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ON7BRT 4Z4DP 08/04 17:41:39z Reply ja wel berichtje ontvangen !
TA5AHO-4 4Z4DP 08/03 05:06:01z Reply Thank you{10111
4Z4DP ON7BRT 08/02 15:56:05z Send another test if this comes out thru the cyprus I-gate . Ant X-30 es 10W{ZE}
ON7BRT 4Z4DP 07/31 19:17:12z Reply hey dovid hou het veilig ! shalom sabbath
4Z4DP TA5AHO-4 07/31 12:31:14z Send another Hope to upload QSL to LOTW shortly
4Z4DP ON7BRT 07/31 12:23:54z Send another Ha Bertje werk nog steeds met X-30 vert.ant. stay safe 73
4Z4DP TB5PML-9 07/17 14:39:18z Send another 73 de Dovid{14
TA5AHO-4 4Z4DP 07/03 10:59:32z Reply Nice Contact via ISS From TURKEY {HK}