ-9 08/04 22:40:36z Send another test{3
9Y4D-7 9Z4DZ-9 08/03 16:31:28z Send another making a few contacts on sat {2
9Y4D-7 9Z4DZ-9 08/03 16:31:09z Send another all going good here .{1
9Z4DZ-9 9Y4D-7 08/03 09:48:31z Reply
9Y4D-7 8P9HA-1 07/31 15:10:40z Send another Ok great I just got my licence 8P9DD and I will be doing only sats{1
8P9HA-1 9Y4D-7 07/31 14:56:02z Reply that is it..73{ZM}
8P9HA-1 9Y4D-7 07/31 14:56:01z Reply tracker on it reporting every 20 min as it is stationary...and+{ZL}
8P9HA-1 9Y4D-7 07/31 14:56:00z Reply have 2 igates running and my boat on the hard in bridgetown has a+{ZK}
8P9HA-1 9Y4D-7 07/31 14:55:59z Reply sorry chris not much aprs activity...we are using 144.390....i+{ZJ}
9Y4D-7 9Y4D 07/29 21:23:18z Send another test{2
9Y4D-7 9Y4D 07/29 20:42:11z Send another test{1
9Y4D-7 07/29 05:41:29z Send another test{4
9Y4D-7 07/29 05:30:13z Send another Ok {3
9Y4D-7 07/29 05:30:13z Send another Ok {2
9Y4D-7 07/29 05:30:13z Send another hello all{1
9Y4D-7 BLND 07/02 07:54:01z Send another =/IxJa& SAT 73 DE 9Y4D
9Y4D-7 Heard 07/02 07:51:29z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,YB0X-1,9Z4RG-6