9Y4D messages

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9Z4DZ 9Y4D 01/15 21:12:13z Reply Hello All de Stephenson ... FK9OFD
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 01/13 03:14:25z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-1,9Z4DZ-7,9Z4DZ,YB0X-1
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 01/12 22:07:37z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,PSAT
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 01/10 04:14:32z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-7,9Z4DZ,RS0ISS
9Y4D 9Y4D-6 01/04 02:34:33z Send another [AA] hi form 9y4d in t&t..w.i{00
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 01/03 01:13:32z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4
9Y4D 9Z4DZ 01/03 01:01:41z Send another ALL THE BEST FOR THE NEW YEAR..DE 9Y4D..
9Y4D 9Z4DZ 01/02 01:54:09z Send another going mayaro for the weekend
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 12/30 03:23:57z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4VF-6,9Z4DZ,YB0X-1,9Y4D-4
9Y4D 9Z4DZ 12/30 03:22:28z Send another nada on that pass
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 12/28 20:36:51z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4
9Y4D BLN#ECHO 12/24 17:58:29z Send another SEASON GREETINGS FROM T&T DE 9Y4D
9Y4D W8LR 12/19 00:28:17z Send another HELLO JERRY SEASON GREETINGS FROM T&T DE 9Y4D
W8LR 9Y4D 12/16 21:59:42z Reply Looking 4 u 12-19 @ 1925-1930z
9Y4D W8LR 12/16 21:58:19z Send another looking for you today 12-16 @ 1925-1930z
W8LR 9Y4D 12/16 01:40:30z Reply have to wait for a higher pass - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 12/14 01:32:37z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,RS0ISS
9Y4D W8LR 12/13 02:32:37z Send another SORRY I MISSED YOU JERRY
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 12/06 05:18:17z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-1,RS0ISS,9Z4DZ
W8LR 9Y4D 12/03 01:44:20z Reply Chris looking for you at 0100-0110 via ISS
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/25 21:34:50z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,9Y4D-1
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/24 22:26:29z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-4
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/23 23:20:07z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-6,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-4,YV6ALX
9Y4D YV6ALX 11/23 23:19:48z Send another SEE YOU WHEN YOU COME OVER THE HILL AGAIN=/IxJa&
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/23 22:46:25z Reply ?APRST{T0001
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/23 22:45:50z Reply ?PING?{P0002
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/21 23:25:51z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4
9Y4D 9Z4DZ 11/21 23:25:47z Send another Hello All. VIA ISS =/IxJa&
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/18 12:46:31z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,PSAT,9Y4D-6
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/18 06:59:59z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-4,PSAT
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/17 22:38:41z Reply ?APRSS{S0001
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/17 02:08:33z Send another 9Y4D-6,9Y4D-5,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-4
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/17 02:07:31z Reply ?PING?{P0007
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/17 01:46:44z Reply ?APRSD{D0001
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/17 01:41:46z Reply ?PING?{P0004
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/17 01:41:22z Reply ?PING?{P0003
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/16 12:57:05z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/16 02:58:40z Send another 9Y4D-4,9Y4D-5
9Z4DZ 9Y4D 11/16 02:58:20z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/16 01:25:16z Send another 9Y4D-4
W8LR 9Y4D 11/14 19:06:44z Reply Looking for you on ISS - 73 de Jerry EM79TM
9Y4D BLNQSL1/2 11/14 03:08:11z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-3,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-4,9Z4DZ-5,9Z4DZ-6,9Y4D-1,9Y4D-6,PSAT,
9Z4DZ 9Y4D 11/13 19:40:47z Reply Great seeing you on this pass de 9Z4DZ
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/12 20:54:01z Reply ?PING?{P0001
9Y4D-6 9Y4D 11/12 20:50:18z Reply ?APRSP{P0001
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/11 04:07:35z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,YB0X-1,9Z4DZ,9Y4D-4
9Y4D BLNQSL1/1 11/10 04:58:54z Send another 9Y4D-5,9Y4D-6,9Z4DZ