9Y4D-3 messages

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9Y4D-3 Heard 04/27 20:19:21z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-12,9Z4DZ,RS0ISS
PSAT 9Y4D-3 04/23 22:27:18z Reply SW^32 WNW^81 NNE LOS 7m39s{DG}
9Y4D-3 Heard 04/23 22:23:43z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ
PSAT 9Y4D-3 04/23 22:16:23z Reply AOS 6m17s SW NW^79 NE 12m{DF}
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/21 22:07:55z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-6
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/21 00:03:22z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS,9Y4D-6,9Z4DZ-7,PSAT
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/09 17:53:53z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-8,PSAT,9Y4D-9,9Z4DZ,PSAT-1
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/08 17:09:51z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLND 04/08 17:09:48z Send another HELLO AND GOOD TO SEE YOU VIA ISS =/IxJa&
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/08 17:07:37z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/08 03:55:15z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ,PSAT,9Y4D-6,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/08 03:51:30z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ,PSAT,9Y4D-6
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/05 04:50:59z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ-6,YB0X-1,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/04 05:49:17z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,PSAT,9Z4DZ,RS0ISS,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/04 05:45:18z Send another YB0X-1,9Z4DZ-7,PSAT,9Z4DZ,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/04 05:44:39z Send another YB0X-1,9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-4,PSAT,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-6
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/02 19:09:13z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,RS0ISS,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ,PSAT,YB0X-1
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/02 05:55:52z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,RS0ISS,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ
9Y4D-3 BLND 04/01 22:17:01z Send another AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD BE MY GUESS.:)
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/01 19:59:35z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,RS0ISS,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-7
9Y4D-3 BLND 03/30 18:13:37z Send another =/IxJa& pcsat /PSATSAT 73 DE 9Y4D
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/29 21:01:40z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/28 21:55:03z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,RS0ISS,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLND 03/28 21:54:59z Send another AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS :)
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/27 22:46:47z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-6,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/27 21:09:48z Send another 9Y4D-5
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/26 22:04:03z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-6,9Z4DZ,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLND 03/26 20:22:08z Send another =/IxJa& SAT 73 DE 9Y4D
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/26 20:14:53z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/2 03/22 23:53:54z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ-6,9Z4DZ,9Z4DZ-7,YB0X-1,PSAT,9Y4D-6,
W8LR 9Y4D-3 03/22 00:55:03z Reply Looking for a better shared pass !!
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/22 00:45:03z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ-6
9Y4D-3 W8LR 03/22 00:44:42z Send another what up man?
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/21 01:40:45z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/21 00:03:28z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/19 01:45:30z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/18 02:41:02z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,PSAT,9Z4DZ-6,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/17 01:57:52z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-6,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 03/17 01:55:45z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-6
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/22 22:13:17z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL2/2 02/21 21:32:11z Send another 9Z4DZ-7
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/21 21:29:24z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-5,PSAT-1,9Y4D-1,RS0ISS
9Y4D-3 RS0ISS 02/21 21:28:48z Send another AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD B
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/20 22:25:47z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-5,RS0ISS,9Y4D-1,RS0ISS-1
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/20 22:20:51z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-5
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/19 00:08:23z Send another PSAT,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ,RS0ISS-1,9Z4DZ-6,W3ADO-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 RS0ISS 02/19 00:06:48z Send another =/IxJa& pcsat SAT 73 DE 9Y4D
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/17 09:12:05z Send another 9Y4D-6,KC4LE,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/17 08:58:08z Send another 9Y4D-4,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,KC4LE,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-1
9Y4D-3 BLNQSL1/1 02/16 09:39:38z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4PJ-6,PSAT