9Y4D-4 messages

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9Y4D-4 KC4LE 02/17 00:14:04z Send another =/IxJa& SAT 73 DE 9Y4D
KC4LE 9Y4D-4 02/17 00:13:45z Reply Tnx QSO 73
9Y4D-4 BLNQSL1/1 02/17 00:13:36z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,KC4LE
KC4LE 9Y4D-4 02/17 00:13:08z Reply hi from Red EM63
9Y4D-4 BLN 02/16 23:09:52z Send another Hello AND GOOD TO SEE YOU VIA ISS =/IxJa&
9Y4D-4 BLN 02/16 23:09:21z Send another =/IxJa& pcsat SAT 73 DE 9Y4D
9Y4D-4 BLNQSL1/1 02/16 09:43:40z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-3,9Y4PJ-6,PSAT
9Y4D-4 RS0ISS 01/24 00:38:30z Send another HELLO ALL DE 9Y4D